Dallas Clark enjoying career season

It’s not really fair to call Dallas Clark a tight end.  He lines up as a slot receiver more than the line scrimmage, so he’s essentially a wideout. 

The NFL does classify him as a tight end, though.  And Clark could put up numbers this season that no tight end in NFL history has before.

The NFL record for receptions in a season is 102 by Tony Gonzalez in 2004; the yardage record is 1,290 by Kellen Winslow in 1980.  Almost halfway through the 2009 season, Clark is on pace to break both records with 105 catches and 1,335 yards.

While youngsters Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon have played better than expected, Clark has essentially slid into the team’s number two receiver role.  The Colts passing attack is a far more efficient attack without a declining Marvin Harrison.

Even if Clark doesn’t break the records, he should finally make a Pro Bowl.  Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez have had a lock down on AFC honors, but Gonzo is finally gone for the NFC.  Following Owen Daniels’ season-ending injury, Clark should be a shoo in for the honor.

And considering all the injuries on defense Indianapolis has suffered, the Colts will have to keep throwing like crazy to win as their schedule gets tougher down the stretch, starting with a matchup against Houston Sunday. 

Don’t be surprised if Clark is still on pace to break those records late in the season.

12 responses to “Dallas Clark enjoying career season

  1. Thank you Gregg, for posting a story about one of the great tight ends in the game and thank you for speaking about a subject that actually deals with the GAME of football.
    I am so sick of Flowerio and his off the field crap that it’s refreshing to read something that covers the game.
    Now cue the obligatory Cable/Raider post from Flowerio…

  2. My heart sank when I saw Dallas Clark’s name in the headlines. It’s been a rough week for Colt injuries.

  3. Are the cheating Colts going to lose a first round draft pick for playing Clark like a WR and listing him as a TE?

  4. Heath Miller better go to Hawaii before Gates. Miller is the most clutch receiver in the game and one ferocious blocker.

  5. Dallas is a stud. He has been so consistent for the Colts, and a great target for Peyton.
    I wish the other former Iowa Hawkeye, now big name Colt had the durability of Dallas.
    It’s a bummer Bob… hope to see ya next year

  6. @IWanttoPunchFloriointheFace
    You seem like an angry kid. If you hate Florio so much then stop wasting your “life” reading his blogs. You keep reading them because deep inside, you know they are full of information and somewhat interesting.
    Suck it up loser. Admit he is superior to you in life and move on to something that you don’t …hate…cough.

  7. I drafted him in fantasy after a few people took the aforementioned TEs above him.
    I scoffed and said this year he would be the #1 TE…
    Guess who was right about that one.
    Thanks you Mr. Clark.

  8. Miller the most clutch receiver in the game? Is that a joke? Please explain how he is the most clutch in the game?

  9. Is BradyGazelle secretly Tom Curran in disguise? Same gagging on Tom Brady’s rod, same incoherent babbling..

  10. You got me, Trolltool – I’m just an angry little kid who wants to punch people in the face. We should meet for lunch…cough…and talk about it. Let me know when & where, douchebag…cough…friend.

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