Jerry Rice is a DeSean Jackson fan

As he prepared for the 2008 NFL draft, then-Cal wide receiver DeSean Jackson had a mentor with a very impressive resume: Jerry Rice.

He has all the talent in the world,” Rice said of Jackson before last year’s draft. “There’s no reason he can’t be everything he wants to be at the next level.”

Now Jackson is in his second season with the Philadelphia Eagles, and he says Rice is still in his corner.

“He’s a good guy and when he sees me doing things on Sundays, he definitely calls me and congratulates me and things like that. It’s a pretty good relationship,” Jackson tells Jordan Raanan of “He knows my talent and stuff, so he’s definitely confident. He knows what I’m capable of doing.”

At first glance, Rice and Jackson might seem like an odd couple: Jackson’s greatest asset is his blazing speed, while Rice was known more for good route running and good hands. Rice was the consummate professional, while Jackson has had his share of bonehead plays, most memorably dropping the ball before crossing the goal line on Monday Night Football last year.

But Rice and Jackson have one major thing in common: Huge talent for playing the wide receiver position. Even if their talents aren’t quite the same, Rice appreciates what he sees from Jackson.

13 responses to “Jerry Rice is a DeSean Jackson fan

  1. As a Birds fan, I love watching Jackson get the ball in his hands because there is a good chance he might score when it happens.
    The NFL network was replaying that Birds-Boys game from last year when Jackson dropped the ball before getting into the endzone. We can look back and laugh at it now but man was that stupid at the time.
    I’ll take a few annoying endzone celebrations from him if he continues to put 6 on the board and makes secondaries look silly. The other thing is that he is still a baby. He will only turn 23 on December 1st. He still has time to become mature.

  2. why isn’t anyone reporting about the late-night traffic accident that DeSean Jackson had last weekend prior to the big win against the Giants?
    I’m a fan of his on-field stats, but not his ongoing boneheadedness … and driving your car off the road in a one-car accident suggests something else is going on.
    Why hasn’t PFT covered this more extensively??!!

  3. He really does need to curb his enthusiasm after he scores. He left the Redskins game before halftime because he pulled his groin after a TD celebration(he returned but still..). But whatever, he’s the most explosive player the Eagles have had in a long time.

  4. Florio, his share of bonehead plays???? Please elaborate. You named 1. Now please tell me any other player in the NFL who hasn’t done 1 thing wrong.
    Don’t hate on the guy for 1 rookie mistake.
    For the record we scored on the next play.

  5. the best thing about this young man is that he is grounded enough to absorb what rice is so graciously offering.
    i also think that having a hugely talented (and willing to work at his craft) protege to whom he can offer that wisdom appeals to rice.
    i believe rice’s recommendation sealed the deal in andy reid’s mind when he picked DeSean.

  6. Hey… this is a story about Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice once played for the SF 49ers. The 49ers were once run by Carmen Policy. Carmen Policy ran the Browns when they came back into the league as an expansion team.
    Thereby, it would be on topic to leave many nasty posts about Eric Mangini and/or the Browns! Woo Hoo!
    Come on, PFT! It’s been 30 seconds since there was a story blaming Mangini for the weather! Get busy y’all! 🙂

  7. Jackson was ticked when he was drafted in the second round and he was ticked when the birds traded up to get Maclin in the first.
    When Maclin eventually surpasses Jackson, we’ll see what a grown-up he is.
    Jackson is already paid less than Maclin, let’s see how long that perceived slight lasts before he starts going diva.

  8. “the best thing about this young man is that he is grounded enough to absorb what rice is so graciously offering.”
    Sounds like a pretty baseless comment. When I look at Jackson’s on the field (and most recently off the field) antics, he seems like he’s anything but “grounded.” But I certainly wouldn’t be confident enough to say whether he is or isn’t.
    Seems like Mangini is the new Raiders/Vikings. I had to give up getting Vikings text alerts because Florio kept finding a way of throwing a Vikings tag on something completely unrelated to the franchise, and I’d get an alert about the story (because PFT is connected to Sprint NFL Live alerts).

  9. well, seeing as how jerry helped de sean get ready for the draft, and seeing how he’s panned out to this date… DUH.

  10. I mostly agree with that except 1 thing. Desean Jackson is one of the best route runners in the NFL. He stops on a dime then explodes out of his cuts. That was the thing Rice talked about the most when revering to Jackson. He said in interviews that everyone knows about his speed but his route running is what makes him so good, and that he’s the one of best route runners hes seen in a long time.

  11. desean is the real deal. no need to defend him or the bonehead sh*t he does. see you in the playoffs nay sayers.

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