Steelers keeping Clark's status under wraps

Though the name of Steelers safety Ryan Clark does not appear on the team’s injury report for Thursday or Friday, his status for Monday night remains undecided for reasons other than his current overall condition.

Clark, despite generally being healthy, might not play on Monday night in Denver due to a sickle-cell trait that attacked his body the last time he played a game at the high altitude of the Mile High City.

The Steelers, however, are saying nothing about the situation.  Per Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, neither Clark nor coach Mike Tomlin will provide official confirmation regarding his status prior to the game.

“This is not about me,” Clark told Dulac.  “It’s two good teams playing on
Monday.  Whether I play or not, the game is going to go on, and that’s
what I do know.  They won’t stop the game if I don’t play.

“I just want to deal with it and get it over with.  I can honestly
say, I’ll be happy Tuesday morning to get back to a regular life.”

There might be a fairly strong clue provided as to Clark’s status if he doesn’t make the trip to Denver with his teammates.  Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until the Steelers submit their list of inactive players.

In the interim, it’ll be interesting to see how the Steelers address Clark’s status on the Saturday injury report, which will include one of the various labels reflecting his expected availability.

Our guess?  He’ll given the 50-50 tag of “questionable,” even though it appears that the Steelers already know with 100-percent certainty whether he will or won’t be playing.

23 responses to “Steelers keeping Clark's status under wraps

  1. Why would the steelers keep this a secret?? This is someones life not a game strategy! kind of ignorant.
    I was thinking…maybe Clark could play for the Ravens while he is back east this weekend. He is an excellent safety.

  2. He won’t play of course, this is just like Andy Reid saying Westbrook might play after his concussion, but in this case it should be borderline criminal for the Steelers to discuss playing Clark.

  3. If I’m not mistaken, if Clark participated in all the practices and at this point is expected to play, there is no need for him to be listed on the injury report. I don’t believe his exclusion from the injury report is a case of the Steelers hiding anything, like this headline would lead you to believe.

  4. No way he plays. If he plays, based on last time, he could die. That happens, the Steelers will have a happy $100M lawsuit on their hands.
    Some things are more important than a game.

  5. There might be a fairly strong clue provided as to Clark’s status if he doesn’t make the trip to Denver with his teammates.
    Why would he even make the trip? I might be showing my ignorance here but is the problem caused by the altitude or by physical exertion in that altitude. If it’s the former, I can’t fathom why they would even allow him to make the trip.

  6. “the last time he played a game at the high altitude of the Mile High City”
    Did he play from a hover spacecraft? “Altitude” is for when you’re in the air.
    “Elevation” is the term when you’re on the ground.

  7. I would assume they want to leave Denver hanging on whether to prepare for Clark or Carter.All part of the chess match.

  8. There might be a fairly strong clue provided as to Clark’s status if he doesn’t make the trip to Denver with his teammates.
    Why would he even make the trip? Isn;t it the altitude that causes his problems? Or is it physical exertino in that altitude?

  9. Yes he has practiced no he won’t play. Here’s how the decision goes- What happened the last two times he played in Denver? Oh, ok, well that’s a no-brainer. Or an idiot might say he got sick both times he’s played in Denver, so maybe the third time’s the charm.

  10. Kind of along the lines of what tmj is saying — do the Steelers even HAVE to put him on the injury report at any point? He’s not injured.

  11. Why do you keep reporting on this? And why are you even questioning whether he’ll be on the injury report or not? He doesn’t need to be because he’s not injured lol. Not sure where the mystery is there. Hasn’t been on it all week, he’s not going to be on it Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, or any other day until he’s actually injured. All they’re trying to decide is whether they’re going to have him on the active roster for Monday.
    And if you read any of the news reports on Clark, you’d already know that he’s told the media (several times) that everyone will know his status come gametime on Monday. Nobody’s going to get a definitive answer until then.

  12. When were those “healthy scratches” released over the past few weeks (Adalius Thomas and others)?
    He’s not injured, he just has an inherent condition limiting his ability to play in that one location. Kinda like my 49ers outside the division this year.

  13. Why would they list him on the injury report? He is not hurt. Teams must deactivate players for every game and many are not on the injury report. There is no rule that says a healthy deactivated player must be on the injury report. Makes no sense.

  14. Since there’s no injury, he doesn’t have to be listed on the injury report.
    He’ll just be listed as one of the inactives, none of which have to be listed on the “injury” report unless they are injured.
    And I bet he does go to Denver with the team.

  15. I don’t see why he would show up on the injury report, since he isn’t injured. He has a condition. True, his condition can affect whether he plays, but that isn’t what the injury report, well, reports.

  16. @footballrulz
    Planes are pressurized. No problem with the oxygen there. It’s the cardiorespiratory exertion needed to play football in the thin oxyen at high altitudes that can cause the blood to sickle if you have the trait.

  17. @ spyboots
    I knew the planes weren’t a problem. Was just wondering if even standing on the sidelines at that elevation would cause a problem but as you said, it’s the exertion. Thanks for the help man–I truly did not know.

  18. I love the Steelers as much as anyone, but I have to say this story is soooooooo stupid. I expect these instances of tinkering with the injury reports from idiots like Mangini and Belicheck, but this is a bit embarrassing. Clark is good, not great and Carter is capable. There is no story in this and I can’t really believe the Broncos even are that worried. It is obvious what is the right thing to do. I am a bit disappointed that the Steelers have sank to this level in trying to throw them off when frankly I doubt they are worried about preparing to play Ryan clark.

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