49ers falling out of NFC West race

The 49ers season may have peaked in Week Four. 

At that point, San Francisco was 3-1, Arizona was 1-2 (on a bye), and 49ers fans thought they were settling in for their first relevant season since Steve Mariucci was in town.

Four consecutive losses later, including Sunday’s 34-27 loss at home against the Titans, and this 49ers season is starting to look familiar.  They are two games behind Arizona in the NFC West and don’t look like a team strong enough in any area to go on a prolonged winning run.  They are 0-5 outside the NFC West.

Alex Smith threw three interceptions in the loss, but this isn’t a 49ers team built to win shootouts.  They gave up 135 yards rushing and two touchdowns to Chris Johnson.  Vince Young connected on two vertical passes to Justin Gage, and avoided any major mistakes while completing 12-of-19 passes for 172 yards and rushing for a score. 

The Titans, meanwhile, are 2-0 since Jeff Fisher tried on Peyton Manning’s jersey.  With a healthier secondary helping out the defense, Tennessee could be a tough out for would-be contenders down the stretch.  They face Buffalo next week, then head to Houston after the Texans’ bye.

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  1. Here come the Raider fans
    especially StevieMo
    It’s so frustrating to watch! The team is not horrible they just can’t put it together…It’s something different every week! Alex Smith certainly played well enough to win today. The interceptions are kinda misleading when the game was slipping away on tips.

  2. Cant help but think that the Minneapolis Miracle really set the tone for the rest of the season. They were seconds and one hell of a Greg Lewis catch away from a big win. Things havent looked good since then

  3. Looking at their schedule I wouldn’t say the are totally out of it, but losing at home to the Titans has to raise some red flags.
    They have 3 division games left along with Jacksonville, Green Bay, Chicago, Detroit and Philly.
    They already beat AZ once and you don’t know which AZ team is gonna show up each week so anything is possible.

  4. @launcher
    And those are all going to be tough games the way they are playing. They really need to get back to running the ball. It was close most of the game, yet Frank Gore gets 15 carries? Giving Alex Smith 45 throwing attempts is foolish. Even more foolish because their starting LT is out.
    I thought this was a run, run, run the ball team that plays defense and field position? They need to get back to that ASAP if they want to stay in NFC West contention.

  5. If SF could run for sh*t, they would. The problem is that the offensive line can’t run block to save their lives. Can’t pass block much, either.
    Also, mentioning Smith’s INTs alone is misleading. Two of them bounced off the WRs’ hands. The third? Well, he stared down Morgan and Chris Hope saw it the whole time.

  6. It offends me that you didnt take the time to look up our schedule before posting this article. Get your shit together and maybe people will respect you.


  8. @henchmen #24
    as someone who watches the 49ers every week and was
    really pulling for Smith those picks were his fualt. The Hope pick was the least bad as hope made a good play the other two were tipped by Corners not his own WR. The last one wasn’t as bad both players tipped it up into the air. I am blaming the defense more for this loss though, even with the 4 turnovers the defense didn’t
    tackle well all day. Chris Johnson (who is small for a RB) was
    caught well behind the line on 4th down and managed to squek by for a td instead. It seemed like every big run he had was because of a poor tackle. Not to take anything away from him he is so fast and knows when to make his cuts but if anyone but Willis and Justin Smith could hold onto to him I feel we would have had a much better chance. Vince Young looked ok, it’s some what decieving given that we have had 4 corners injured this season (all starters going back to Harris) and all his passes were short, except the 2 long ones which, although accurate throws, would probably not get past a decent secondary, as they were a little to lofty. I really
    hope the Titans win out the season, honestly how awesome
    would that be?

  9. I’m not a Raiders fan. I’m an NFL fan.
    It’s amazing how conned 49ers fans were because Mike Singletary can orate. On that basis, Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been one helluva NFL head coach.
    What did the 49ers add to their mediocre 2008 mix this offseason? Um, half a season of Michael Crabtree. Everything else was taking the same old chicken shit and trying to make it into chicken salad, led by rousing speeches and pants-dropping by Mike Singletary. The Niners’ 2009 mediocrity was as predictable as the sunrise.
    “We’re going to hit people in the mouth.” The 49ers have one of the worst-rated O-lines in the league, and now they’re trying to be a passing team behind Alex “No, Really, I’m Now A Quality NFL Quarterback” Smith. Typically, they are a “2nd down, nine yards to go” team.
    The Niners lose ground in the second half of games every week. I guess X-and-O master Singletary isn’t as good at halftime adjustments as Walsh, Shula and Lombardi. I simply can’t believe that he doesn’t coach as well as he pounds the podium while throwing out gems like, “We’re going to hit people in the mouth.”
    The good news is that they are 3-5 and will get a high draft pick, and they own Carolina’s (3-5) #1 pick. They need a pass rushing D-lineman, 2-3 offensive linemen, a real NFL QB and a corner and backer to replace the soon-to-be-washed-up Nate Clements and Takeo Spikes. Manny Lawson is a non-entity and they need a lot of help at safety, too. They are ten quality NFL players away from legit playoff contender.
    Remember, you heard it here first.

  10. The Niners will never win any amount of games as long as Alex Smith is taking the snaps! While I dont think Shaun Hill is the answer, he still wins games where as Alex Smith does not. Look no farther then their records as starters….

  11. @StevieMo
    once again, you talk a lot but everything you say makes no sense. The D line is good, we already have a replacement for spikes
    and Lawson is hardly the problem. You can’t just type a bunch of words and expect to come off an expert when it is clear you have no knowledge of the situation. And no one is as good as Walsh now.
    Shuan Hill isn’t the answer. He doesn’t throw picks but he turns the ball over in another way. He takes big sacks and isn’t good enough to pick up the yardage. Nate Davis is the future.

  12. “I guess X-and-O master Singletary isn’t as good at halftime adjustments as Walsh, Shula and Lombardi”.
    C’mon Mo, talk about not making sense… Did you really just point out that rookie head coach Sing does not possess the same mastery of the X’s and O’s as these three legendary Hall of Fame coaches? Only a true NFL fan could have made such an insightful observation.
    Sing’s team is very young and clearly has some holes…but you have to give him credit…he is entertaining. He definitely seems to have your attention.

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