Broken forearm for Chris Henry

As expected, Bengals receiver Chris Henry has suffered a broken forearm during Sunday’s game against the Ravens.

It’s currently unknown whether he’ll return during the 2009 season.

The Bengals might have to decide whether to hold a roster spot for Henry in the hopes that he’ll be available for the postseason.

Henry has 12  catches for 236 yards and two touchdowns on the year.

14 responses to “Broken forearm for Chris Henry

  1. Matters not…..It only takes one hand to drive above the speed limit, throw a beer bottle, punch a teenager, assault a valet, snort or smoke a banned substance,fire a gun, fail a court mandated drug test, and in a true testament to his legacy, committ a sex crime (get it)…..I’m sure this has no bearing on the legacy that is Chris Henry…..

  2. These are the typical juvenile responses I expected. Chris has turned his life around. Give him some credit.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Chris Henry.

  3. what intelligent people, to comment on someone who has kept his nose clean for two years, let me guess…squeallers fans? Can’t wait to see how RAPISTBURGER handles our swarming defense. See you female dogs next week.

  4. CP & Other moron Haters
    Chris Henry has kept out of trouble for three years now his arrests came in 2006 and outside of a seatbelt ticket hasn’t done anything wrong..
    People do Change & Chris has he’s a family man now who spends all his time with his family (who are several bengal players since he married a Samoan and their all close ;)…
    I find it funny how some retards will still rip on the guy but I bet they’d love to have him on their team next season when he’s a free agent.

  5. Chris has turned his life around.
    Exactly who twisted it upside down in the first place?….Shall we annoint him for sainthood?…And yes hot chick…..i’m using an iphone…….but not wearing footed Pj’s…..Can you hear me now?

  6. It’s a shame the guy got hurt.
    But why is it necessary to give a guy credit for not breaking the law?
    Has the bar really been set that low?
    Let’s stop giving people credit for things they’re supposed to do. It’s ignorant.

  7. EskinSux is right.. you don’t get credit in a lot of peoples’ books for screwing your life up beyond recognition and then managing to not get arrested for a couple of years. Chris Henry will be fair game for those jokes for awhile. Cincy fans might as well get used to it.

  8. If anyone’s interested in reading about Henry’s recent comeback as a model citizen, here’s a good story from the Cincinnati Enquirer.
    Pretty bummed to see him injured. He’s been improving continually on and off the field, and could have been a good weapon during the latter part of the season. I say hold that roster spot, depending on what the doctors say about a post-season return.

  9. I’m tired of the Ravens softening up teams for the Squealers. I think I saw a stat that teams are 15-46 the week after they play the Ravens. Look at this year – the Bengals lost the following week after playing the Ravens, as did the Vikings and Patriots. Win or lose, the Ravens do put a hurting on the opposing team, and luckily, for the Squealers, they have been getting the Raven’s sloppy seconds and taking advantage of it – as probably will be the case tomorrow night as well.

  10. So the answer to your question….who is the better QB? Palmer or Flacco? please refresh my memory.

  11. It’s not about giving Chris credit for not break the law for once.. When someone goes from being a useless, destructive, and violent waste of air to being a coachable, law abiding family man, it gives us all something to be hopeful about. I have lived in Cincinnati my whole life and most of the stories like his that you hear tend to not take a turn in the right direction. I am not saying we make the guy a saint, but I would much rather give him credit for doing the right thing as opposed to listen to everyone complain and make jokes about him doing the wrong thing.

  12. “As expected, Bengals receiver Chris Henry has suffered a broken forearm during Sunday’s game against the Ravens.”
    Make your payments on time and this won’t happen.

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