Dungy: Buffalo is "dark horse" for Vick in 2010

Sunday night’s game is another reminder how insignificant Michael Vick’s role has become on the Eagles. It’s a near certainty he’ll be somewhere else next year, and Vick’s former adviser and NBC analyst Tony Dungy spoke about some possible suitors for the former Falcon.

“If they want him back, he has to stay there. If they don’t, there  are some teams looking for quarterbacks – Cleveland, St. Louis and Washington.  But I think a dark horse is Buffalo . . . They talked originally. There was some communication there. I think that could be a good spot,” Dungy said.

The problem Vick now faces is that his market value can only be sinking.  Will any team be interested in him as a potential starter?

Vick’s speed looks significantly diminished and he won’t get a chance to show off any passing skills in Philadelphia.  Ultimately, Vick’s sinking stock could make it a lot tougher for the Eagles to finding a trading partner in the offseason.

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  1. For me this story + the Whisenhunt story tell me that ya’ll have reached new lows. This site is no different from TMZ, spreading gossip and trying to attract readers with “Drama” and sensationalism. It’s also like the WWE because instead of giving us real news ya’ll hype up “man-drama” and throw phantom punches (or punch lines) like this is Ted Dibioasse and JYD in an old timers match.
    “Ultimately, Vick’s sinking stock could make it a lot tougher for the Eagles to finding a trading partner in the offseason.”
    How do you figure? So you mean to tell me that Buffalo or Cleveland wouldn’t at a minimum send a 7th rounder for Vick’s services? At the very least he’ll put butts in seats and those butts will spend $ on concessions, etc…
    The other thing is that Vick hasn’t played a full game so we don’t know what he can do. Still, he’s definitely worth the risk even if he has lost a step because he’s still faster than most other QBs in the league and any defense has to respect that fact.
    Since you’re good at sensationalism, you should do a story on why Tulane’s football program sucks, and about their asinine decision to forgo investing heavily into that program “to focus on academics.” Last time I checked $17+ million is more than enough to help improve academics and keep tuition rates down. They charge way to much money to offer crappy services and facilities.
    This guy beat you to the punch but since you’re an alum maybe they’ll listen to you. If they build a winning program, people will take interest and then maybe they can join the SEC – again.

  2. Boud: Although I’m not impressed with the article and think it’s rather lame at this point in the season, I do agree that he has NO trade value right now. Why would you give up anything for him and have to pay his 5.5 mil dollar contract for next season when you know the Eagles will not pick up his option and you can sign him at your own price? Which you could probably get for less than 2 mil?

  3. I really think that the Eagles were very charitable in terms of signing Vick and giving him a second chance. What exactly did they think he would add to the team? Based on his production so far, he’s not even worth a roster spot, let alone a key part of the offense. They clearly don’t trust him to be even a backup QB, so I’m going to chalk up his role on the Eagles as a favor to Vick and Tony Dungy, or a gamble that didn’t pay off

  4. epping16, I totally agree with your reasoning. My personal opinion is that he won’t sign a contract that will pay him 2 mil or less and that if anything he’s worth at least a 5th – 7th rounder to kick the tires. Worst case he renegotiates his deal as part of a trade, but with the trade a team can at least guarantee their rights to him.

  5. BoudreauxnThibideaux you could not have said it better.
    PFT has just fallen like any other website that gets some corporate sponsor. I miss what the site was, but it’s really just become trash.

  6. Why do people think we still haven’t seen all that Vick can show? Don’t you people remember that before he went to prison, he wasn’t a good QB at all back then? I’ve been a Bills fan for 20 years and they would probably take a chance on him only because their current crop of QB’s are garbage.

  7. While I personally feel the piece of shit doesn’t deserve to be in the league at this point after his previous actions, I think the Eagles have misused him.
    They should have Mcnabb and McPieceofshit on the field at the same time. He should be running some wild cat with Mcnabb, with him being the motion back, he should be catching passes and using his athletic ability.
    He never was a great QB , only a great athlete, but Philly has a chance to be dangerous with him, but they haven’t used him like they should.

  8. K. Until there is something actually going on, you need to SHUT UP about Dungy, Vick and (insert team here!).
    I like Dungy, but the Media is making me hate him.

  9. am i the only one that is getting sick of dungy being the jesse jackson/al sharpton of the league here? ffs shut up about your boytoy vick already…he’s done. he’s a washed-up, never-was dog-killing, run-all-day, but can only ever throw to my tight end qb.

  10. Tony Dungy is losing respect everyday. why he thinks he is advising Vick post jail is crazy. If Vick wanted to play(start) he would have understood he had to go to a losing team. Why he thinks he can sit on the bench of a winner and somehow become more valuabale is as dumb as dog fighting in the 1st place. let’s waste another year of a blown career.

  11. Buffalo will do it because they want to sell tickets and don’t care about winning games.
    It’s why they signed TO.
    Hey, if you sell out the stadium before the season, who care how they play.

  12. I feel like Vick in Buffalo is a move that would have made sense THIS year. With T.O. on the team they had an opportunity to have Vick come in for a change of pace in the event that Edwards or Fitzpatrick was unable to move the offense (aka every single game this year). He wouldn’t be the starter, but he would see the field probably more than he is in Philadelphia, and he would have a decent crop of receivers to throw to. He would also have been useful because of the rebuilding, struggling offensive line that the Bills are employing.
    Next year his usefulness seems to limited. The Bills’ offensive line should be rounding into form, considering there are three first-year starters on the line, plus a player who went through a position change before being injured leading to a FOURTH first-year starter on the line. The chances of T.O. being on the team are slim to none. And if there is any justice in the world, the Bills will have used a top-10 pick on a quarterback, and will want to allow him to learn without having to shuffle Vick in and out.
    Vick would have made sense this year. Next year, not as much.

  13. Heres a tip for you Einsteins that keep complaining about the site…go somewhere else, this isnt the only football site on the net. No one gives a rats ass what you think and the fact that you keep coming back just to complain makes you a joke. Dont go away mad, just go away. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

  14. Not a Michael Vick fan but he is nothing more than a side show at this point.
    And what is Buffalo supposed to be? Is he being sent into exile up there? Is Buffalo a town where he is supposed to come in and light it up?
    Vick needs to start and it’ll probably be a very frustrating career for him from here on.

  15. Doesn’t this whole claim ride on the premise that Buffalo will have the same GM/Coach next year?
    The chance of that alone happening is pretty low.

  16. It has taken me awhile to understand what the purpose of the Vick experiment was from the Eagles point of view. I think I now know.
    Vick, as the second QB can have small value as a change up option for Andy Reid. I think they hoped he would be far better in that role than he is, but that isn’t they reason he is in it. He is there to provide insulation from the QB controversy that would clearly be rampant in Philly in the person of Kevin Kolb. Donovan has always had an erratic streak when it comes to accuracy. He throws balls that are in the turf way too often. As the second QB, he would be eligible to step in when Donovan struggles. If Kolb is the third, “emergency” QB he isn’t going to be tossed into a game, as he was in Baltimore last year, to relieve McNabb when he is terrible. He is also still available for injury replacement.
    The problem of QB controversy is nicely avoided. Next year will be another story, but this is how the Eagles have avoided controversy this season.
    So far.

  17. Why would Buffalo sign Vick? They need to rebuild at this point and they know that. you dont rebuild with a past his prime, useless QB who never was any good. Vick contributes NOTHING to the team unless he can catch a football.
    Buffalo makes no sense, this is just Dungy with his usual propoganda. He makes himself look foolish

  18. Vick’s stock can only be sinking??
    Come on Rosenthall……I’d expect such moronic conjecture out of Florio….but are usually only half as incompetant as he is.
    The knock on Vick was that he was a malcontent, lazy, trouble maker who happened to be an amazing athlete.
    Nobody expected him to start or play much for the Eagles this year (well…nobody that knows anything about football anyway)
    All he has done this year is show up for practices early, do what he has been asked, not complain and stay out of trouble.
    Has he lost a step……most likely, but save for the prison yard or the showers….the dude hasn’t been hit in two years. He can get back into playing shape. He has been ineffective when he plays, because they put him in 2 times a game and expect him to do something….well…so does the defense those 2 times.
    Somebody will take a chance on him next year and he would be a better option then countless other Quarterbacks in the league that could include the following teams: Washington, Oakland, Cleveland, Miami, Buffalo, Carolina etc. Not to mention teams that would actually use him more appropriately in the Wildcat and/or reciever.
    His stock has not and is not sinking. It might not sky-rocketing, but it has certainly risen seeing he has been in a decent program and not caused any trouble.

  19. The Eagles are limited in what they do with Vick. To get anything more than a ‘throw away’ pick you’ll need to find someone very very stupid.
    Al Davis… pick up the white courtesy phone… it’s for you.

  20. if buffalo signs vick next year, they will only be guaranteeing their spot as cellar-dwellers in the AFC East.
    not that i want them to win, but come on buffalo – this isn’t going to turn anything around. might sell a few more tickets, but that’s about it. just like T.O., remember?
    hey, maybe they can make a copy of that key to the city and give it to vick too?

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