Favre's groin could end up being a problem

Earlier this week, we poked some fun at Vikings coach Brad Childress’ handling of quarterback Brett Favre’s injured groin.

But unless this is another exercise by Favre in setting up advance excuses for subpar performances, it’s not a laughing matter.

Then again, here’s what Childress said:  “I was standing right behind him while he was warming up and saw him
kind of reach for . . . reach for his groin and, you know, hold it and
whatever you do with a groin.  Rub it.  That what I think I witnessed. 
It twinged a little bit on him.”

NBC’s Peter King reported Saturday that Favre injured the groin during practice on Wednesday, October 28, and that the groin became aggravated in warmups before the Week Eight game against the Packers.  Per King, Favre told backup Tarvaris Jackson to be ready on short or no notice to enter the Lambeau showdown.

So now the question becomes whether the bye week will allow the thing to heal, or whether the groin will hang around for the rest of the year.  Unlike the partially torn biceps tendon of 2008, this one won’t affect Favre’s throws.  But it potentially will hamper his ability to move around in and out of the pocket, making him more likely to take further hits that could cause other injuries.

38 responses to “Favre's groin could end up being a problem

  1. There was never a first exercise. You gotta be kidding me buddy, you’re still running with this?

  2. Again, more conjecture and rumor without any source to substantiate. Just sitting in front of the computer, wondering how you can get a name like Favre into a sensationalized headline on the Viking’s bye week.
    The guy’s been out hunting with other Vikings, so I doubt its an issue.

  3. Once again Florio, you prove what a rumor mongering hack you are. Again, you write that Favre has a built in excuse for potential bad play. If you know anything about Favre and the NFL you would know he has never made an excuse for bad play in his whole career. Yet, you constantly bring that possibility up.
    Is it possible that Favre is actually injured??? Never thought of that did you hackboy???
    Do you tell your son that it’s ok to spread B.S. about someone else??? Do you????
    Florio, this is another example of why your blog is has become far less than a must read!!! How about some truth instead of all the B.S.???

  4. I disagree that it won’t affect his throws. It will affect his deep throws, where he gets everything into it.
    Watching him against the Pack last week, you could see he wasn’t able to move around much, but the Pack didn’t really come after him.
    For some crazy reason.

  5. OK now it’s clear you are just baiting us Florio…”or whether the groin will hang around for the rest of the year.” Are you kidding? Slow week when Vikes are on a bye, isn’t it?

  6. Favre has played well so far…but if memory serves me correctly, it was a bad November and December for him with the Jets last year. Couple that with his own comments about not being sure he could make it through an entire season…
    I will withhold judgment until we see how he plays in the second half of the season.
    P.S. What year Florio will you guys at NBC fix this crappy login problem?!?!?!

  7. Uh Mr. McSticky this blog is called “Latest News and RUMORS”.
    If you don’t want to read about Lord Farve why did you click on the link?
    The Last Word

  8. I am sitting here with cup of coffee in hand, looking at the computer….and my wife just asked me “what happened” due to the unbelievable, disgusted look of disbelief I had on my face…I think she honestly thought I was reading CNN and something happened….
    Instead, I told her, “Sorry, sweetie….I am just reading an article on PFT and wondering how this dude Mike Floria actually has a job doing this
    This is not an article that even a NOVICE journalist would write…this is a blog that some bitter Packers fan (not even an educated one…but like a 7 year old Packer fan, or the wife of a Packer fan that only watches the occasional playoff game) might write.
    NOT ONLY IS IT NOT NEWS….but he doesn’t even have his facts right. Favre has never complained about injury, nobody even knew about his shoulder last year…UNTIL THIS YEAR. He didn’t even tell the media about his groin….he told Tavaris Jackson lol….”to be ready to go in the game”
    Florio you have sunken to a new low (and I did not think it was possible) in your painfully, annoying, redundant attempt to belittle Favre. I live in Atlanta, and am not even a Favre fan and I can’t believe you can still amaze me with how stupid you sound doing it.
    I suppose the only satisfaction for Favre fans out there is that he has metiphorically taken atleast 100 dozen egg…..cracked them over your hollow noggen…and rubbed them all over your face with his performance this year.
    The only reason I read PFT is for the occasional (unfortunately…getting less and less occasional) news break where Florio steals from another site and journalists work and it is all reported here and one place. But Please Florio….JUST CUT AND PASTE….nobody wants to hear any of your unrelevant garbage.

  9. Florio…you often comment about players who “talk without thinking” but apparently that doesn’t apply to you. When was Favre’s first exercise….second…etc.? You continue to put your foot in your mouth in hopes of …what…..that some day Favre MAY miss a game due to an injury??? Then you can say, “see, I reported it first…second…third etc.” You keep making the same lame comments about the player who has the NFL record for consecutive games played!! Just think if you were to make your asinine comment about all the other players in the NFL, or even just some of the superstars. How many players do sit out for minor tweaks, broken hangnails etc…..go find them, it shouldn’t be too hard.

  10. Farve’s GROIN could be a problem? We know his BACKSIDE is fine, with so many people in the media, lining up to KISS IT, most recently Terry Bradshaw, who was critical of him week one, but when he did an interview w/him last week did a 180, [or in the words of SF coach Jimmy Raye, a 360]

  11. Damn Lord Florio, you never give up do you. Are you really the type of person that wishes an injury on a player to help prove your opinion?
    You really need give up on reporting stupid shit!

  12. Step away from the computer, Florio. Nobody needs a (fake) story at 7:54 AM on a Sunday…unless it was, you know, real. Some free advice – don’t post anything with “could” in it anymore. That could end up being a problem, but then again it couldn’t.
    The weather in Week 15 might be a problem also, and you might get into a car accident today, and I might win the lottery today, and Justin Tuck might get hurt in warmups today, and Steve Spurrier might leave South Carolina for West Virginia and……

  13. “or whether the groin will hang around for the rest of the year”. For Favre’s sake I hope it lasts longer than that.

  14. @Bum McSticky
    Brad Childress said it and witnessed it first hand. Pretty decent source, I’d say.
    Favre is 40 years old. Face it–he’s starting to break down.

  15. Perhaps it will limit his blinding speed and running ability, which is of course his mark of excellence and the reason he is still playing. Riiiiight…..
    If ever there was a non-story, this is it.

  16. 7-1 is still getting to you isn’t it florio? Especially the hammering of the pack twice. GET OVER IT. Favre looks good. You (as usual), come off like a desperate idiot.

  17. Bun – did you notice the title of this section is “Rumor Mill”? Rumors are the major point of this whole website. And Florio’s “rumors” are usually more accurate than those “real” news organizations. You know, like that big one up in Connecticut that throws those killer parties. I think most in the know would agree (although Terry Bradshaw might have something to say about that).
    Also, did anyone stop to think that Childress’s handling of Favre’s groin could have caused the injury in the first place?

  18. Is it his arm or his groin thats producing career high resaults this year Florio? Tell you what if they win the Super Bowl you and all the other nay sayers can get in line for some of Favr’s “groin problem” Florio you truely are a closet Green Gay Fudge Packer fan!

  19. This is starting to remind me of the scene in “Young Frankenstein,” where “Eye-gor” keeps saying “Blucher,” to upset the horses.

  20. It may say rumor mill on it kids, but Jack@$$ Florio is the ONLY one saying that Favre will use an injury as an excuse for bad play. That’s Bulls&(%!!!!! And you know it Florio.
    Again Florio, do you tell your son to make things about people?
    And everyone’s kissing Favre’s ass these days because he deserves it. He’s still one of the best players in the NFL, unless you haven’t been paying attention.

  21. “or whether the groin will hang around for the rest of the year”
    Doesn’t viagra fix these middle age problems?

  22. “or whether the groin will hang around for the rest of the year”
    Doesn’t viagra fix these middle age problems?

  23. Another classic piece from the Peanut Gallery.
    Anybody with a pair of eyes could see Favre was gimping around the field in Lambeau, yet he still played and still played well and it isn’t rocket science why this is: He’s not a cupcake like 80% of the other players in the NFL.
    Groins don’t heal quickly, so it’ll linger for the rest of the season. Good thing for Minnesota they’ve got a MAN comandeering the offense.

  24. For all of you idiots saying ‘hey- this is a RUMOR mill, so relax.’ Pull your heads out of your a$$.
    What is the rumor then (the fact he pulled his groin is not a rumor, he said that)? There is no rumor, this is what you call ‘conjecture’. A rumor means some insider said Farve won’t be able to play effectively after the bye week b/c of his groin. For all of you idiots that don’t know what conjecture means, go ahead and look it up. He pulled the groin before the game and still played a heck of a game. I am sure that it will affect him 2 weeks later.

  25. So how is Florio making things up when his coach spoke about the matter during a press conference?
    Also, I doubt Peter King would mention anything on national tv if there was absolutely no substance to it. Especially when he only has about 1 to 3 minutes to say something.
    By the way Cutler, your name and your tone tell me you’re just another typical Vikings fan. Your team is the greatest thing since sliced bread every year and you want to kill anyone who hints at things otherwise. Take a step back and look at things objectively for once. Favre has played well, yes, but there’s still a lot of football left to play. I recall him starting out well last year, too.

  26. Someone Pulled Favre’s Groin ? Did the Vikings sign Jeff Garcia?
    – Joke aimed at the T.O demographic.

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