Hargrove helps Saints stay perfect

At one point, the FOX announcers called the game the first career start for defensive tackle Anthony Hargrove.

It wasn’t, but it surely felt like it was.

Hargrove started 15 games for the Rams in 2005, but he hadn’t returned to the starting lineup with any team since 2006.  The converted defensive end, subbing for Kendrick Clancy (injured reserve), faded into oblivion thanks to one-year suspension.  Reinstated in February, the Saints signed him in May.

Hargrove displayed his gratitude by delivering a pair of fumble recoveries in the closing minutes of Sunday’s game, helping to preserve a come-from-behind win for the Saints.

The first one came with 2:43 to play in the game, giving the Saints the ball near midfield.  A foolish decision by the Saints, who led by three at the time, to call for a pass (which fell incomplete) on third down and with no Carolina timeouts remaining gave the Panthers another shot, forcing a punt with 2:29 to go.

But then the ball was downed inside the Carolina five, and on the very next play DeAngelo Williams put the ball on the ground.

Enter Hargrove, who saw it, grabbed it, stood up untouched, and walked into the end zone.

And so the Saints again came back from a double-digit deficit to secure a double-digit win, outscoring the Panthers 30-6 after spotting them 14.

4 responses to “Hargrove helps Saints stay perfect

  1. not sure if anyone else was listening..but Billick also stated after a completion to Jarrett that Delhomme had “hot balls over the last few weeks”….seriously. PFT, I know your sources have transcripts.

  2. Its nice to see Hargrove make plays. The guy was a freak athlete and just couldnt stay outa trouble in buffalo. Played pickup hoops with him round town and just remember this 260 lb guy playing with a backpack on. it was almost laughable, until he threwdown a reverse dunk with god knows what in that bag strapped to his back.

  3. Way to go Hargrove….and the rest of the Saints….
    ………………………….Geaux Saints……………………………

  4. that billick quote belongs in a beer commercial. or as the title of a porn film.
    saints owe me another td.

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