Holmgren reportedly top choice as Browns football czar

Mike Holmgren’s name has surfaced on the top of Browns owner Randy Lerner’s list as he searches for a new football czar, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

On Sunday NFL Countdown, Schefter reported that the job is Holmgren’s if he wants it and, should he accept it, he’d play a role similar to the one Bill Parcells plays with the Miami Dolphins. Holmgren would then hire a general manager who would join him in determining Eric Mangini’s future as head coach.

There’s a lot of balls in the air, but it doesn’t look good for Mangini under this scenario. Holmgren has no ties to the current coach, so unless the new G.M. is a Mangini fan it isn’t hard to see him getting the axe shortly after Holmgren steps off his motorcycle and assumes the reins of the Cleveland organization.

Schefter reports that Lerner is also likely to speak to Ernie Accorsi, Rich McKay and Ron Wolf, if he hasn’t spoken to them already, about the top job with the Browns. None of those guys have any ties to Mangini, either, so the coach’s stay in Cleveland looks to be a brief one no matter who gets tabbed with fixing things in Lerner’s house.

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  1. I think Holmgren still wants to coach. If they made him czar, he’d probably say, “Okay, I think the best candidate for GM would be…me! And, let’s see, the best candidate for head coach is…me!”

  2. I vote for Florio as the Browns Czar…He’s Bullshitted his way this far, why not reach for the stars…..

  3. Send Ratgini to the bad Head Coach scrap heap!
    He’ll be remembered for “Spygate, and his complete incompitency….!” The Bus tour…
    So he ratted out his mentor, screwed up 2 organizations and all the while standing on BB coat-tails….couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  4. // There’s a lot of balls in the air //
    On this team most of those fall harmlessly to the ground or land in the opposition’s hands.
    As for Holmgren… totally respect his cred as a coach, but is there any evidence that he knows how to put together a team? Is there any evidence that he knows how to pull off a turnaround? Love him or hate him, that is the thing about Parcells – more often than not the team gets better once he shows up.
    As for the mention of McKay’s name… are you kidding me? Take it from an ATL fan, he’s not the guy to fix the problem.

  5. GRpatriot says:
    November 8, 2009 11:45 AM
    So he ratted out his mentor,screwed up 2 organizations and all the while standing on BB coat-tails….
    How could he have ratted him out when all Pats fans say the allegiations are untrue? Just manifestaions of jealous fans minds….Or so it has been said here a billion or so times……Right?

  6. If there are any questions about Holmgrem as a GM (and possibly coach) one thing is for sure… he’s not going to do a worse job than Mangini
    I’m sure he appreciates what Mangini has done to the trade value of TWO quartebacks

  7. I don’t understand all this talk about scenarios where Mangini has to worry about remaining as head coach or not.
    I think it’s clear Mangini is gone either way. If he’s not, this entire process has failed.

  8. texasPhinsfan… keep in mind that this is the same owner who’s best idea for a “shakeup” after seeing a failed matchup of a GM from the Ravens and a coach from the Patriots, would be a coach from the Patriots and a GM from the Ravens.
    But aside from that, unless Holmgren or the next GM is schemeing to get the #1 pick in the 2011 draft, there’s no way they let their reputation ride on Mangini’s coaching and leadership ability.

  9. You can’t say Mangini ruined the Browns-they were in really bad shape when he got here.
    If he can win some game or show some competativeness in the second half of the season I don’t think he’ll lose his job. Of course if someone like Shanahan or Cowher wants it then all bets are off.

  10. JohnC… just look at the Browns QB situation alone.
    He passed on taking Sanchez at #5 or trading Quinn and/or Anderson and brining in a free agent.
    How’d that work out for Mangini? What was the trade value of Quinn and Anderson before Mangini got there. What it is today?
    And that’s just one position.

  11. The Holmgren thing sounds GREAT to me but be MUST hire a coach, and not do it himself. He was unable to wear both hats in Seattle and win. They did not win until The Hawks hired a GM and he focused on coaching only! Bring him in as King, hire a GM, and bring in a Gruden or someone to coach .

  12. @Brian
    In case you missed it in your high school history class, the communist overthrew the Czarist regime in Russia. So, if anything Holmgren would be a monarch. Idiot.

  13. Forget about Holmgren. Let’s go after Parcells (without tampering, of course). This mess needs a proven football guy to come in and right the ship. Lerner is a billionaire so he can throw millions of moola at him. If he can swallow paying $20 mill to Crennel and Savage not to mention what he’s going to end up paying Kokinis (“just cause” my arse) and Mangini, then he should double down and lure the Big Tuna.

  14. Holmgren sounds good he is a guy with experience and would likely get rid of the tyrant named Mangenie

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