Leash could be getting shorter for Hauschka

Three weeks ago, Ravens kicker Steven Hauschka missed to the left a field that would have nailed down a thrilling come-from-behind win over the Vikings.  After the game, coach John Harbaugh defended the man the Ravens opted to keep instead of veteran Matt Stover.

A week later, Hauschka wasn’t called upon to make any kicks, since it was the bye.

Last week, he made all three field goals in a 30-7 win over the Broncos.

This week, Hauschka has missed, again to the left, a 38-yard try that would have cut the Bengals’ lead from 10 points to seven in the fouth quarter.

It remains to be seen whehter Harbaugh continues to support the second-year kicker.  The good news for Hauschka, however, is that Stover is no longer available; he signed last month with the Colts.

9 responses to “Leash could be getting shorter for Hauschka

  1. I blame Harbaugh.
    He didn’t want to keep a kickoff specialist and a field goal kicker, so thanks Harbs, you cost us the Vikings game and at least a chance at this game.
    Harbaugh is sooooo overrated, how is hiring your “family friend” to be the defensive coordinator of a world class defense working out for you??? Nice moves, jackass.

  2. Ozzie and Jerry Rosberg and Harbaugh stepped in Big time DO DO on Keeping Steven Hauscka and cutting Grahm Gano. but what do I know ? well.. I know that STove kicked 4 Fg’s for Indy so far.

  3. Well, the kicker isn’t the only reason the Ravens lost. Last spring, I was stunned when the Ravens released Stover. The guy is automatic within his range. He’s worth an extra roster spot.
    Sometimes coaches out smart themselves.

  4. Stover nor apparently Hauschka is the answer. I agree with not wasting a roster spot for a kick-off specialist. Last year I was tired of seeing the opposing team getting a running start and catching the football on the 15 before getting dropped on the 35. What frustrates me more is that they could have drafted Ryan Succop (Mr. Irrevelant) in this years draft with the the 6th round pick – especially since the Raven’s 5th and 6th round pick didn’t even on the team. Kudos to the Chiefs for doing so.

  5. @BigOx
    Really? You still don’t agree with the roster spot decision even after it cost us the Vikings game and very much contributed to this week’s loss?? That’s unbelievable.
    Let’s take it a step further and say we miss the playoffs by one game, which is quite likely. One game that our kicker missed a 43 yard field goal IN A DOME to win in the closing seconds… Would you still agree with the decision?

  6. @ Bmore Styles
    No, I believe they should have drafted Succop or picked up a different kicker. Both of the kickers in camp struggled and were shaky. It was clear neither Ganos or Hauschka were a sure thing when they lined up behind the ball. You have to also remember Stover missed a few last year as well, and a 43 yarder (even in a dome) were pushing his range limit. Don’t get me wrong, if Matt S. had better kick-off range I would be his biggest supporter. I see these other kickers in the league (Beronis in Tennessee comes to mind) who can do both. And Succop looked great when KC played the Ravens the first week this year. Kickers are usually a dime-a-dozen; hence, that’s why they are never really drafted that high (unless you are the Raiders or Jets).

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