Moss ties Owens on TD list

The “other 81” has caught up to the “original 81.”

Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss caught a touchdown pass today against the Dolphins, giving him 140 touchdown catches in his career — the same number as Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens. The two are tied for second place on the all-time receiving touchdowns list, well behind Jerry Rice, who’s first with 197.

For Moss, moving up the career receiving touchdowns list is an occasion to consider just what a great career he’s had. But for Owens, it’s probably an occasion to feel just a little bit perturbed.

Prior to the 2007 Cowboys-Patriots game, Owens informed the press that he would only take questions in writing because he was sure there would be too many reporters crowding him to ask questions about the match-up between the “original 81” (himself) and the “other 81” (Moss). At the time, it was legitimate for Owens to put himself in Moss’s company.

But considering that Moss has now caught up to Owens on the career touchdowns list, and considering that Moss is younger than Owens, it’s safe to say that Moss will eventually put up career numbers that far exceed those of Owens. Owens can’t feel good about that.

So we can all offer congratulations to Moss for moving into second place on the career receiving touchdowns list. But Owens probably won’t be joining us.

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  1. There is 4 years difference between them in age.
    Plus Moss is able to actually keep a job.
    If he can stick around, and continue to perform at a high level for another 6 years, Moss may actually have a shot at Rice’s record. It probably won’t happen, but it is a possibility.
    (Loved having to retype this post. Anyone ever going to fix the registration logout thing? Maybe install a filter while you’re at it, so I can see responses to this post sometime in the next three hours)

  2. Is he the 2nd best WR of all time? A few years ago I would have said “No”, but after watching the catches that he makes game after game I would have to say, “Yes”.

  3. 57 more? thats 5 or 6 more solid seasons. if brett favre has taught us anything, its that people hang on until they get the record. and i think thats what hes gonna try to do. try.

  4. Terrell Owens has been a great receiver. There’s no shame in being in the same company as Randy Moss, and that’s how Owens will be remembered.

  5. In the press conference after the game Moss is humble, giving credit to all the guys on the field doing their jobs
    I kindof have a tough time imagining TO doing that.
    I can see him blaming 10 other guys… but not giving them credit.

  6. I have to say that I was very nervous about Moss coming to New England, not just for his reputation of behavior, but for the performance he had shown on the field in Oakland.
    Randy Moss has instead become an absolute joy to Patriots fans. He has become a dedicated, true “team” player, and a model citizen. I consider him a team leader by example. And performance??? Can anyone question this man’s talents after watching even a single Patriots game?
    He runs the patterns, he’s where he’s supposed to be, and if the called play isn’t developing, he makes adjustments and is in incredible sync with Tom Brady.
    And can this cat catch a football! High, low, between defenders, on his back, you name it, this guy’s done it for New England, and dude has played with an tormenting back injury, without complaint (“dogging it” my a$$, Freeman).
    Randy Moss has been an unbelievable addition to the Patriots, as has been Wes “you throw it, I’ll catch it” Welker, another amazing receiver.
    We are blessed to have talented receivers like these two, and a talented QB like Tom Brady to get the balls to them.
    Anyone who says that any of these three guys suck, you’d give your left nut to have any one of them on your team right now, and both nuts to have all three, and you know it.
    Job well done, Randy; Patriots fans love you and thank you for all you’ve brought to this team.
    How does that feel, Al Davis?

  7. Congrats to one of the greatest Vikings of all time. I hated how it ended for Moss in Minny, but it is good to see him succeeding somewhere else. Funny how just 5 years ago vikings fans like myself were complaining about how John Madden had a hard on for Favre but hated Moss.

  8. night train lane
    calvin megatron johnson
    torry holt
    anquan boldin
    all wore or wear #81.
    2 may have careers better than she-ho.
    one db arguably did.
    one wr is arguably still as good as him.
    not even talking moss here yet…

  9. It’s so weird to think that Moss is getting that old already. I remember him coming into the Vikings as a rookie and absolutely lighting the league on fire. Damn I’m old.

  10. hooby, your comment about Favre displayed a level of stupidity that is simply staggering – even for this web site.
    Please, hoobster, do your fellow human beings a favor and have yourself spayed and/or neutered so that you do not contaminate the world with the fruit of your ignorant loins.
    Thank you all, and may God bless America!

  11. Moss was always a great player and an awesome teammate. Always. The Twin Cities media just created a bunch of garbage and lies, and as a result the Vikings were dumb enough to trade him.
    Old business.

  12. Wait a minute..i thought he was dogging it this yr to end up playing with brett favre. As always florio has ignored to acknowledge his baseless reach …

  13. If Owens was in a different offense he’d still be ahead. the Bucs should make a run for Owens next year. GO BUCS!!!!!!

  14. Randy Moss is going to the HOF. Owens isn’t. Mark it down. You don’t burn that many bridges and then get in the HOF. If Owens would have kept his mouth shut in Philly, he would go down as an all-time great.

  15. Something tells me this Randy Moss guy is kind of good… (actually, I think he’s better than Rice… Let the blasphemy talk begin).

  16. Moss IS more talented than Rice was, although he may not have the drive and will probably never get the same amount of credit, even if he did catch Jerry’s stats. Since he started playing teams have had to formulate entire defensive strategies around him. He’s made mediocre QB’s look like Pro Bowlers and gave Tom Brady the best season ever.
    It will be interesting to see what the Pats do with Moss’ contract after next season…who knows – maybe they’ll trade him back to the Raiders considering their propensity for doing those kinds of things [laugh]. Personally, I’d like to see him come back to Minnesota, but thats a long shot if there isn’t a decent QB here in 2011 (Favre will be dead by then). Moss’ best interest would probably be to stay with the Patriots (likely at a discount) to finish out his career if he wants to have a legit shot at getting a ring or two before its all over. Money talks, but I don’t think Moss really cares about money anymore [

    ] and I can’t see him being happy going to a sh!t team and rotting for the duration of his career while a guy like a Trent Edwards of Jason Campell struggles to get him the ball.

  17. On this one item, the Bed n’ Breakfast boy was right: Moss’ legs are starting to go. He’s a 1/2 season guy. The first eight games or so, Moss looks unstoppable. He did last year. The last eight games he fades into obscurity. He doesn’t have the 4.2 speed he had when he came into the league and he was never overpowering like Owens. Let’s look at Moss’ states from this point until the end of the season and let’s see how he does.
    Moss as a rookie had more talent than Rice as a rookie. However, Rice worked at his craft his entire year. Rice was productive everywhere he went until it was clear he had to retire. Moss took whole seasons off. I would honestly be surprised if Moss gets into the HoF after what he did in MN and Oakland. HoF players do not take plays off.

  18. TO only has himself to blame. Every QB he has had (elite ones and not) he’s thrown under the bus. If he came to NE or Indy or anywhere with a big QB and played for the league minimum for 1 year, he’d have gotten his big contract and franchise QB throwing to him, but he ran his mouth off and got kicked out of town.
    That said, TO is an all time great at WR, like him or not.

  19. 24seven you are a mindless hater. Watch a game sometime without hate in your eyes. Observe what happens the first time a very deep safety isn’t shaded to Moss’ side of the field. He never could, and still can’t, be covered by one man an entire game. Listen to the DB’s who cover him. They don’t say he takes plays off. Listen to the coaches who coach against him. Listen to his teamates not Joe Buck.

  20. I think it probably closer to true that you have mindless love. I have no hate. I’m looking at the film and his numbers. In 2008 he average 10 less yards per catch and one less catch per game in the second half of the season. In the first half of the season he’s great. Right after a bye he’s great. However, he shows consistent degradation near the end of a season. That was true in Oakland and it’s true in NE. You would think he’d have better numbers in the second half of the season given the wear and tear on corners and safeties over the course of the season. So, while it is true that *at times* he cannot be covered by one man, near the end of the season he most definitely can. Moss’ current stats for the first eight games look great. However, as I said, let’s see how he does in the next eight games.

  21. please take time to read…..rather funny stuff
    you are obviously dilusional. wtf games are you watching. he’s playing better than ever save for his first 3 years in minnesota. you say he’s not running a 4.2 anymore. so what is it a 4.36?LOL
    give me a break. whatever his irrelevant 40 time is doesnt matter. DBs and safetys are still having a hard time keeping up with him. you watch any games btw? and even when they do stay with him, moss goes up in double coverage and sometime over 3 guys to go up and get a ball. go back and watch the miami game of 07 and watch the TD catches moss had in the spanking of the dolphins that year when they hung up like 40 in the first half. they are right up there with the greatest catches in the history of the game!!!
    now, you say he only plays good for the 1st 8 games? get a life and a clue. u make yourself look stupid making those comments. forget the oakland years. we’ll go with him a little older to make your point more valid, or NOT. in 07′ he finished with 12 TDs in his last 8 games and 4 TDs in his last 2 games that year plus a game with 4TDs in week 10. and averaged just over 89yds a game receiving in the last 8 games that season. HELLLO, MCFLYYY!!!!!
    fast forward to brady going done and a QB who never started a college game or a pro game before aka matt cassel taking over as mosses QB.
    he saved cassel many of times and helped lead the pats to an 11-5 record.
    now brady is back this season and we all saw how long it took carson palmer to regain some form. and manning took a full yr. brady looks like he’s back and now so does the brady moss show. looks like your argument for him breaking down looks kinda ridiculous in moss’s latest season with another yr aged on his body. i mean heck, in week 9 and 10 he has 147 yds and a TD and 179 and 2TDs respectively. his best games of the year. and i bet your point is further destroyed so we can all laugh at your stupidity when he and brady scorch the secondaries of the rest of the pats opponents going forward.
    *****did anyone read this 24seven clowns post above where he states he’d be suprised if moss gets in the HOF??????ROTFFLMAO
    i mean i shouldnt respond to that because im not sure if its the funniest or the dumbest thing ive read online in a long long time. i mean you always have clueless people who chime in with nonsense but this might take the cake. Moss not a HOFer? get serious pal, 2nd amongst WR in TDs with gas still in the tank and within 3 seasons max most likely 2 he will be 3rd alltime at worst in receiving yards behind only rice and
    maybe owens(though he’ll prob pass owens by then and be 2nd). he along with brady would be 1st ballot HOFers if their careers ended now you moron LOL. what planet are some of you people from, WTF????????

  22. Clearly you are showing yourself to be the fanatic. As I said, let’s see if degrades over the last half of the season. In the past five years, he has as I have shown.
    Numbers alone do not get you into the HoF. Case in point: Chris Carter. Chris Carter, IMO, was a vastly superior receiver to Moss and he isn’t in the HoF and he should have been a first ballot player. Carter is third all-time in seasons with 50+ catches (behind Andre Reed and Rice and note that Reed is also not in the HoF – Rice is not yet eligible), third all-time in pass receptions in a season, third in 1000 yard seasons, second in receiving touchdowns (behind Rice), and (now) eighth on the overall yards list. Mind you, he was higher in some of those rankings at the end of his career. Another example would Tim Brown who is third all-time receiving yards. Having great numbers, especially as a receiver, does not get you into the HoF.
    Beyond all that, there is one primary reason that Randy Moss will not get into the HoF: “I play when I want to play” (and that was when he was with the Vikings). Those are not the words of a HoF player.

  23. So, now that the season is over, let’s see who was right:
    Games 1-8 Avg: 6.125 rec, 89 yards.
    Games 9-16 Avg: 4.25 rec, 69 yards.
    You are welcome to salt your crow.

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