Porter doesn't back up talk

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter had an active week talking about his hate for the Patriots and the different rules Tom Brady plays under.

On gameday, he was less noisy, coming up with a big zero in the box score: no tackles, no sacks, no nothing.  (He did have one quarterback hit.)  Porter was facing rookie left tackle Sebastian Vollmer, but didn’t make his presence felt.

Porter has 2.5 sacks and 12 tackles on the season. 

32 responses to “Porter doesn't back up talk

  1. Porter does his best work surrounded by thugs, like he was when he played in Pittsburgh, or in a casino.

  2. Didn’t Joey take 1/2 of Cameron Wake’s sack of Brady?
    One sack for Dolphin who have decided to play Joey Porter/Jason Ferguson ahead of Cameron Wake.

  3. 12 tackles in 8 games? That’s pathetic. Joey Porter needed to stop running his mouth about 3 years ago.

  4. With those stats, it seems like he hasn’t backed up his talk all season. 0.25 sacks/game and 1.5 tackles/games is pretty sad. There are LBs across the league who have 12 tackles in a single game.

  5. Cameron Wake has better totals than Joey P and is on the field for 1/10th of the plays, if that. The Fins need to trade Porter in the offseason for a third (if they can get it – if they can’t, he can back up Wake). He is getting old. Last season’s amazing sack run was pretty much a last hurrah. Start Wake and Taylor outside and that’s a pretty dynamic duo.
    The biggest issue in Miami right now is the pathetic coaching – both in terms of play calling (including clock management, timeout management – I mean who calls a timeout on an opposing team’s fourth down?, I could go on and on) and player evaluation. Honestly: Ginn on a critical fourth down play? Really? Peezy over Wake? Wilson over Clemons? Putting David Martin on IR when he could’ve been ready by now? I could go on and on.
    It’s not like this team is ready for the Super Bowl, but why go the extra mile to be bad? This game could have been theirs but coaching lost it for them. Well, that and the refs – but that’s pretty normal in Foxboro.

  6. Great. It’s 2 in the morning. I can’t sleep because of a migraine. So I pop in here, only to find some maniacal monkey throwing poo all over the place. The name sure says it all there. Joey P. was never surrounded by “thugs” in Pittsburgh. But how could you expect a small-brained poo-flinging monkey to understand that?
    On the other hand, it shouldn’t be hard for average fans and writers to understand that at 32, he’s not the player he was five or 10 years ago. Pittsburgh let him go because we knew we wouldn’t be able to get that kind of production out of him much longer. He was no longer cost effective for us. Those considerations may sound hard but that’s life in free agency with salary caps to consider. But his passion–which governs his mouth–is genuine and doesn’t seem to wane. To me, that’s speaks well for him.

  7. The smart thing for Porter to do would be to shut his big mouth and try and focus on giving Sparano reasons NOT to bench him.
    But hey! It’s Joey being Joey. You can’t teach an idiot with a big head and mouth to change.
    ROFL! Completely absent on the box sheet.. I’d pretty much call that a slapdown!! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  8. [i]This game could have been theirs but coaching lost it for them.[/i]
    Um, no.
    [i]Well, that and the refs – but that’s pretty normal in Foxboro.[/i]
    Is that you Ray Lewis?

  9. Well looks like he’ll go back to his male modeling career. Preparation H uses his face to demonstrate a troubled sphincter.

  10. The Patriots have been flagged more than any other team in the league for roughing the passer.
    So how does protecting the QB favor the Pats?
    Hate not the Patriot!

  11. So the refs gave this game to the Pats too eh? Despite the fact that the Pats were called on more penalties than the Phins by far? The refs could have done a few things, like give the Pats the ball back after that interception, since the ball hit the ground, but didn’t. They could have upheld the fumble, but correctly didn’t. Phins got pass interference calls, and even got an offsides on kickoff. Those were two the fans never got to see replays on. So yeah, blame the refs if it makes you feel better. Lord knows Porter is busy trying to think up excuses why he was once again completely shut out of a game against the Pats.

  12. It’s a glorious morning here in NE…
    Nice weather, Pats are rolling along, and Moss gave a stiff arm to one of the better DBs Miami has.
    Not this time Fin fans…Don’t worry, you’ve got a good thing going with the young players you have.
    It’s warm and sunny in Miami so the Fins should be able to scrub the Moss off of them from yesterday.
    I just want to know where AFCrunsthroughMIA is…I think he missed the number 23 train that was supposedly coming through Foxboro.

  13. The refs? C’mon Joey Porter is an underachieving loudmouth bitch and the Fins while having a tough core of players just can’t seem to get over themselves enough to actually pull out wins. There was no way they were going to win the game. Maybe they ought to forget the Wildcat and just PLAY FOOTBALL again. They are better without it.
    And for all the Brady rule opining “mouths” that were piping in on Friday, lets set the record straight. Pats 1 roughing-the-QB penalty, Fins 0 roughing-the-QB penalties. Pretty much how its been all year for the Pats. Now take your rose colored glasses and stomp on that.

  14. I have to laugh for anyone to even act as if the refs had any bearing on the outcome of that game. Give it a rest. The Dolphins were on the better end of that stick yesterday.
    For all of the talking that Pussy, I mean Peezy did last week about Brady asking for flags (and getting them), Pussy, I mean Peezy’s only contribution to this game was spending the entire 2nd quarter talking to the refs…… Wow, dont hurt yourself Pussy, I mean Peezy.

  15. vince drooley,
    typical miami fan with your excuses. your as bad as the idiots that were at the game yesterday. every time miami made a play, they are the best, every time the pats did, well, there is an excuse. the refs cost you yesterday? REALLY? what game were you watching? the fins got some BIG calls to keep them alive, so go back to reading the score and the stats without watching and form a dumb ass opinion. clueless. you know why the dolphins lost yesterday? they couldnt stop moss, or the patriots passing game as a whole. when it mattered, moss and the pats made plays, and the dolphins didnt, it was as simple as that.

  16. Porter has 12 tackles on the year, mayo had 12 tackles yesterday.
    Out with the old, in with the new.

  17. This is his last year as a fin, no doubt! All talk no action porter and his contract I believe is due.
    Put Jason Taylor on the weak side instead of Porter and put Cameron Wake on the strong side where he’s good at. We have a sack duo!

  18. Joey Porter is done. The pep is not in his step anymore. And his mouth is not some kind of arrogance and such, its him trying to motivate himself and his team to do well. Nothing motivates a public figure more than trying not to look stupid. Unfortunately, its backfired for porter this season. He has been bad for a linebacker this season. I expect him to mouth off at least 2 more times, with similar results.

  19. Like I stated in a previous post. Viewers did not get to see a replay of a penalty until the Dolphins were flagged for pass interference. On that play the Patriot reciever was given a body check 15 yds from the line of scrimmage. WTF CBS???

  20. The refs???? You want to blame the refs???? Did you actually watch the game, or are you just spouting off your weekly anti-Patriots drivel? The Fins got called 3 times for 35 yds, New England 5/49. Yeah, the refs were clearly favoring the Patriots. Try to actually sound intelligent when you piss and moan about your team losing, would you?
    And is anybody going to actually listen to Joey Porter the next time he opens his yap? Dude was stoned yesterday, by a ROOKIE! The only part of Porter’s body that still works right is his mouth, and if he keeps talking like this without backing it up, he’s going to blow out a jaw muscle and end up on the IR.

  21. By the way, you just know you’re not going to the Super Bowl when your quarterback tries to call a timeout on 4th down at the end of the game, completely forgetting that he didn’t have any left!
    The look on his face (and the rest of the fins, who knew!) was priceless.

  22. Hey Rosie, pay attention. Joey Porter is old news. Really old. Nobody cares about what he has to say. He’s another guy the media hangs onto in order to fill space in newspapers and the internet. Let him go. There are plenty of rich, worthless, loud mouthed wide receivers who are more relevant.

  23. Wait a minute. Florio is right – Porter got no tackles, but he did hit Brady once. Funny, was there a flag? I wonder if Porter will keep running his mouth about over-protected QBs (and Brady in particular) after the week goes by with no fine. Probably.

  24. “Vince Drooley says:
    November 9, 2009 12:30 AM
    It’s not like this team is ready for the Super Bowl, but why go the extra mile to be bad? This game could have been theirs but coaching lost it for them. Well, that and the refs – but that’s pretty normal in Foxboro.”
    the refs didn’t give this game to anyone. your post was spot-on until your last sentence.
    “footballnut says:
    November 9, 2009 8:58 AM
    Nice weather, Pats are rolling along, and Moss gave a stiff arm to one of the better DBs Miami has.”
    Moss stiff-armed a rookie. legal stiff-arm, but it was still against a rookie. welcome to the NFL, vontae.
    “PFTiswhatitis says:
    November 9, 2009 9:03 AM
    Maybe they ought to forget the Wildcat and just PLAY FOOTBALL again. They are better without it.”
    The wildcat, aka the single-wing formation, is one of the oldest formations in football – even older than the “I” formation. i guess that doesn’t count as football? They run the wildcat because they lack offensive playmakers. Their best players on the field are the two running backs. this dictates they use the wildcat. Up until 2 weeks ago, the wildcat had a near 100% success rate. the recent failures have been due to lack of execution. i don’t think you take 2 weeks of poor execution as labeling something as “not working”, especially when it largely helped us to win the conference last year.
    Patriots out-played us in just about every aspect of the game yesterday; they deserved to win.
    like everyone else, i wish porter would shut up sometimes. but i also think people like to make mountains out of what he says. last year he said they’d throw everything but the kitchen sink at Cassel, and everyone threw their arms up like that was provocative. the dude has always talked, this is not new, so why everyone gets so worked up everytime he does it, is beyond me.
    he’s also been injured all year – so his production is down significantly. am i making excuses? no, he’s clearly on his decline. but the guy had 17.5 sacks last year, and is a vocal defensive leader. you don’t go from that to nothing for no good reason. i’m sure that his lack of production this year is due to his injuries.
    even with that said, i wouldn’t mind letting him find new employment in the offseason. his play isn’t backing up his mouth, and with a player like that, once he hits this point you have to let him go.

  25. texasPHINSfan:
    Always a pleasure to see your posts as they are mostly rational…
    Vontae may be a rookie, but he kept the Fins in that game yesterday. Dude was flat out stuck on Moss the entire game. He played a hell of game yesterday and that INT was one of the best I’ve seen this season.
    This guy is a player for the Fins which you and the rest of the fans of that team in Miami should be excited to watch.
    Don’t underestimate rookies though, Vollmer kept Brady clean which is something Light could never do against Miami.

  26. @texasPHINSfan …
    PERFECT summation of Dolphins’ use of the wildcat (best I’ve read this season) and of Joey Porter. EXCELLENT post start to finish!

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