Ravens stunned into silence after loss

Ray Lewis is usually good for some fiery “state of the Ravens” talk after a loss. On Sunday, he got on his cell phone when reporters approached. 

Derrick Mason is usually the unofficial spokesman of the offense, but also declined to comment.

Perhaps there just wasn’t much for the Ravens to say after a decisive 17-7 loss in Cincinnati.  They fell behind 17-0 after giving up three straight drives over 70 yards and the Bengals held the ball for 40 minutes of the game.  Baltimore is a confident team and it was likely stunned to realize that the 2009 Bengals weren’t just a blind squirrel finding a nut, but a superior team.

Outside linebacker Jarrett Johnson summed up the outing well.

“It was a [expletive] day,” Johnson said.

9 responses to “Ravens stunned into silence after loss

  1. The past couple “Hard Knocks” teams haven’t done anything. I fully expect the Bengals to lose the rest of their games left. Its the Bengals. The odds on that aren’t that bad. Go BUCS!!!!!!

  2. SouthernBOY, thats easily the dumbest comment ever on PFT. You blast on the bengals and your team is a touch better than detroit. Go bucs and continue to play like their uniforms look……like crap!

  3. Ha! The Patriots are due to fall off and never win another game for the next 2 years!
    Go Raiders!
    Oh wait.

  4. A huge amount of thanks to the Bengals for chasing the Ravens back into the lower half of the AFC north.
    Nov 15th will be one of the best games of the year.
    Good to see the Bengals don’t actually stink for once and are making a serious run. This is absolutely the best division in the AFC and perhaps NFL year in and out, hands down.
    Go Steelers. Get your fans out Bengals. Would be nice to see all of you show up in the Burgh. I know tickets aren’t easy, but geez … at least follow your team and come tailgate with the best fans in the NFL next Sunday. Til then…

  5. What’s our record?
    How did we ever win four?
    It’s a miracle!
    The Bengals opened up a can of Whoop-Raven yesterday. I’m worried that this season is gonna turn into one where you watch each week to see how bad it’s gonna get.
    Hauschka was a spirit-killer yesterday.

  6. @silverreign and his posse … a) the Bucs fan was joking. Lighten up, b) he’s probably a northern transplant–say, from Ohio. True Floridian Southerners have to tolerate a lot of boobs from that part of the country, and c) congratulations. The 2009 Bengals are a talented “real deal” team. You’ve already beaten my Steelers once and I look forward to the rematch.
    But that “dumb SouthernBOY” you’re ragging on was right about one thing. A lot of teams that have surprised in the regular season have folded in the post season. Don’t start counting your trophies until you win one.

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