Report: League to require Cable to submit to evaluation

As widely expected, the NFL will be requiring Raiders coach Tom Cable to undergo an evaluation by a doctor and psychologist in order to determine whether further action is necessary due to possible conditions like substance abuse or anger management, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

But, per Mort, the move apparently flows only from the allegations made by defensive assistant Randy Hanson, and not from the allegations recently made by a former wife and a former girlfriend of domestic violence.

Cable has faced no criminal charges in connection with any of the three claims.

The league is treading on tricky ground in this regard.  Even if Cable has no mental disability that would be protected by law, a mandatory evaluation aimed at determining whether he has a problem could, if the league isn’t careful, result in evidence that the league is regarding Cable as having a problem, which would give him protection under California and/or federal disability laws, even if he doesn’t actually have a mental disability.

Then again, given that Cable’s contract defers all grievances or claims to the Commissioner, it’s not as if he’d have a favorable forum if he ever has to file suit claiming that he was railroaded out of a job because someone concluded that there’s something wrong with him, regardless of whether there is or isn’t.

5 responses to “Report: League to require Cable to submit to evaluation

  1. I have a strong feeling this will end w/ Cable getting escorted out fo the Raiders facility in handcuffs, wearing the Ballet Tutu from Ace Ventura!

  2. I actually don’t have a problem with it as long as they are consistent with their actions. Such as give Roethlisberger and evaluation to see if he’s a rapist. Or any other unfortunate player or coach that has some woman come out of the woodwork claiming abuse.
    If you’re gonna do it, do it with consistency is all I ask.

  3. Ok, now just as a face saving move, shouldn’t the Grand Weasel tell everyone that it’s also for the women? I mean, Roger RamJet is all about the PR so why doesn’t he show some more of his fake concern by including these women’s allegations as part of the reason why Cable is being evaluated?

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