Chiefs will be cutting Larry Johnson

Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is scheduled to return from a one-game suspension today.

But since the Chiefs can’t send him home with pay for the rest of the year, they’re planning to simply send him home.  With pay.

Per a league source, the Chiefs will be cutting Johnson today.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Johnson will be able to collect the balance of his $4.55 million base salary as termination pay, unless someone claims his contract via waivers.  Given Johnson’s antics from two weeks ago, it’s unlikely that another team would pick up the salary obligation (roughly $2.14 million) along with a per-game active roster bonus of $60,000 and change.

So the Chiefs likely will end up having to pay Johnson $2.14 million not to work.

Assuming he clears waivers, Johnson would become a free agent.  And he’d be free to sign with any team that might need a running back for the stretch run.

Some have speculated that the Patriots would sign him.  One league source has predicted to us, however, that coach Bill Belichick would not be interested. 

Injuries could be a factor, too.  If, for example, Adrian Peterson (the Viking, not the Bear) goes down on Sunday against the Lions (Detroit still owes Minnesota one for what they did to Billy Sims), the Miami-or-bust Vikes would likely be interested in doing another deal with the devil.

26 responses to “Chiefs will be cutting Larry Johnson

  1. Bizarre. I would just place him on “inactive” status for the rest of the year, and then trade him.
    By cutting him, KC gets nothing for him, and potentially lets him go to a conference or division rival. It also rewards Johnson by allowing him to get another paycheck from another team, plus whatever he will get from KC.
    Whatever, though.

  2. As well they should, this man isn’t worth the paper his contract is printed on. He’s over the hill, arrogant, ignorant, and for some reason he STILL thinks he’s hot $hit. Good riddance.

  3. What?!? Seriously? This has to be a piece of fiction? This could possibly be the first time a superstar went up against a coach and the coach won.
    Who’s team does he land on? I don’t think he’ll make it through waivers.

  4. What a dumbass….It still continues to amaze me how these guys endanger their ‘oh so brief’ opportunity to earn millions with DUI, running their mouths, killing people, etc.
    Of course, everyone is looking for over 30 y/o running backs, right? RIGHT???

  5. That’s what Chester Taylor is for….and he’s proven to be one of the best backup RBs in the league. Vikings wouldn’t touch Johnson with a 10 foot pole.

  6. so if a player who isnt hurt gets hurt, then that team might be interested in signing Larry Johnson? Once again Florio, you have made all other journalists green with envy with your reporting skills.

  7. After watching Laurence Maroney for another week, I am changing my mind and hoping that Bill Belichick is on the phone right now asking Johnson if he can pull a Corey Dillon and find one or two more good years while shutting his fat yap.
    I have truly given up on Maroney, who honsetly can’t seem to dance his way past the line of scrimmage. It’s actually painful to watch this guy, who should be immediately traded to “Dancing With The Stars” for a fu-fu to be named later.

  8. if he still gets his full salary for not playing for them how is this a loss for him?I am sure he feels bad all the way to the bank!he gets paid gets out of where doesn’t want to be,yea must be tough to be him right now.of coarse he will probably have to go thru a reducation coarse excuse me sensitivity training before he can sign with another team but a small price to pay.

  9. I wonder if there will be any more gay slurs when the door smacks LJ in the ass on his way out.
    Maybe the Jets will sign him. He’d be in close proximity to The Village where he seems to enjoy spending his time.

  10. Shinsnake said:
    What?!? Seriously? This has to be a piece of fiction? This could possibly be the first time a superstar went up against a coach and the coach won.
    If Larry Johnson is still a superstar, so is Joyce DeWitt.

  11. Maybe the Chiefs can sign Lawrence Phillips in his place. One good Lawrence deserves another.

  12. I was completely expecting this move. People acting surprised by this apparently haven’t been watching football for the past 2 or 3 years.
    Larry Johnson is a washed up piece of trash. I’m glad he had the balls to stand up and call Todd Haley out, but he’s way past his usefulness.
    LJ used to run angry. Now he just runs nowhere. He no longer bursts through the hole and trucks defensive backs, he tiptoes to the line and gets stood up.
    Any team that signs Larry Johnson is probably going to be very disappointed.

  13. “the Miami-or-bust Vikes would likely be interested in doing another deal with the devil.”
    I assume you mean that the Favre deal was their first “deal with the devil”…WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET OVER IT AND ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE??? Favre is the single reason they are where they are right now. He has adjusted his game and become a better QB because of it. He hasn’t been throwing the low-percentage passes he used to throw.
    And to compare him to wife-beating, gay-bashing LJ is a disgrace. Yeah, Favre is a flip-flopper, but he isn’t the piece of sh*t that LJ is.

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