Kawika Mitchell sounds off on Larry Johnson

In 2003, the Chiefs picked running back Larry Johnson in the first round of the draft.  In round two, the Chiefs selected linebacker Kawika Mitchell.

They spent four seasons as teammates.  Mitchell now plays for the Bills; he tore an ACL earlier this year, and he is on injured reserve.  [Editor’s note:  Mitchell corrected us, Twitter style.  He actually has a torn quadriceps tendon, not a torn ACL.]

Via Twitter, Mitchell offered some strong comments about his former teammate, who was cut today by the Chiefs.

“LJ doesn’t respect women so I have no thoughts about him really,” Mitchell said.  “People like that r nothing.  At 1 point we were boys.”

Johnson currently is subject to the waiver system.  If unclaimed by 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent.