Mangini: Browns have "remarkable similarities" to Patriots

Browns coach Eric Mangini wants the chance to turn around Cleveland’s franchise.  All he needs is just a little patience.  (Cue the whistling.)

“I just know when we first came into New England, they’d come off an
8-8 season, and there had to be a lot of transition,” Mangini told the Boston Globe during Cleveland’s bye week.
“It was top-heavy financially, there were tough decisions that had to
be made, and we didn’t have much success that first year. There are
remarkable similarities between the situations.”

Browns owner Randy Lerner is reportedly looking for a football czar — an executive that may not give Mangini the time he says he needs.

“I don’t think we won any popularity contests there,” Mangini said, speaking about Bill Belichick’s first year with the Patriots.  “You can look at
the clips. The other thing is that with the staff we had, the approach
we had, we kept getting better, but it took a while. At one point in
that second year, we were 1-3, but we didn’t change the approach, and
then we went on a streak.

“That wasn’t a function of getting hot. It was a function of two years
of work. You don’t know when that moment will strike, but they’ve been
rolling since.”

There are a lot of differences we could point out — the 2000 Patriots weren’t 31st in offense and 32nd in defense — but the key one is that Patriots owner Robert Kraft believed in the leadership structure in place.  That structure started with coach Bill Belichick, and his VP of player personnel Scott Pioli, who enjoyed a close relationship by all accounts.

Mangini’s hand-picked G.M. George Kokinis was just fired  removed from the building.  And this new czar is likely to have his own ideas about how to fix the franchise.  Mangini says he welcomes help.

“The distribution of power and responsibility, that’s not important,” Mangini said. 
“Trying to get the right answer is. Everyone here’s working towards
that. It’s not about power.” 

51 responses to “Mangini: Browns have "remarkable similarities" to Patriots

  1. Can they randomly drug test coaches, if there is a VERY HIGH suspicion, that said coach appears to be on either heroin, acid, or some form of extreme hashish?

  2. They sure do. They both have an “r” in their names, both of their names end in “s,” and both of them can expect to play home games in the cold later in the season.

  3. Hmmm….I suppose in that they’re carbon based life forms who put on pads and helmets and run around on the football field in exchange for money. In that case, sure, they’re very similar.

  4. I think the “remarkable similarities” between the two teams start and end with each team playing football and belonging to the AFC.
    Any further similarities are coincidental at best.

  5. Mangini needs to quit comparing himself to the hoodie. Actually he looks more like Kevin James, and I think there in lies the problem. We have Doug Heffernan coaching the Browns, which explains the comedy of errors on the field. There is no hope in cleveland, at this point I’m just waiting to see if the mayan calendar is accurate. Atleast then I’ll know when the Brown’s misfortunes will end.

  6. i think what “ManGimmie” was trying to say is give him time to build up a library of the other teams signals like the patriots did so they can go on a don’t fire him before he has a fair chance at cheating the right way

  7. I wonder if this is about the Browns trying to become the Patriots, or Mangini trying to become Belichick?

  8. This guy has to be the worst coach in the league. And now he’s comparing this Browns team to New England. When will he go away? He is a position coach at best.

  9. O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?
    I bet they wish he was back instead of having the RAT MANGINA for a coach.
    PS – Rome’s is lookin good collecting his paychecks from the Lerner and Coor’s Light at the same time the Rat’s are deserting the ship in Cleveland.

  10. There are a lot of similarities between the the Browns and a steaming pile of dog crap as well (and not just the color).

  11. The Pats also still had a little momentum left from the Parcells years. There were players in place, an STH waiting list, and as you stated, good ownership.
    It was far from “all bad” as it is in Cleveland. This just shows that Mangini is totally clueless. Good luck Cleveland.

  12. I believe he was trying to say is that the Browns have “remarkable similarities” to the (Super Tecmo Bowl) Patriots team.

  13. Mangini had a lot different perspective of what was going on in NE as a DB coach in 2000-01 than Belichick-Pioli did running that team.
    Surely for every NE type turnaround there are a lot more failures.
    Smart move to try and hitch your wagon to NE/Bill Belichick, but how does he explain his tenure in New York? Why didn’t they keep rolling after making the playoffs his first year.

  14. I know FOR SURE Ive heard it all! Crack kills. Oh, I get it, he was referring to the 1990 Patriots. When will the Cleveland Clowns learn?

  15. The Patriots have good coaches, good players and a good front office. Other than those things, they are very similar.

  16. i dont think mangini did very well in the analogies section of the SAT.
    the only thing that is similar to his situation with the browns is his time with the jets

  17. If Mangini had an iota of class he would offer his resignation and repay his salary. Mangini himself appears to be in terrible physical shape. How can elite athletes listen to a fat slob without a track record. You can be a fat slob with track record but he doesn’t have one.

  18. The truly amazing thing is that this guy has soaked, not one, but two pro football organizations for head coaching money. And it seems as if the CLOWNS(CLeveland brOWNS) couldn’t hire this guy fast enough after he was JET-tisoned by New York.
    Millions for being a rat and a boob! Nice job, Mangini. You can’t coach, but you must be one hell of an interview.
    The Browns like the Patriots? Yeah, that is what I call a compERICson!

  19. Eric.. you were the defensive backs coach when you went over to New England. Now I’m not trying to take anything away from where you started to where you are now; but seriously.. don’t crack yourself up to be something you never were.
    The decisions there went well beyond anything you were involved with. You bit the hand that fed you when you tried to siphon talent and personnel during your NYJ transition.
    The fact is that Lerner has to continue paying alot of cash to people who are no longer there and soon to be another… if you get my drift.
    Look, there are alot of college programs out there that you should be focused on.

  20. First this guy says that he’s going to have input into who the next GM (er, czar) is going to be, and now he’s comparing this train wreck to the 2000 Patriots?
    Can somebody test the drinking water in this guy’s office, please? He’s gone way past delusional.

  21. I would guess that if Belichick were speaking to Mangina he would have something like this to say to him:
    “Don’t you ever speak my name you no-good back stabbing useless sack of flab.”
    Just a guess.

  22. Mangini is fine, he is right..he does need time. He took over a 4-12 team that looked horrible in 2008. Derek Anderson was awful in 2008. Braylon Edwards was awful in 2008. Jamal Lewis was awful in 2008. The defense was awful in 2008. He didn’t take over a loaded roster, he took over a crap-fest. He did the smart thing, you trade anyone you can for draft picks and build in the draft. 2010 draft is huge.

  23. So basically any 8 and 8 team is “markably similar to the pre-BB Pats?
    Where the Browns a .500 team last year?

  24. You’re welcome to Ted Thompson, you don’t even have to give anything up for him. he’s very thrifty!

  25. CT Pats Fan says:
    I wonder if this is about the Browns trying to become the Patriots, or Mangini trying to become Belichick?
    No, this is a case of Mangini over-estimating his intelligence and coaching ability. He really thinks he’s “the Man” regardless of what “his” teams have ever done. (nothing)

  26. The difference is that the Patriots weren’t being lead by a borderline-retarded-and-definitely-psychotic man. With tits.

  27. This def. ranks up there with Seymour’s prediction saying the raiders will make the playoffs this year as the dumbest quotes this year.

  28. This guy just doesn’t have a friggin’ clue. He continues to hold on to this pipe dream that he could actually hold Belichik’s jock and that he can guide the Browns in the right direction. Maybe he should try not alienating the entire NFL.

  29. Wow. He’s taking credit for the Patriots transition.
    He was Belichick’s water boy… no… “Defensive Backs Coach”.
    Terrell Buckey, Ty Law, Lawyer Milloy, Otis Smith… not much to work with there. Big job there. Maybe he can take credit for Ty Law and Lawyer Milloy.
    Here’s the list of all the potential geniuses that Randy can hire from
    ASSISTANTS: Ned Burke, Coaching Assistant; Romeo Crennel, Defensive Coordinator; Brian Daboll, Coaching Assistant; Jeff Davidson, Assistant Offensive Line; Ivan Fears, Wide Receivers; Pepper Johnson, Inside Linebackers; Eric Mangini, Defensive Backs; Randy Melvin, Defensive Line; Markus Paul, Assistant Strength and Conditioning; Rob Ryan, Outside Linebackers; Dante Scarnecchia, Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line; Brad Seely, Special Teams; Charlie Weis, Offensive Coordinator; Mike Woicik, Strength and Conditioning.

  30. Somebody should conduct an informal poll. It should read as follows:
    Who has the better track record?
    1)George W Bush
    2)Eric Mangini

  31. ROFL thanks for the laugh Ratgini. Now why don’t you go fine some more players $1700 for forgetting to pay for a $3 bottle of water or something else equally productive.
    If the Browns don’t dump this guy they won’t get a single FA in the offseason and every player they draft will give them the same treatment Eli gave the Chargers. And the guys they do have who can leave will leave no matter what Cleveland offers them to stay.
    Has there ever been an NFL team that couldn’t manage to keep at least 45 players on their roster ? We could see that next year with Cleveland.

  32. Can you say clueless!!
    This guy is on a crash course with insanity. Bring in Holmgren, although I would prefer Parcells why leave the sun and heat of Florida, tell Mangini don’t buy green bananas.
    Hopefully he is currently living with the other goof..his brother in law, Shapiro another clueless Cleveland power wannabe.

  33. The Browns don’t cheat so please don’t dishonor the Cleveland franchise by making that comparison.

  34. Yep, TONS of similarities.
    The Patriots hired Belichick, a man known at the time as a defensive genius and who had multiple superbowl rings. The Browns hired Mangina, a defensive bust with nothing to back him up.
    The Patriots quickly formed an organization that players wanted to come to. The Browns hired Mangina, who is reportedly blacklisted among some agents.
    The Patriots started drafting players that would become the core of three superbowl teams, and traded/hired the rest. The Browns hired Mangina, who has done nothing to build his team.
    The Patriots adopted a no thug mentality. The Browns hired a thug for a coach.
    The Patriots developed a team first mentality. The Browns have developed a Mangina first mentality.
    The Patriots players WANT to play for Belichick. Players complain about the draconian Mangina and his violations of league rules.

  35. Eric Mangini may be a lot of things. He may be a rat. he may be a miserable coach. He may be well in over his head.
    But Mangini isn’t stupid. He’s doing a few things here. One, he’s showing that he has been through a rough spot in his NFL coaching career. This is to send a message to the Browns that things can get better. Sometimes good things stat miserably.
    Then he’s sending a message to his future boss, whoever it is that he does have a plan.
    As a Patriots fan, I’m shocked I’m defending Mangini but the truth is the NFL is a tough place to work and Mangini could probably succeed in most other places as a coach. He’s a jerk so people want to see him fall on his face. I don’t. I want to see elite talent succeed. I think Mangini has it.
    That said, I hope the Patriots beat Mangini 147-0 one time.

  36. “As a Patriots fan, I’m shocked I’m defending Mangini but the truth is the NFL is a tough place to work and Mangini could probably succeed in most other places as a coach. He’s a jerk so people want to see him fall on his face. I don’t. I want to see elite talent succeed. I think Mangini has it. ”
    Elite talent? Mangini? And you call yourself a Patriots fan?
    Get off PFT, Eric, before Mr. Lerner catches you pretending to be a poster.

  37. “prophet of the light says:
    November 9, 2009 9:21 PM
    As a Patriots fan, I’m shocked I’m defending Mangini but the truth is the NFL is a tough place to work and Mangini could probably succeed in most other places as a coach. He’s a jerk so people want to see him fall on his face. I don’t. I want to see elite talent succeed. I think Mangini has it.”
    You’re nuts. Mangini isn’t elite talent. He did no better than Herm Edwards did with New York. They went 10-6, 4-12, 10-6, 4-12 in Edwards last 2 and Mangini’s first two years. That’s an odd pattern, wouldn’t you say? He took over a “4-12” team, and didn’t have to tear it down to rebuild it. If you’ll notice, the biggest thing seperating those two 10-6 seasons was who was starting at QB, not who was coaching. Not to mention he’s on pace to match the worst season in Browns history (on a team that went 10-6 just two seasons before)
    Mangini’s problem is that he thinks he is Bill Belichick. He’s not a good head coach for one thing, and one of the biggest contributing factors is that he picked up the “my guys” mentality that Belichick and Parcells have…..the problem is, they can evaluate talent, and Mangini can’t. He thinks he can just take some guy who has a submissive personality, and make him an NFL player, and it doesn’t work that way.
    Don’t forget that, before Brett Favre fell into his lap and salvaged a decent season, Mangini was going into last season with Kellen Clemens or Brett Ratliff as his starting QB. Clemens or Ratliff. Starting QB. In the NFL.
    And he went out and traded for Ratliff this season to boot.

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