McCarthy: Pass protection problems are correctable

No team inflates opposing sack numbers like the Green Bay Packers.  (Jared Allen will have to thank them in his Defensive Player of the Year acceptance speech.)

The Buccaneers had eleven sacks all season before Sunday, then dropped Aaron Rodgers six times. The return of tackles Mark Tauscher and Chad Clifton appeared to help in the first half, as Rodgers stayed clean.  But Tauscher then went down with a knee strain in the third quarter and the carnage started.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy was asked if he’d be open to getting suggestions from other coaches or friends to help fix the problem.

“I think anytime you are in problem solving, it’s about applying solutions. It’s obvious what has gone on in our particular failures in that area,” McCarthy said.  “There are other options as we move forward, and those are some of the things we’ll look to in certain situations. We don’t need wholesale change.

“We may need to adjust some things and that will be our focus. But as far as going outside the building, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I have all the answers, but I’m very confident in the issues that we’ve had in pass protection, that they are correctable.”

McCarthy hasn’t corrected anything so far.  The Packers have taken seven more sacks than any team in football.  The other top eight teams in sacks allowed all have losing records.  The folks around the Packers are tired of hearing McCarthy say the same things each week.

After reading the above quote, Greg A. Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tweeted “Does McCarthy realize how infuriating that is for Packers fans to hear — or even Aaron Rodgers and the receivers?

McCarthy is either delusional or not doing a good job fixing the correctable mistakes, which certainly include Rodgers’ penchant for holding the ball too long.  McCarthy will likely have to make adjustments this week without Tauscher’s help —  there is only a “slight” chance the right tackle could play.

Your turn, Cowboys.

50 responses to “McCarthy: Pass protection problems are correctable

  1. McCarthy is on his last legs. Delusional and stubborn, he and his staff have done absolutely nothing to improve this team for three years. Been nice knowin ya.

  2. If it is correctable wouldn’t it have been corrected like uh , I dunno, after week 1? If it was “correctable” then maybe the Packers would not have lost to a win less team. McCarthy’s record not so good since you know who left hmmmmm….

  3. I can’t wait until this season is over…. TT/MM have done a poor job with selecting talent for the offensive line. With a great receiver core and a QB that seems to have all the tools to succeed this offense needs to get fixed.
    How great would it be to have Holmgren come in as the GM and Gruden come in as the head coach.

  4. He hasn’t been able to “fix” it during the first 8 games, and he won’t be able to “fix” it during the final 8 games, and here is why.
    1. GB doesn’t have anyone on their team good enough to stop great pass rushers like Jared Allen and De Marcus Ware. No matter who they stick in there, they get their asses kicked.
    2. You can’t help being sacked when your QB is to dumb to get rid of the football. Rodgers could have taken less sacks had he been smart enough to throw the ball away. Viking fans thank you though Rodgers, so don’t take it all to heart.
    Facts are facts, GB sucks in all facets of their team. Their strength was supposed to be this great 3-4 defense, and it has back fired in their faces. The dumbest move was sticking Kampman in as a LB. The dude is talented as hell, and up until Capers came in and messed it all up, Kampman was one of the best DE in the game, now he is a below average LB. To bad, he is actually the only player on the entire GB roster that I like and respect. He is class act all the way on a otherwise classless football team. Maybe he will be Jared Allen’s bookend next season and together they can have a field day sacking Rodgers 100 times in 2 games (or 3 games if you listen to the garbage that GB spews about playing Minnesota in the playoffs, afterall, no team is that dumb to be handed their asses by the same team 3 times a year are they?)

  5. This week the problem seemed to be coverage sacks. Receivers couldn’t get open. I wish they’d run some quick screens or reverses to Driver and Jennings just to get the ball in their hands. They are so good at picking up extra yardage, it couldn’t hurt to try.

  6. sure they’re correctable….. through the draft and free agency. Thank the Football Gods that most of the Packer O-line hits the market next year…. i guess playing well in a contract year doesn’t mean what it used to

  7. There’s two big “corrections” that need to happen at GB. One has the initials MM, the other, TT. Nothing else gets corrected until then.
    @ Patches
    Favre would be dead now if he was playing behind this line. Well, maybe not, He can actually throw the ball without running around for 5-6 seconds first.

  8. Mike McCarthy is now showing the kind of dumb arrogance Brad Childress used to show (to Childress’ credit, he has changed a lot the past couple of years). The arrogance is denying that problems are due to coaching or strategy, and it’s just a matter of the players needing to execute better.
    Come on. Jared Allen had 4 1/2 sacks the first time the Vikings played the Packers. Show how did McCathy adjust in the second game. He didn’t change a thing. A few times he’s send someone to chip Jared Allen, but for the most part it was 1-on-1 with the left tackle so Allen picks up 3 more sacks.
    Same thing with putting pressure on Brett Favre. Almost no blitzes in game 1, and Favre is player of the week. So the rematch? Smae thing. Very few blitzes. Favreis player of the week again.
    How about the cushions for the Vikings WRs in Game 1? He had the CBs do the same thing in game 2.
    How about continually kicking off to Percy Harvin? They change it up once and get a turnover, then went back to kicking off to him no matter how many times he crossed midfield.
    And at what point has McCarthy accepted blame? All I hear is what he’s doing is right, but they have to tweak their execution (i.e. the players need to do a better job of handling their assignments without him neeeding to adjust to how other teams are exploiting the Packers’ weaknesses).

  9. I think He is doing a great job. As a Viking Fan I love having he and Teddy Thompson(white weasel) around. Thanks for the Hall Of Fame QB and the 7-1 record. At least the Pack lost to a good team, oh wait they were 0-7 and had a rookie QB who had never started a game. I think I’m going to send both Christmas cards

  10. McCarthy and TT should show up in the Turd Watch portion of this site for the crimes they’ve committed towards Packer nation.
    Packers Coaches and GM’s have been HORRIBLE since Holmgren and Wolf left….nearly 10 years now. Packer nation deserves Shanahan or Cowher

  11. He is right, the sack problem is correctable. The first step would be firing Ted Thompson and McCarthy.
    Mindset, pad level, Trains leaving the station, we will have to get that fixed. I’m sorry but your BS is old and tired McCarthy.

  12. McCarthy: Pass Protection Problems are Correctable
    “We just wanna prove to our fans that Aaron Rodgers is as tough as Brett Favre was by watching other teams pound the piss out of him for awhile”

  13. It’s not the players’ fault.
    It’s the fault of their execution.
    Great football comes from great coaching. That’s why the Pack prefers Rodgers to Farve and college free agents to established free agents.
    Players who are both cost effective and malleable are a brilliant coach’s clay.
    (This is why we pay CEOs four hundred times more than the average worker. It’s a proven strategy; more brilliance at the top means better performance by the drones. Who can argue with the CEOs brilliance anyway; they didn’t get to be CEOs by being stupid.)

  14. My Xmas wish list:
    -Ron Wolf’s return to Green Bay as GM.
    -Jon Gruden’s return to GB as Head Coach.
    -Vikings lose in first round of playoffs.
    -OL & DL talent to arrive via draft & free agency.

  15. Wow, all these Vikings supporters calling Packer fans terrible is a joke. I call you supporters because you are not real fans. Real fans would sell out a stadium the second you make the playoffs and not have to have the NFL give you an extension. Real fans would sell out every game out no matter what like the Packer fans do instead of you sorry lot of fair-weather fans.
    But who am I to say anything. With all the NFL and Super Bowl champions the Vikings have, who am I to call out Vikings ‘fans.’
    And yes, the Packers are terrible right now but I will still support them. Would you still support your historically successful Vikings if they were playing this bad? The answer, of course, is no.

  16. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    November 9, 2009 4:02 PM
    2. You can’t help being sacked when your QB is to dumb to get rid of the football.
    It’s “too dumb”, not “to dumb”. As in “Vikings fans are too dumb to realize that a 40-year-old QB can’t take them to the promised land”.

  17. Did you say, “They’re correctable, Coach?”
    Why, yesindeedydo I did –
    The reason we haven’t corrected them in EIGHT GAMES is that, well, we think our players are overworked; it would just take too much EFFORT to correct them. Might even cause them STRESS. Same thing with that business about running out of steam in the 4th – no wait, the 3rd, well, maybe the 2nd quarter.
    Besides, I’m happy with my (our) efforts to “make adjustments”. I’m pretty tough on ’em – why, I just go charging in there on Monday mornings and say, now y’all don’t do that n’more.
    Hafta forgive my little accent there, picked it up some time in the last 16 years –
    PLUCK AND PLUNK: I’d like to take a helo over to Lambeau, swoop down and pluck Driver, Woodson, Finley, Nelson, Harris & Kampman off the property, and plunk them down at Winter Park. They deserve better than this.

  18. MM needs to stop putting the o-line under the bus….it is essentially the same guys Brett had in 2007 (13-3) and they were rookies or 1st year guys. Rodgers looks like a Deer caught in the headlights….too scared to throw the ball in fear of getting an INT. Just throw the ball…do something whether it is right or wrong…what you’re doing now in holding onto the ball so long is obviously not the right thing so try something new.
    Remember when TT wouldn’t resign Wahle and the other offensive lineman at Brett’s request……we all thought Brett was whining. We need some veteran help.

  19. @mw
    Matt Millen seems pretty stupid and he was the executive of the Lions….. just saying.

  20. i dont normally post.. but i lost wayyy too much money … doing a moneyline bet on GB over TB…..
    how could they possibly get this wrong literally like 4 wks in a row… the same dang thing… leaving their terrible… terrible OTs on islands all by themselves to get killed…… wrote an article like 2 wks ago on why theyre giving up soo many sacks and what they can do….. i watched the game and i cant believe they didnt help their tackles out…. cant believe i fell into a sucker bet like that.. heres his article

  21. Asswipe Johnson (Pronounced Az-Wee-Pay) says:
    November 9, 2009 4:32 PM
    McCarthy: Pass Protection Problems are Correctable
    “We just wanna prove to our fans that Aaron Rodgers is as tough as Brett Favre was by watching other teams pound the piss out of him for awhile”
    That was funny!

  22. Florio, Rosenthal and any other writer current or future for need to stop complaining about the fantastic job mike mccarthy and ted tompson are doing in GB. Clearly you have never seen genius at work before. Didn’t it take edison 10,000 tries before he got the lightbulb right? well, these guys only have about 9,950 left to go, so let them get to work. things will all work out eventually, so why bother them now?
    The good people of green bay and all of wisconsin should show their appreciation of those guys by offering them lifetime jobs as GM and HC of their beloved packers. I understand that you guys have had some problems with chilly in the past, its a real shame he can’t live up to the greatness of MM, its too bad that we didn’t have a QB of 16 years that set every major passing record with our team that he could have ran out of town and then blamed on the player himself… yeah a real shame. I hope favre enters the hall as a viking.
    hey wait a minute, once favre is done, doesnt that mean that the career record for most passing yards and touchdowns will be held by a viking for the first time since tark did it? hahahaha, suck it GB.

  23. This problem can only be corrected by getting better players. THAT problem can only be corrected by getting a better GM.
    I can’t believe Teddy T found a top 10 QB,gave him millions and then thought that it was ok to protect him with a busted up Chad Clifton,a never-was in Daryn Colledge…a midget in Scott Wells and a 2nd year man with no previous reps in Allan Barbre. Then he goes and cuts our only true backup LT in Merideth and leavesa rookie GUARD to backup Clifton. Josh Sitton is the only guy to hang our hats on and he’s been hardly amazing. Pretty sad when ‘solid’ gets you excited. Still,If Barbre,Wells and Colledge could just get to ‘solid’ we might have a chance to survive.

  24. An old friend died Saturday night, so I didn’t get as worked up about the debacle as I ordinarily would have. But this adds insult to injury. With Spitz and probably Tauscher out, the Packers have no real options. Colledge was getting tossed around like a scarecrow in the teeth of a pitbull on some plays. Only options are to run the ball more (which MM always says he’s going to do but rarely sticks with; they should have on Sunday) and to throw more short passes, which they also don’t seem to want or be able to do. Favre would be dead if he had been playing behind this line or would have thrown 50 interceptions by now. He should send MM and TT nice gifts. Of course the problem isn’t just the OL, bad as it is. Kicking teams suck. Jarrett Bush playing on defense? The guy couldn’t cover a warm plate of rolls. No pass rush at all, and if they do happen to be offered what should be a coverage sack, they let the QB get away. McCarthy isn’t the solution. I hope they find someone who is.

  25. Hey sports fans! Here’s some facts that I think the Packer fans should know. They are disgusting to say the least.
    TT comes to Packerland in 2005. Since then the Packers record is 35-37. What! Thought it was better than that. Me too. It would have been worse had we played more teams that had records above the 500 mark. When we went 13-3 in 2007 we played only 4 teams with a record above 500. We went 3-1 that year. Now here are the scary stats about the Packers since TT has come to town and now MM.
    2005 record 4-12 Against teams over 500: 1-8
    2006 record 8-8 Against teams over 500: 1-6
    2007 record 13-3 Against teams over 500: 3-1
    2008 record 6-10 Against teams over 500: 3-7
    2009 record 4-4 Against teams over 500: 0-3
    You get the picture.
    As for MM, I’m also sick an tired of hearing that we have to fix it or it can be fixed. Truth is he doesn’t know how to fix it. He’s been trying to fix the penalty problems for 3 years now. You think he would have a handle on that by now! His play calling SUCKS big time too. And what happened to that so called great defense we were suppose to have? Looks like the calls by Capers is that he don’t know what the heck to do anymore since the Bengals game. All the players I think were back on Defense this weekend and look what happened. Harris shot his mouth off again to the QB and the next play he gets burned AGAIN!
    It all boils down to the coaching. And right now I don’t think very much of either MM or DC. They are making a complete mess of this team and some of the players are starting to vent that.
    I know one thing that would change and that would be Kampman would be a pass rusher only and never fall back in coverage again. He does fine against the run too. Quit being such a chicken s__t Capers and get more aggressive like you were in preseason.
    As for Ted Thompson. That man HAS TO GO! This will be the 5th year of rebuilding under him. Look at what he’s done. 35-37 as of right now. And it looks a lot worse by the end of the season. Problem is Murphy is the CEO. Packer fans must really start sending the message to him that we want TT and MM out.

  26. Dude … it was the stinking Bucs! The Bucs! 6 sacks is 50% of what they had in the first two months. There is a way to ‘correct’ the situation and it is to fire you.

  27. Hey DocBG. Until you win a Super Bowl I suggest you clam up about how good your Vikings are. We will see when they get in the playoffs just how good they are. Especially with a tired Favre.

  28. Problem is Murphy is the CEO. Packer fans must really start sending the message to him that we want TT and MM out.
    Oh yeah and who should we get to replace them with? This scorched earth policy people have gets to be annoying when they start naming names and it starts to get laughable(Cowher! Holmgren again! Gruden!).
    And hey, is this site about football news? I didn’t realize it was about throwing scraps of meat out for the fantasy tards who think they know everything about football.

  29. MarkDr nice research. I’m a Viking fan and don’t worry, I’m not going to pile on. I have to admit the record against teams over .500 since TT and MM came to town is surprising. Hopefully the powers that be will get rid of these two clowns and you guys can get your team back.

  30. @VikesnFavre
    Donald Driver has no class? Damn, you’re a bigger idiot than I thought.
    Same line? Can you say Lang & Barbre? Clifton & Tauscher had knees back then too. On top of that they got to play at the same position week after week & actually had back ups.
    Listen dipshit. For the last time. YOU DON’T RETIRE IN THE HOF AS A PLAYER. Look it up idiot.
    Damn I’ll be glad to see the Vikes back in action next week. Then you freakin nimrods will hopefully have something else to talk about. Nope, on second thought, you probably won’t.

  31. MoPackerFan says:
    November 9, 2009 3:59 PM
    “How great would it be to have Holmgren come in as the GM and Gruden come in as the head coach.”
    Yeah, all that stuff, let’s make that happen.

  32. Dont call me a genius but uhhhhhh….
    Try BLOCKING. That might help protect the quarterback.
    Oh yeah you better figure it out quick because here we come to take his head off.
    “Some people say I’m crazy as a snake”

  33. Back to this topic. MM sounds exactly the same as Andy Reid…..every week, same thing “we gotta get this fixed..”, “it starts with me…”…”I’ll watch the tape….”, “gotta make plays…”
    Basically they say nothing….it is today’s coaches way of getting back at the NFL for forcing them to do these pressers. Give me a goddamned coach with a little fire under their ass, like Gruden, Mora Sr., or even Denny Green for Christ’s sake. They are all robots. And BTW…MM is starting to give Reid a run for his money as the biggest stuffed sausage in the league! Charlie Weis laughs at these guys.

  34. Come on, MM has to say the O-line issues are correctable since he can’t throw his crappy O-linemen under the bus. He may be a lousy coach, but he doesn’t have much choice. What should he say: “we just have to live with the sacks this year because we don’t have any good O- linemen and our QB holds the ball too frigging long”? There’s plenty to rip him for, but not that quote. Sunday, the problem didn’t seem to be the OTs, but the interior linemen getting pushed around and beat. I may be a Viking fan, but I’d still rather see the Pack win this weekend than the Cowboys. Maybe Andre Ware will punch Clifton in the schnozz on the first play or something and get booted.

  35. If you think McFatass is the guy to get it done, I have a message for you.
    Clean house. We have a dumb, loser coach. We have a dumb, loser team.
    If we don’t fire MM, and we watch Gruden and Cowher and Shanahan and Holmgren go elsewhere, then the Packers are screwed.
    I love the Pack, always will. But it’s so much harder when you have to listen to square head, no neck, tub of lard, dim-wit, simpleton, dumbshit McLardy babble and stutter and ho hum and sit there like a big fat loser saying the same daft bullshit every week.
    If this jack ass ran your kick ball league you’d sit him on the bench and feed him twinkies so he shuts up and doesn’t mess up your team.
    Let me ask you this… How fired up would you be if this dipshit was your boss? Who in the world would ever get excited or motivated to play for McLardy? He’s a fat, dumb geek with no pulse, no heart, no spirit, no energy, and ZERO charisma.
    He’s the guy who shows up 2 hours early to your barbecue, eats all the nachos and annoys everyone with his boring theories about binomial nomenclature… zzzzzzzzzzz..zzz.zz.z.z.z..
    Cut the dead weight, Packers.
    McMuffin is a loser.

  36. Not a good response MM. The O-line has been a problem pretty much all season and you say after week 8 that it is correctable? I guess he will just keep us on edge as to when/how it gets corrected.

  37. I just read that Kampman had a concussion in the game. I feel bad for kampman He is was one of the best d ends & now is asked to play LB and looks uncomfortable. If the Packers are going to stay with a 3-4 defense they should have traded him as they could have gotten alot for Him, ( maybe some o-line help) He is a class act and will not complain, but I would bet he will be gone after this season and the Packers will get nothing for him then,

  38. To the people that keep clamoring for Gruden to be head coach, you’re just as ignorant as McCarthy saying the problems are correctable.
    Jon Gruden is one of the most overrated head coaches not in the league. He’s 45-51 in the last 6 years. And you want HIM to come to GB?? And you say McCarthy is ignorant! Give me a break…
    You probably also expect MM to bring a dry erase board to his pressers and explain how he expects to fix it (a la Al Davis)….
    Anyone that expected this team to win the super bowl was kidding themselves. This team can still end with a winning record…

  39. Anyone else think it’s funny trying to have an actual discussion with people that spew nothing but name-calling?
    Erin Rodgers? McFattass? Grow up and have a discussion like an adult.
    Why can’t you just make your points and move on? I don’t get it.

  40. Hey, Hey! Vikings fans showing an interest in Football! Next thing you know they’ll be showing up for games! Just in time to see Brett Fade, I mean Farve, down the stretch. I’m pulling for them to go all the way to the Super Bowl. You think they could run the table and go 15-1? Again. “ONE FOR THE THUMB”!

  41. I’ve been a McCarthy fan since day one — but it is time to stop talking about it and do it. If not, then maybe it is time to make a change.

  42. Thompson and McCarthy should both get lifetime contracts to be GM and HC in Fudgepackerland.

  43. First off, Kampman is not going to go anywhere. Thompson will try everything to get him re-signed mainly because of his leadership and expierence on defense, which is not as bad as some of you Viking fans to making it out to be.
    As for Mike McCarthy, he is probably one of the softest head coaches in the league. He thinks everything is ‘fixable’ and says the offensive line is ‘doing a good job’ when in reality, they are doing an awful job. He never has the guts to bench anyone but instead keeps them in the entire game. A good example is Allen Barbre. Also, Chad Clifton is not as good as he was two years ago, Daryn Colledge is getting fustrating to watch, Scott Wells is not all that bad and neither is Josh Sitton but I find it hard to believe Allen Barbre has been starter for as long as he has. On Sunday when Mark Tauscher was in at RT, Rodgers wasn’t sacked at all but when he went out with that knee injury, the whole line fell apart and allowed 6 sacks.
    With that said, I seriously hope that Thompson makes the changes that are necessary which is sign a big name OL in free agency, specifically at tackle or center then draft a guard in the 1st round. But before all those that happen should happen, Thompson needs to fire OL coach James Campen right on the spot. The defintion of a good coach and coordinator is to by successful with the talent you have but apparently Campen can’t do that. Heck when he was playing center for us in the late ’80s, he was part of the same line that gave up the record amount of sacks given up in a single season in Packer history.
    All in all, Mike McCarthy needs to try benching players instead of keeping the same line in tact week in and week out.

  44. People,
    Football is nothing but an intricate chess match.
    Does McCarthy seem like a brilliant chess player?
    We need Bobby Fisher….. We have Bobby Wisher.
    Go get our Bobby Fisher!!!!!

  45. JaredAllen69 says:
    Thompson and McCarthy should both get lifetime contracts to be GM and HC in Fudgepackerland.
    I just had to quote that, and tell you what a deep, insightful and clearly non-biased post that is.
    Seriously, do you even WATCH football, or just come on here and post the same tired Viking trash talk? You’re clearly either 12 or a complete reject, I hope for your sake it’s the former.
    As for McCarthy, he’s been saying things are “fixable” for years, never once have they been fixed. I don’t think any other team in history has ever been in a championship game and still had no clear starting O-line. There’s no discipline at all, as evidenced by the continued moronic penalties, there’s no gameplanning, no adjustments made, and the same tired excuses every week. It’s an absolute disaster.
    I was actually defending the man until two weeks ago, saying Thompson should be the one to get canned (and he should), but now it’s evident even the one thing I thought Thompson DID get right, hiring McCarthy, was actually huge mistake as well. I could never turn my back on my team like these worthless Viking bandwagoners all have, but I will say the games are getting harder and harder to watch every week.

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