Redskins have discussed adding Larry Johnson

Redskins running back Clinton Portis still had a headache Monday after suffering a concussion against the Falcons. Because of that injury, Washington is considering adding another headache to the roster.

Coach Jim Zorn said Monday that the organization has had internal discussions about Larry Johnson and will continue to talk about him.  No harm in that — the Redskins are doing their due diligence.

Signing Johnson is another matter.  Would L.J. really fit in well behind Portis once the team’s starter is healthy?  How would Portis respond?

Zorn says the team will likely sign another running back if Portis can’t play this week, and Portis is already being described as “doubtful.”  But the Redskins may just re-sign a player familiar with their system like Quinton Ganther.  The running attack actually looked improved without Portis against Atlanta; Ladell Betts put up 93 yards from scrimmage on 16 touches.

Washington likes to collect big names, and signed Shaun Alexander during the 2008 season.  He contributed 24 yards on 11 carries.  Johnson isn’t as far along in his decline as Alexander was, but that doesn’t mean he’s worth adding an offense already in turmoil.

40 responses to “Redskins have discussed adding Larry Johnson

  1. What do you think Mike should they sign him?
    You being a Redskins fan any problem with that?

  2. Hahahahahahahaha, classic, because this punk that has less tread on his tires than Portis, is the answer to all of Washington’s offensive short comings

  3. Being a die-hard Cowboys fan, I wish the Giants or Eagles would sign Johnson! The Redskins are pathetic with or without Johnson. He could do more internal damage as an Eagle or Giant! That would assure the Cowboys would win the division.

  4. Gregg Rosenthal said:
    “Signing Johnson is another matter. Would L.J. really fit in well behind Portis once the team’s starter is healthy? How would Portis respond?”
    The more important question might be how much of Mr Snyder’s money does one really want to sink into the running back position in an obvious losing season?

  5. Dear Mike Florio ,
    Please drop me an email or give me a call. I was wondering if you could tell me what we need to do this week to help our team win. I have talked to everyone on the team even Albert Haynesworth but still no answers. I can tell by your PFT site that you are a true Redskins fan like myself. I too, like you, hate the Cowboys. I am willing to pay top dollar for your help. I know that your football knowledge is limited but by checking my history as an NFL owner that means very little. Thanks Daniel Snyder owner Washington Redskins

  6. Does LJ have any character traits that might help the Redskins putridity? Also “doubtful”.
    Allow me to be the first to predict that LJ’s father will be the next coach of the Redskins. “LOOK HIM UP!”

  7. Surprise Surprise!!! Dan Snyder wants LJ?
    He will NEVER learn.
    Sorry Skins fans…

  8. The Redskins are interested in adding Larry Johnson? I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  9. Leave it to the Redskins to go after a big name player who’s clearly on the decline and sign him based on star status alone again.
    I’m convinced Washington signs Shawne Merriman after this season as well and for way, way, waaaaay more money than he’s worth — which is not very much.

  10. Concussion or not, adding Shirley Johnson will not please the thug that is Clinton Portis.
    He’s selfish, he’s a thug, now a beaten-up thug, almost 30, and he’ll be Chapter 7 within 5 years of his last carry. Stupido.
    Pat Bowlen saw the thug in Portis and told Shanny, “Get what you can. Get him outta here”.
    Thank God. Bye-bye Clint, hello Shirley.
    They’re trading a hemorrhoid for a migraine. Good luck with that!

  11. Its bad enough this team has an owner that is more fan the business but he not even a smart fan
    As to Cowboy up you will need alot more then the Giants signing LJ to take the Div
    How was that opening day at cowpuke field

  12. I saw this one coming as soon as it was announced. Pathetic!
    Seriously though — is Marcus Mason still on the team’s roster or some other team’s practice squad? He is not the answer to their long term needs at the position, but he would be a servicable back up for the rest of this season because he knows the system and would not be anything near the headache LJ would be. He also is a decent runner. No he would not lead them to the Super Bowl, but neither will a washed up running back like LJ. Besides, this is a lost season. Better face it now. The only thing they should do, when players go down for extended periods, is fill the injured player’s roster spot with a serviceable and affordable body who can fill the temporary need. Save your money Danny Boy so you can afford to buyout Vinny’s contract!

  13. typical redskins. this team has the answer already, and have had him for years. ladell betts is a fine runner. this guy should have been taking some of portis touches since 2006 and he went for 1000 yards. i dont know if it is portis’ ego or a general coaching ineptitude that has kept betts under wraps.

  14. Snyder does like to play fantasy football. But someone needs to tell him that he doesn’t get Johnson’s 2006 statistics.

  15. That’s it Florio!!! This is exactly what they needed to reach the superbowl!!!! Right??! You and Rosendorf picked them to go!?!!!?!?

  16. The Redskins NEED to sign Johnson and have him replace Danny boy as owner. It would be the best move the FO could make!

  17. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Betts, Cartwright, and Marcus Mason. Snyder needs to realize that injuries like this one to Portis and the one Cooley suffered are what builds character and defines a real team. Not dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to motormouth bust players who cause more headaches day in and day out than Portis has right now.

  18. Hey dumbass dallasdeathstar…Florio didn’t write this article…so you comment was even MORE stupid.

  19. Bigblu, it was nowhere near as bad as the last 4 games have been for you. How’s Canty ?
    1st place in the NFCEast ROCKS !

  20. Man, who is going to coach that team next year?
    Who wants to walk into a dysfunctional management structure, with the job of fixing an offensive line (which you can’t do in free-agency, because offensive linemen without baggage don’t hit FE), finding a new quarterback, dealing with a bunch of under-achieving wide-receivers.
    Holmgren. No way, not with his connections to Zorn.
    Shannahan. No, he can’t get paid anywhere.
    Cowher. Ditto.
    Gruden. Maybe, but unlikely.
    They won’t try another college experiment because that ended in disaster last time, though I suppose they could go get Charlie Weis.
    Gibbs is out of the question.
    What’s left but retreads. Fassal? Unlikely.
    The Redskins are going to be searching for a long time for a coach.

  21. Gordon Getgo says:
    November 9, 2009 2:35 PM
    Does LJ have any character traits that might help the Redskins putridity? Also “doubtful”.
    Allow me to be the first to predict that LJ’s father will be the next coach of the Redskins. “LOOK HIM UP!”
    au contraire mon frere
    larry johnson beats women, the redskins beat no one, you have to start somewhere.

  22. Who wants to make $7M a year as a coach? Anyone with a big name is on our list. No way we sign Larry Johnson…he’s tired. Hail!

  23. See…..this marks the difference between a quality franchise and piece of steaming poop.
    If the patriots look at signing LJ, it appears to make sense……..when the Skins do, it looks like same ole disfunction………….

  24. Someone should tell snyder he has to upgrade his scouting department, so go out and buy Madden 10, because the raitings on danny’s copy of madden 2006 has some outdated raitings which explains his roster problems.

  25. To: bigbluefan… opening night? how long ago was that? Uhh..4 losses for you! lol .. & counting!!

  26. Dan Snyder: Zorn, we’re thinking of replacing Portis with Larry Johnson.
    Zorn: Dan, I think that’s a bad idea.
    DS: Yeah, okay; we’ll give him 5 mil for the rest of the season.

  27. daivos, i think there might be interest in the redskin job. any coach that is an egomaniac would want this job. a big market team that is unsuccessful, with deep pockets. the coach will get the credit for turning it around, and it still is one of the most media covered teams in the league. coach will always be in the media, always having a national audience. if you think that doesnt mean anything to coaches then why are cowher, ditka, dungy, johnson staring back at you from the t.v. every week.

  28. “F” the Cowboys…they suck too. Wait til they come to DC. Sure I’ll take the GAY-Hater ANY DAY.
    GO SKINS beat cowboys.
    MD Sec. 105 FedEx Field

  29. Adding Larry Johnson would be a mistake. Oh and 8 games left in the Jason Campbell era in Washington.

  30. This has DS written all over it. I wonder if Al Davis and Snyder will get into a bidding war!!!

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