Browns place Eric Barton on IR

As expected, the Browns have placed linebacker Eric Barton on injured reserve, ending his season.

Barton has a bulging disk in his neck.  Last week, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Barton could miss the rest of the year.

The Browns have not filled Barton’s roster spot. 

Maybe they can’t find anyone who will agree to play there.

14 responses to “Browns place Eric Barton on IR

  1. Maybe they can’t find anyone who will agree to play there.
    Great point Mike, now lay off! I don’t make fun of your hair piece.

  2. The Browns elevated Marcus Benard from their practice squad this morning before they put Barton on injured reserve. “KingKong” as he was known in Jackson State , is an undrafted rookie who had 25 sacks in his 2 years in college.
    Now, if he can only coach the team also….

  3. Couldn’t resist the Browns zinger, could you Florio? We are well aware they suck. Your so witty and humorous.

  4. “Maybe they can’t find anyone who will agree to play there.”
    same way mike u cant find anything else to bash browns,u really are a looser ,grow up …..

  5. If the Brows were smart, yeah I know that’s a HUGE stretch, they’d put Eric Mangina on IR too….

  6. Maybe they can’t find anyone who will agree to play there.
    that WAS funny …..
    If the Brows were smart …. they’d put Eric Mangina on IR too….
    that was hilarious!!!

  7. Maybe they can’t find anyone who will agree to play there.
    Classless Statement from A Classless Writer . What are you in Seventh Grade ? Or just have the IQ OF a Seventh Grader . Time for one of the Browns Rookies to step up in the Middle . Jason Trusnik will do more than just fine on the Outside . The Browns Defense smacked the Bears in the Mouth the last game they played and are much better than there stats show . A Very Putrid ineffective Offense hasn’t helped .

  8. Florio, your “attempts” at humor would be much funnier if you didn’t resort to the easiest, most obvious joke possible in EVERY Browns story.
    Your weak punchlines are about as predictable as Brian Dabol’s playcalling.
    And for the record, the Browns with 10 guys on defense is better than the Browns with 11 guys on defense if one of those guys is Barton.

  9. I Bet my Last Comment isnt “Approved” By the Blogs Owner .
    The Browns will be just fine . I Look for a turn around this second half of the season . They will finish with 4-5 Wins . 11 Draft Picks next year and yes Florio they will sign some Free Agents A Quick turnaround is possible . If Mangini coaches it or not will depend on how this season ends and who Lerner hires as the GM . All this negativity is burning my Orange and Browns Ass .!!!

  10. Way to go Florio, funny, bash them while the team is down.
    Next breaking news story you’ll have is the QB situation in Cleveland is awful

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