Giants kick tires on 14 prospects

In what could be a strong message to some of the 53 men currently on his 5-4 team, a league source tells us that coach Tom Coughlin brought in a whopping 14 free agents for visits on Tuesday.


Of that amount, 13 came in for tryouts and one for a mere visit.

Getting tryouts were kicker Shane Andrus, defensive tackle Lonnie Harvey, tight end Joe Klopfenstein, punter Tim Masthay, defensive back Marcus McCauley, defensive back Chad Nkang, quarterback Patrick Ramsey, defensive back Anthony Scirrotto, tackle Isaac Sowells, kicker Sam Swank, tackle Herb Taylor, punter A.J. Trapasso, and receiver Isaiah Williams.

Running back Julius Crosslin paid the team a visit, without working out.

None were signed.  Yet.  And there’s a good chance none will be signed. 

But the point possibly has been made — Coughlin won’t hesistate to make changes if the Giants don’t change the outcomes of their games.

15 responses to “Giants kick tires on 14 prospects

  1. I didnt know Marcus McCauley was a free agent, I wonder what happened, he was a pretty good player when he came out of Fresno State

  2. # SmackMyVickUp says: November 10, 2009 8:53 PM
    Change needs to be made at QB. Why would anyone sign that handicapped guy to multi-year deal?
    U can’t be serious… Eli went 25/33 for 2 TDs. Its not his fault the D can’t stop anyone

  3. Did these guys show up with bags on their heads? If Tom wants to make a statement he should cut one good player that isn’t playing well, then hold a meeting to tell anyone under contract that management has opened an offseason trade route to Oakland. That should get their attention.
    comment submission error. again. Florio is weak.

  4. Eli had a QB rating of more then 110 so how do you blame him
    His rating was higher the muddy waters
    He did not call the plays during the last drive Eli has as many rings as Payton and will have more before he is done
    Why do so many people hate Eli?
    Because he did not want to play in that back water market in SD
    The fans dont even like the team in SD they cant get a new place to play and if they leave no one will care
    Meanwhile Eli is playing for one of the most storied teams in the NFL in the biggest market and with a brandy new home opening next season
    And that new home was paid for not by the tax payers but by the owners
    We tax payers had to foot the bill for some minor road work but that project has created more jobs the washingtons stim pack

  5. Sheridan with little pro experience and all under Coughlin here, was made the defensive co-ordinator. About the first thing Sheridan said was he would work from the press box level high up over the field. Why? Was it because having a clear view as opposed to seeing nothing but what is right in front of you from the bench? Was that the way Sheridan thought he could do a better job? Coughlin then IMMEDIATELY emasculated Sheridan by ordering him to stand near him on the sidelines. Do you expect players to respect him after that? And Osi soon walked out.
    Ray Rhodes was not very successful as a head coach BUT he sure was as a defensive co-ordinator coaching from up in the press box and the late Jim Johnson of the Eagles in last year’s playoff game sure had his defense throttle the Giants while he was SITTING UP IN THE PRESS BOX calling the plays. I could give you many other examples. Spagnuolo might have been able to but I believe it was under different circumstances – Spagnuolo called the shots.
    Last year for a recent example the Chargers defense which was absolutely as bad or worse than the Giants defense has been under Sheridan(Coughlin) this season, they fired Ted Cottrell around the bye week and their defense rebounded and played so much better, eventually making the playoffs then stopping Peyton Manning in upsetting the powerful Colts in the playoffs. It sure worked for San Diego last season. This Giants defense with many of the exact same players were horrendous under Tim Lewis(Coughlin), outstanding under Spagnuolo (after Giants owners forced Coughlin to fire Lewis and look outside for a DC)and now porous again under Sheridan(Coughlin). With Spagnuolo the only D-C of the 3 who called all the defensive shots ON HIS OWN. Is it not obvious that the coach is the problem and/or the players think the coach is the problem?

  6. Coughlin is a power freak. he and for BOTH these positions only hires a loser who he knows will follow his orders. Gilbride has no power – all he does is call plays that Coughlin has instructed him to do.”
    Spagnuolo the only one not hired to FOLLOW MY ORDERS AND YOU KEEP YOUR JOB! and the only one who knew what he was doing. coughlin profited off spagnuolo’s brain! big time! and thats why that total incompetant lewis worked 3 years here. and sheridan even this long. do you think coughlin just stands on the field and tosses the red flag if a play is close or yells at a fg kicker for missing 2 fgs in a row or at refs for penalties? is that the HEAD COACHS JOB- HIS ONLY JOB DURING THE GAME? and he has no input into what plays gilbride calls or sheridan? I THINK NOT! Coughlin calls all the shots, whatever those coachs call he has told them to do! thats why that incompetant sheridan has that job now, thats why the players have absolutely no respect for him and play this way now. the lack of intensity of defenses coached by coachs that players do not respect is so obvious! a buddy ryan defense, a son of ryan defense, a jim johnson defense, a spagnuolo defense – compare that intensity to that of the defenses of tim lewis, bill sheridan and the great johnny lynn. Sheridan had ABSOLUTELY ZERO PRO football experience and ZERO PRO football coaching experience EXCEPT working for Coughlin! That is why he has this job!

  7. Weekend at Bernies should be fired after that horrible play calling on the Gmen final posession. You pay Handicapped boy that huge multiyear contract and dont let him take a single crack at the endzone? Sounds like Night of the living dead doesnt have much confidence in his QB.

  8. Too bad none of the prospects were coordinators instead of the prospects they currently have as coordinators.

  9. if the carolina panther season comes to a bad end and fox gets his walking papers, i would dearly love for him to come back to new york,he would be a major improvement at the dc position.

  10. @ BigBlueBalls
    The fans dont even like the team in SD they cant get a new place to play and if they leave no one will care
    That statement is so full of sh!t, as are you.
    People dislike your QB because he’s average at best. He has no confidence, nor should he. He should thank his lucky stars for the the likes of Osi, Tuck and Kiwanuka.
    Jughead, Archie and Forehead are collectively as annoying as a family (or should I say football royalty?) can be.

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