Briggs speaks on almost becoming a 49er

As the Bears prepare to take on the 49ers on Thursday night, linebacker Lance Briggs is talking about the aborted deals that left him on the verge of going to San Francisco, only to end up staying in Chicago.

Those aborted deals also left the 49ers getting punished by the NFL for tampering.

Briggs told reporters today that he fully expected to become a 49er, either through a trade or through free agency, and he was surprised that things turned out with him remaining in Chicago. He accused the 49ers of making him think he’d be going to San Francisco and then “pulling out on me at the last minute.”

“Like I said, the 49ers was the team that I believed I was going to be going to,” Briggs said, per Matt Barrows of The Sacramento Bee. “And I think a lot of people around the league figured that’s the team I was going to go to. And I got a call from my agent right before free agency, saying it’s probably not going to happen and that we’re going to have to go elsewhere.”

Briggs said he doesn’t know the details of the tampering case, which cost the 49ers a fifth-round draft pick and forced San Francisco to exchange third-round picks with Chicago. He just knows he was taken by surprise when things didn’t work out between himself and the 49ers.

But Briggs said that heading into his game with the 49ers, he’s not using those past dealings with the team as motivation.

“I don’t hold grudges,” he said. “I was a little upset at the time, but all in all I’m happy with how things worked out.”

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  1. I think it had more to do with Goodell having said that the punishment given to the Niners would be greater if they did sign him. Goodell is a rotten bastard who is currently playing favorites with his buddies, the Jets.

  2. the way he has played I am sure the 9er’s are happy he stayed in chicago.seriously for all the money he is being paid what have the bears got to show for it?if he was better than urlacher then why hasn’t he steped up since he went down?can you say overated?bet those people who said brian was washed up feel pretty stupid right now.they are not even an average team defensivly without urlacher.

  3. CYGNUS, you’re crazy… Since the “tampering” Briggs has been to the Pro-Bowl twice, led the league in Pass Deflections for LBs in 2008, 2nd in the league in INTs for a LB in 2008, 13th in the league in solo tackles in 2008 and is currently 7th in the league for solo tackles for a LB…
    …overated?!?! Not likely, more like the only solid player on Chicago’s defense. Watch Thursdays game and pay attention to how many time you see Briggs making a play or being a part of the play…

  4. He accused the 49ers of making him think he’d be going to San Francisco and then “pulling out on me at the last minute.”
    That’s what she said.

  5. Cygnus simply doesn’t know football if he says Briggs is overrated. Like everything Grimace said, and the simple fact of watching the guy, he’s one of the best 4-3 OLB in the game. But a will linebacker isn’t going to turn a defense into a power by himself, which is why you’ve seen the drastic decline in the Bears D without Urlacher and with a bi-polar Tommie Harris.

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