Mike Tomlin not talking about Larry Johnson

On Monday night, ESPN’s Adam Schefter said that running back Larry Johnson would like to play for the Steelers.

On Tuesday, Steelers coach Mike Tomlin wouldn’t say whether the team is interested in Johnson.

I don’t discuss free agents,” Tomlin said Tuesday, per the Associated Press.  “That opens Pandora’s box.  I tend to focus on the guys that are in our locker room.”

Not a bad approach.  But the bigger question is this:  How would the Steelers create a spot for Johnson?  They’ve got Rashard Mendenhall, Willie Parker, and Mewelde Moore. 

Would they cut Parker?  Moore?

So, for now, there’s no spot for Johnson.  Barring injury.

Unless, that is, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis again breaks Mendenhall.

21 responses to “Mike Tomlin not talking about Larry Johnson

  1. “Unless, that is, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis again breaks Mendenhall.”
    Better than stabbing him I guess.

  2. Don’t need Johnson. Don’t want Johnson. And after watching Adrian Peterson gallop over Gay, can’t help thinking too bad he didn’t break Lewis.

  3. “breaks Mendenhall”
    Look how the post-Malcom-Gladwell-anti-concussion-crusader writes. Now who’s the one treating players like glorified toys?

  4. # m2002m says: November 10, 2009 6:42 PM
    “Unless, that is, Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis again breaks Mendenhall.”
    Better than stabbing him I guess.
    That’s brutal……but, funny as hell.

  5. they dont need him. i pity houston, who must think johnson can put them over the top.
    johnson is “over the top”. already.

  6. m2002m….better than stabbing him I guess…..HAHAHAHAHA…you are so original!!!
    Keep it up man…….wow….better than stabbing him….genius…..pure genius!!

  7. The Steelers’ injuries are on defense right now.
    LJ makes sense to go to a team with injuries at running back …. and low self esteem.

  8. I guess it’s good bye Parker and Welcome Larry Johnson. He would make a good goal line back. Mendenhall and Moore can share carries, but I feel Johnson could be situational, meaning goal line back.

  9. Give it up Florio. They aren’t signing Larry Johnson. And to even suggest they might cut Melwede Moore is assinine.

  10. Here we go with that nonsense again that Lewis is somehow capable of hurting people more than others. Injuries come from where the impact happens and when.
    It was a bad break for Mendenhall but it is more in the heads of the ratbird fans then his.

  11. And now from a credible new outlet (NFLN)…the steelers are not interested…..
    If you look at how well Mendenhall ran last night…LJ maybe a good addition to get the one…two punch that other teams are using….

  12. i think it would be a good idea for the steelers if they were thin at running back but they have 3 guys who are more than capable of starting

  13. Ray Lewis and that defense have more problems to worry about right now then Mendenhall. Their DB’s are bringing back visions of the infamous Giants CB Elvis “Toast” Patterson. LJ will end up somewhere but not in the Steel City.

  14. ElevenLevels says: November 10, 2009 6:48 PM
    “The Steelers don’t need Larry Johnson. At all.
    How can you not agree with this article (which rightly slams the Dallas Cowboys) , Pittsburgh’s one of the few teams to take seriously right now”
    I can easily not agree with that article because it looks like it was written by a teenager who doesn’t even bother to attempt to use reason to explain his positions that the Giants, Cowboys and Saints suck. In essence, he writes that “those teams suck because I say so.”

  15. Parker has had 1 total run during the Vikings and Broncos games combined. Willie is either still feeling the lingering injury of the dreaded turf toe or the Steelers do not trust him toting the rock. Or Arians/Tomlin are applying the “run him til the wheels come off” philosophy to Mendenhall.
    Moore’s role is clear cut in that he is a 3rd and long back and secure ball carrier w/ fresh legs to salt out the clock late in the 4th quarter. He can also spell Mendenhall (like he did Parker) when needed.
    The only scenario I can draw up for L.J. is if the Steelers cut Parker. I don’t see it happening, but FWP will be wearing another team’s uniform next year.
    btw L.J. bought my friends and I a slice of pizza @ PSU….for this alone I consider him a quality human being.

  16. Let’s hope he doesn’t go to the Texans. God forbid their owners might engage in some sort of “obamanomics”. Too bad he won’t end up in Pittsburgh where he and slipkid could engage in some women disrespectin’ together.

  17. No way you see this turd in the Black and Gold. Why the hell anyone would disrupt a lockerroom with this guy is beyond me. A team would have to be beyond desperate to even think about bring him in. Wait a minute…..
    Larry Johnson, welcome to cleveland!! You’ll look great dressed up every week as a clown!!!

  18. Based on Larry Johnson’s recent comments, I’m not sure how good of a fit he’d be in Pittsburgh since there’s already a “Gay” on the roster.

  19. There’s a better chance of the Steelers opening a spot for me on the roster than LJ. They’re fine with the backs they have, team chemistry is great and it’s clearly not their MO to bring in malcontents. Not going to happen.

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