Polian suggests Bob Sanders will be back

With Colts safety Bob Sanders back on injured reserve with a season-ending elbow injury, some league observers have raised the possibility that the Colts might not bring him back in 2010.

Colts G.M. Bill Polian threw water on that notion during his Monday radio show.

This is simply bad luck,” Polian said, via John Oesher of Examiner.com.  “He is no different a
player — and I think everybody saw that in the couple of games he
played this year — than when he was Defensive Player of the Year in the
NFL.  He’s just had a lot of tough luck with injury.  We have
invested a lot of money in him and I see no reason why we would —
assuming this next procedure goes as expected and there are no
complications and the knee continues to improve as it has — I wouldn’t
see why we would not bring him back.  That, to me, just seems to be
foolish. . . .

“Luck plays a role in this business,” Polian added.  “There’s no two ways
about that.  There’s no reason to believe Bob won’t be the same player
he was after these injuries as long as he continues with rehab and
works out religiously and as I told him, with a good offseason program
that’s injury free and rehab free, if he can get back with a real good
feeling about his ability to lay it on the line, he’ll be an even
better player than he was before he was injured.  I think barring
unforeseen circumstance Bob Sanders figures prominently in our plan.”

Here’s our take.  Actually, we’ve got a couple of them.

First, we agree that luck plays a role in the business of football.  In Bob Sanders’ case, however, if his injuries are the result of bad luck we suggest that he never play blackjack, craps, roulette, or Russian roulette.

Since signing his big-money deal after the 2007 season, Sanders has played in eight games.  Before that, he missed 25 games in only four NFL seasons.

Second, before ever cutting Sanders the Colts would try to find someone to trade for him.  And so Polian would need to have maximum leverage if/when trade talks happen.  And leverage would never be maximized if Polian were to lend any credence to the possibility of cutting Sanders. 

In other words, if Polian is wondering whether someone else would be willing to trade for Sanders, Polian needs to act like he fully intends to keep Sanders around.

So the “unforeseen circumstances” to which Polian refers include, in our view, the Colts continuing to play well without him — and someone else making the Colts an unsolicited trade offer that they deem to be acceptable.

8 responses to “Polian suggests Bob Sanders will be back

  1. I don’t care for the Colts at all but I can tell you Bob Sanders is an incredible football player. The heart of a lion that dude has. He plays way bigger than his physique should allow. He tackles like a missle accelerating into a target. He is great, I would take him on my team any day.
    Problem is with his style of play and his size he is going to get hurt. Tough kid. Tough luck.
    I hate Sarah “Polian” but I need to agree with him.

  2. Tough situation for the Colts – when he’s on the field, he’s a difference maker, no doubt about it. But the Colts just aren’t getting value for money out of him.

  3. Devils advocate has proved his/her point. in my opinion, your a dumb ass. When they gave him his contract he was the highest paid S in NFL History. Problem is he is worthless. “Brittle Bob” can’t stay healthy so it is irrelivant how talented he is. When you only average 3 games a season over your Career your worthless. All he is doing is eating cap space for the Colts.

  4. “He plays way bigger than his physique should allow. He tackles like a missle accelerating into a target.”
    unfortunately that is the biggest problem, the colts D performance goes up when he’s on the field
    the only problem is that is possible only twice or thrice a season instead of 16 times

  5. J when he signed that contract he had none of the injury problems he has today. He deserved the contract for what he did for their defense. He should not be worth that now but dont take away what he once was.

  6. Mike Brown
    Chicago Bears
    read wikipedia
    1× Pro Bowl selection (2005)
    2× All-Pro selection (2001, 2005)
    .. the way he played meant that he could never stay healthy for 16 games

  7. @J
    i wasnt talking about money or value I was talking about the kids heart and how he plays. I feel bad for the kid being hurt when he lays it out on the line like that. Compassion- something you obviously no nothing about. i love it when a$$ wipes like you come out and throw stones and don’t know how to read and then interpret it any way you like and then start calling people names.
    Look in the mirror pal.

  8. The best part of this whole posting is that no one really cares what Polian has to say!!! 7 postings He was hurt in college= he is going to be in the NFL

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