Redskins split on signing Larry Johnson

After the Chiefs decided to dump veteran tailback Larry Johnson, the Redskins had internal discussions regarding the possibility of acquiring him.

Per a league source, a split of opinion exists within the organization, with some folks in a position of influence interested, but others resisting the notion of adding Johnson.

Waiver claims can be made through 4:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, with priority determined based on current won-loss records.  Anyone who claims Johnson would inherit the remainder of his $4.55 million base salary and $60,000 per-game roster bonus. 

If he clears waivers, Johnson will become an unrestricted free agent, able to sign with any team — and also free to collect the balance of his base salary from the Chiefs as termination pay.

Despite a suggestion two weeks ago that the Chiefs had decided to cut Johnson, the truth is that the team wrestled with the decision.  Due to the fact that Johnson will still get paid by the Chiefs if not claimed on waivers, the team gave serious consideration to keeping him on the team.  But because players no longer can be sent home with pay, the Chiefs would have been required to allow him into the facility for practices and meetings.

As recently as the weekend, it appeared that the Chiefs would welcome Johnson back, and then decide each week put him on the active game-day roster.  Despite suggestions that the union would fight such a move, Johnson had no plans to contest that approach — primarily since the current labor deal does not infringe so deeply into the prerogative of the league’s coaches.

If not claimed on waivers, look for Johnson to carefully pick his next team based on whether and to what extent he’d be playing in January.  With an uncapped year on tap for March 2010, a strong performance by Johnson in the postseason could get him in line for another nice pay day.

10 responses to “Redskins split on signing Larry Johnson

  1. No playoff-bound team should have any interest whatsoever in this clown. He’s awful. Larry will not be able to pick his team because he’s unlikely to get multiple offers, if he gets any offer at all.
    There are better free agent RBs out there, and cheaper, too.

  2. The redskins should sign LJ they need someone to spit in their face.
    As for Larry’s gay comments, 80% of all homophobes are actually gay themselves. I’m sure he will reside in DuPont if the skins pick him up.
    I bet he made his last girlfriend wear his shoulder pads. “Now do me, do me!!”

  3. “With an uncapped year on tap for March 2010, a strong performance by Johnson in the postseason could get him in line for another nice pay day”.
    You mean a nice payday of $5.00/hr like the rest of us supporting fans? Lol.

  4. Why would any team claim this guy off waivers and be responsible for his ’09 salary, when they can wait to negotiate with him as a FA? With KC then on the hook for his contract and LJ having zero leverage talent-wise, a team can sign him for a much more reasonable amount (say, $1.98).
    KC paying his fat contract would enable Johnson to sign for short money with a true Super Bowl contender, so he can possibly get his ring AND get paid (assuming he can stop beating up women the rest of the season and actually manage to make some decent runs).

  5. Nobody wants him enough to pay his contract. If you can negotiate a salary whilst he is double-dipping, it gives you leverage to low-ball on your offer. If the team was a true contender that did not “need” a RB like PIT or NE, it would most sense to wait until he clears and offer close to the minimum.
    Redskins don’t need him. RB is not their problem. What a joke of an organization.

  6. The Skins cant save this season, so picking someone up that isnt in their long term plans is pointless. And Johnson, as old as he is and demanding top dollar joining the Skins would be utterly stupid. With that said I hope Cerrato grabs him. Put another nail in your coffin Cerrato, make sure you get yourself fired this year dude.

  7. I went to the game this weekend in Atlanta. I sat at the 30 yard line (section 134) in tht 7th row (visitors side). I spent a great deal of time watching the Skins players on the sidelines and was amazed at the obvious dissent and anger toward each other. I saw defensive lineman yelling at reserve wide receivers, I saw Campbell ignoring offensive starters trying to talk with him after one of the many shit series. There were times I could not find Zorn anywhere. Chris Samuel stared, lovingly, at Falcon cheerleaders for a good 10 minutes, as he sat on the bench ignoring the game.
    Zorn has no job, if there is anything left to coach for him it would be heart and Zorn can’t even do that. In the 30 years I have followed this team things are worse than they have ever been. Who cares if they bring in another player with the same attitude as all “the U” guys on the team have… LJ can’t hurt the locker room worse than it is today. The players who want to get it done, get no playing time. The ass-monkeys on the field, for the most part, lack heart and are playing for a paycheck and nothing more – and that is both sides of the ball.

  8. I like this move.
    Right now the Redskins are so bad they are boring.
    To get more interesting, they need to get even worse.
    I think picking up LJ might do the job.

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