Vernon Davis expects to "destroy" Bears defensive front

Like a lot of folks that have watched the Chicago Bears play football in recent weeks, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis is not impressed with what he sees.

Unlike most of those folks, Davis has to play football against the Bears Thursday.  And you can be sure they will remember his words from this week.

“I think we can destroy their front,” Davis said. “The guys up front, I
think we can destroy them. I don’t see anything spectacular about their
front line.”

The Bears are 23rd in sacks and 22nd in points allowed on defense.  While the 49ers offense hasn’t been lighting up the scoreboard, Davis is having a Pro Bowl caliber season.  With that, comes confidence.

“Their linebackers, I think we can handle them pretty well.  I like [Adewale] Ogunleye. I like the way he’s playing up front. He’s about the
only player I like on their defensive line. I think he’s doing a good

The NFL Network should thank Vernon for doing everything he can to hype up its Thursday Night Football opener.

UPDATE: Vernon tweets on the matter: “I know people are
talking about what I said today. I wasn’t trying to take a shot at the
Bears. I was showing confidence in my team.”

32 responses to “Vernon Davis expects to "destroy" Bears defensive front

  1. And I fully expect him to “destroy” my Bears too. If I could start him in fantasy I’d be licking my chops.
    Early line:
    7 rec, 93 yds, 2 Tds.

  2. WTF is he thinking? Does he really need to give them bulletin board material? Vernon seems like he’s matured one week, and then does stupid stuff like this the next. You can’t be a leader and spout this kind of stuff about an opponent, even if you think it’s true. Vernon, check Brady’s and Manning’s comments about other teams to see how a true leader acts. Guaranteed Singletary wants to kick his butt for this crap.

  3. da’ bears put all their eggs in one basket with the cutler deal and not only is it paying any dividends this year, it is going to bite them in the ass for several years to come. the pack is in total disarray and needs some major rebuilding as detroit is doing now. i see the vikings owning the north division for a “few years”.

  4. what a douche …. his brother, fortunately appears to have fallen from another tree … very professional demeanor ….

  5. 9ers may be split in the locker room. Before signing Crabtree 3-1, since 0-4. Singletary isn’t a scheme genius, he’s a connection with players genius. Unfortunately, his ownership rewarded a holdout rookie with a contract that had no negative affects of his time missing camp etc… Singletary was sold out!

  6. @red13 Umm this is the one team in the league that doesn’t use bullentin board material (ask Ochocinco!)
    This is also why I hate the media and how they twist peoples words around and then come “expect” and apology. The man said “I think” nothing about “I expect.” You disgust me Rosenthal.

  7. @WorldChampionBears2009:
    I was commenting more on Davis’ lack of leadership and maturity, rather than whether or not it will affect the game. He should be lying and talking about how great the Bears’ defense is to the media, and making these “destroy” comments to his teammmates. Players can believe whatever they want, but the mature ones keep the derogatory stuff to themselves and don’t showboat in front of the media.

  8. @larrybird
    go research some football then come back and tell us which team is the worst in the nfl, douchebag

  9. You would think this stuff would not matter, but it does. The Giants were very smart and placed the “it felt like playing a scrimmage” line on the Raiders AFTER they had played them but BEFORE the Raiders next game to their rivals the Eagles. Smart move. The sad Raiders won their second game of the year and played with emotion and a bird.

  10. ninjapleazee says:
    go research some football then come back and tell us which team is the worst in the nfl, douchebag
    I don’t know.. He may have a point. Bucs WERE the worst, but they just beat the sorry Pack pretty soundly, the same Pack who beat… The Bears.
    Larrybird is without a doubt the all-time idiot of this site, but there is actually some logic to this particular post..

  11. The bear will win and it will be the 9ers 5 straight loss in a 10 game slide. Yes a 10 game slide. It’s like this every year. Jus go back 2 years ago and see the 9ers went 2-2 in the first 4 games then lost 8 straight, then last year they started 2-2 then lost 6 straight. When they move to Santa Clara they should change their logo to a rollercoaster cause their season starts up then goes down then up again (last2 games are the Lions & Rams) They will go after a QB next year maybe Tebow…

  12. let’s see … the guy disappoints for a few years, then has had about four good games FINALLY and all of a sudden he’s running his trap like he’s mr. all-pro-for-years tight end. how bout we put together a year or two of good performance before we start running our mouth with no credibility?
    i hope singletary slaps him a new one this week. stoooopid, stoooopid, stooooooooopid.

  13. 2 posts before….
    I see the bears winning this one and I agree… the Niners stand a good chance of losing all but their last two games.

  14. Lesson #1….Don’t give your opponet poster board material…It ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ass.

  15. 49ers have been exposed for what they really are, “average”….Go eat your sour dough, cuz you gonna be to sick to eat after we done with you all…..

  16. @this class sucks :
    Witten and Cooley were the pro-bowl tight ends for the NFC last year. Davis was not a pro bowler last year and had all of 31 receptions and two TDs, so clearly wasn’t that great.

  17. BeerCheeseSoup,
    OK, so by your logic the Bears are better than the Broncos and Vikings since the Steelers beat both of them and the Bears beat the steelers? There are some real smart people who post.
    The way the Bears have been playing, Davis seems right. There is no fire coming from the Bears, and that starts with their emotionless leader on the sideline. It becomes really frustrating seeing Lovie’s puzzled look game after game. I don’t need a Gruden type who is yelling all game, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of emotion.
    I guess I’ll be cliche and say, there is always next year.

  18. @ dlodown1 who said:
    November 11, 2009 2:34 AM
    Lesson #1….Don’t give your opponet poster board material…It ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ass.
    I most certainly do not agree with those who believe poster board incentive means jack shit.
    Fact is, every player on the field should be playing their damned best every snap. Play hard and to win ALL the time – any legitimate professional athlete considers that a no brainer.
    If someone needs external motivation to rise up, what does that say about all the other snaps they ball on?

  19. Vernon better watch his mouth, or he’s likely to get punched in it by Tommie Harris.
    seriously though, can you blame anyone who feels this way about the bears defense? I find it interesting he calls out the front 7, and not the lost at sea secondary where the Bears are really struggling (not that they’re doing well anywhere).
    I honestly expect a bounce back on defense.. they are way more talented then they’ve been playing and if you look at that Cardinals game (it’s hard, I know) they were competitive through most of the second half. Wouldn’t it be nice to see them play like that for 4 quarters?
    @larrybird… Browns, Bucs, Lions, Raiders, Seahawks, Bills, Fins, Jags, Chiefs, Panthers, Rams and the PACK are worse teams than the Bears IMHO. Wish the list was longer. (I know GB took us once, but I think we’ll finish the better squad. We also outplayed them in week 1, but gave the game away.)
    “Singletary isn’t a scheme genius, he’s a connection with players genius.”
    I actually think he’s both… defensively a scheme genius, anyhow. Look at his players and how the team played before he arrived, I think his intelligence as a player speaks for itself and some of that has translate into his coaching style. If only we had him in Chicago

  20. Beercheese, if we are voting for idiots on this site my vote (a tie) goes to the company of Smith and Nelson. they constantly come on with annoying posts with usually not much substance in fact. I’m sure that even the most ardent Packer fan must cringe at times when they see their drivel. However, I see they are finally starting to live in the “now” as they realize that the Packers “aren’t what we thought they were.”

  21. Beer Cheese Soup–
    That is the most retarded “logic” you can use to assess how good a team a is…by that logic (as NYBFan sagely observes), Bears beat Steelers, Steelers beat Vikes, so are the Bears better than the Vikes?
    The Bears SUCK right now–they are playing without any emotion or intensity or discipline or focus, which all goes back to crappy coaching.
    In prior years–emotional and literal leadership on defense (Urlacher, Brown) could compensate for their milktoast coach Lovie. They just don’t have that right now.
    Nor a running game, o-line, secondary, pass rush, or intelligent game-plan.
    No need for inaccurate hyperbole or superlatives to describe them–they do suck pretty bad right now. It’s a fact.
    But now matter how bad they suck, they won’t be sucking as hard as that dolt-holes Fairybird when he’s working the purple horns for wooden nickels.
    By the way–who is “Tommy” Harris? Any relation to “Tommie”?
    Finally, the Bears recent blow-outs (not that kind, Fairybird–don’t get excited) go back to the lack of a run game, in my humble opinion.
    You run the ball, you use up clock, you keep the opponents (and more high-powered offensive attacks) off the field.
    You may still lose the game, but at least you stay in it. RUN. THE. BALL. GODDAMMIT.

  22. Dewey speaking of “logic.” Isn’t it true that to use up the clock with a running game you actually have to gain yards on first and or second down? You are saying that the Bears don’t have a running game or a decent offensive line yet your plan is to run the ball? And your stance that you may still lose the game is totally defeatist. Not the usual NFL approach that I’m familiar with. Nice game plan Dewey. If I was a Bears fan I think I’d stick with Lovie rather than the Dewster! Oh yeah, what the hell is a fairybird? Whatever it’s a 7-1 Fairybird soon to be 8-1, I’d sooner have that than Cutloose and his band of failures.

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