Eagles can't win close games

From the Philadelphia Inquirer comes an intriguing nugget regarding the local NFL team.

In the past 2.5 seasons, the Eagles are 4-13-1 in games decided by fewer than seven points.

Last year?  1-6-1.  This year?  0-2.

Quarterback Donovan McNabb seemed to plan the most recent close loss on something other than the inability of the Eagles to deliver in the clutch.

“Well, it’s tough to win when you have a couple of calls where it’s
tough on you,” McNabb said, per the Inquirer.  “We have won games in the fourth quarter.  I
know that’s something that everyone is going to talk about.  Have fun
with it I guess.”

Told Monday that his team has managed only one win in ten close games over the past two years, coach Andy Reid said, “That’s a pretty good stat, so there is probably some form of a link. 
I’m not sure exactly what that link is other than that stat.  We have to
do better in those situations on both sides of the ball and special

Here’s the link, in our view — the Eagles aren’t delivering in the fourth quarter of games that remain undecided. 

McNabb can say they aren’t getting breaks. 

It also can be said they aren’t making them, either.

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  1. Absolutely sick of this clown. It’s been no secret since the 2002 NFCCG that coming from behind late in the fourth ain’t happening.
    I still have nightmares of Ronde Barber returning that interception at the Vet.
    He’s never taken responsibility for his inadequate play and never will.

  2. It’s been really fun to watch all of these Eagles meltdowns for the past…well forever actually. The cycle will continue even when these two chumps are gone.

  3. “Quarterback Donovan McNabb seemed to plan the most recent close loss”
    Plan them? You mean blame them?

  4. The problem is that to close out a close game you need a ball control offense that can grind out long drives and eat the clock. The Eagles have never had that. They pass more than any other team (I think) and have never had a big back that can make that 3rd and 1 conversion. It was a point made during the game by the announcers when the Eagles failed to get it on 3rd and 1 on the McNabb QB sneak.
    The Eagles offense looks like a mix of a west coast offense and the run-n-gun used by Atlanta in the early 90’s, which had exactly the same problem. For a reference for how it SHOULD be done, look at how the Steelers ground out the end of their game.

  5. Andy and Donovan tighten up under pressure. They don’t want to make a mistake and instead they don’t make the plays down the stretch of a close game. You can tell in the play calling and in their attitude. I love Donovan but he’s had 10 years to try and win a superbowl and we have seen the same type of results. If Eagles go up early in a game, they win, if they don’t, they generally keep it close and have a possession or two to win the game and they always fail. Guarantee this team makes a December run and gets into the playoffs as always, somehow gets to the conference title game and than falls apart. This team has been rebuilt and it’s time to move on to the next faze and that’s Kevin Kolb and Lesean Mccoy. Every other position is filled with a young promising player. McNabb and Westbrook have had great careers but they didn’t get it done when it counted.

  6. It’s a product of the game plan.
    You have a high motor aggressive defense playing with a big play short (time-wise) drive offense.
    The result is a twofold problem. One, the offense isn’t designed to drive down the field; it either gets big plays or it does not. Two, the defense is gassed in the 4th quarter, just when they’re needed the most.
    Most Eagles fans know this. That Andy Reid still doesn’t get it after more than a decade is related to his inability to manage the clock and not waste timeouts: he doesn’t adapt.

  7. This is the greatest headline in the history of PFT followed by the most accurate article ever. Of course McNabb has to blame the loss to the Cowboys on that spot call even though no one could determine if his left elbow was down or where it was making it inconclusive. Apparently the overtime rule isn’t the only rule he doesn’t know. Smart QB out there in Philly.

  8. The 49ers can’t win close games or else they would be 6-2.
    For f*ck sake PFT fix the log in problem, 15 secs every other day really adds up.

  9. Funny how E-Gal fans say Tony Romo and Dallas
    can’t finish. I know…I know …not in December. Tell me, how is the E-Gals record in Feburary, when in counts the most????

  10. The calls by the refs were horrendous, he’s completely correct. But blaming the refs, no matter how true it is, usually isnt the best call.
    The defense played well enough for us to win. Our offense was making plays. What killed us was penalties, from the holding on our opening kickoff right til the end of the game. Destroyed our rhythm. Offensive line got banged up during the game which threw the offense off a bit, but the big killer really was the penalties.
    Nobody’s acknowledging that because blaming Andy and McNabb is easier and more convenient that blaming a variable like penalties. We win that game if the team wasn’t taking so many stupid penalties (aside from the penalty against Asante Samuel and the penalty against Jason Avant…those two were complete BS).

  11. There is one and only one reason for the Eagles record in games decided by fewer than seven points; Andy Reid.
    If you want to see someone who has absolutely no idea how to manage a game timewise watch Andy Reid. I would love anyone to tell me there is any other reason.

  12. It’s the product of 2 things:
    1) Donovan McNabb is far from a clutch QB. He throws most passes into the dirt when under pressure
    2) Andy Reid is the worst game manager since Herm Edwards. He has no idea about ball control, running the clock out…just game management in general.
    I say sign those guys to extensions ASAP! Seeing the Eagles fail year after year makes for good TV.

  13. 5-time Pro bowler with little,to no, WR help during the bulk of his career.
    O-Line has been decimated with injuries and has not have all 5 starters playing, at one time, this season.
    Starting WR’s have a combined 32 games played in the league.
    Just a bump on the road to Miami, not worried at all!
    Things can be all squared at 6-3 after this Sunday! We’ll see.

  14. This is the difference between good and great teams. The great ones know how to close out and win ball games. That is what the Steelers did last year and that is what all the truly good teams do. The Ravens are in the same boat as the Eagles. Just can’t find a way to win the close ones. That is why the difference between 10-6 and 6-10 is not that great in the NFL. A couple plays here or there at the end of the game make a huge difference over the course of the season.

  15. I’d have to say that I agree it seems close games late turn out badly for the Eagles. And I agree with the one above poster about Ball Control. We don’t have it. Andy is way too pass happy for the team to have good ball control. The Eagles need a back who can get that tough yard and I guarantee a lot of those close losses turn into wins.

  16. this stat does reflect poorly on McNabb, but to me, it points more at Andy Reid. Talent can get you only so far in any league, but where good coaches make the most difference is in the close games, where the right decision here and there can result in a different of maybe 3 or 4 points on average. Reid has shown a knack for making the wrong decision repeatedly in tight games, and these miscues, always come back to haunt the Eagles. The Eagles have the talent to beat anyone, but when games are close, and every decision matters, it seems more often than not, the other team is getting the advantage.

  17. TheDPR, good points–I never thought about the Eagles that way, but you’re right. They’re pretty much built to win easily, not to win with a struggle or with plan Bs. That explains why they cruise through many teams but always come up short before winning a title. They don’t have another gear to shift into.
    Their last three games against the Cowboys seem like good illustrations of this. First game last year was a score-fest footrace, a game-long spring to the finish. Neither team could stop the other, so it was just who scored last. Second game last year, a blowout. First game this year, both teams managed to stop each other, and the game slowed down to a drive-by-drive problem-solving exercise. And the Eagles ran out of answers.

  18. Hello McFly, anybody home???
    Welcome to Philadelphia sports!!!
    What an astute observation – this moron’s on a payroll somewhere for making such news… unfreakingbelievable.

  19. Wow, just wow.
    McNabb flails around and blames the loss on the refs? What as loser.
    My God, can you imagine the media frenzy (and the multiple posts by Florio) that would ensue had Romo EVER even hinted that he lost a game because of the refs? Yet here he just kind of glosses over it.
    Blaming the refs is pure loser talk. There were just as many bad (non) calls against Dallas (can you say PI ignored in the endzone that cost Dallas 4 points) Maybe if he’d have completed a few more of those bad throws he’d have won.

  20. Florio,
    This is a good article, and very accurate. While Donovan and Andy are the ultimate cause for the loss in Sunday’s game, I am surprised you have not dedicated a post to the challenge of that ball spot. It was clear that he was past the first down marker, and the replay clearly shows it. Also, the penalty for false start on 4th and inches, backing us up to 4th and 5 was another clearly wrong call. The defense should have been flagged on that play, as they clearly jumped too far offsides and drew the false start.
    While the only people to blame are the Eagles players and staff, the ref’s in this game had a big whiff, even on the cowboys side of the ball. In games this important, bad calls such as what went on in this game need to be discussed, and I thought that was what PFT did. Where’s your discussion on this matter?

  21. The Eagles played a great game sunday night. The Cowboys are just better than the Eagles. That is all.

  22. McNabb has had a +1000 yard receiver TWICE since he began starting in 2000. I’m not really going to defend him, he has his short comings, but anyone who doesn’t think he’s done more with less than most QB’s hasn’t been watching.

  23. Here is a stat I found….
    McNabb’S 4TH quarter comebacks a 50% rating and is surpassed only by Tom Brady. Romo 4TH quarter comebacks a 37.5 % with no playoff wins. Peyton…41%
    Oughta tell you something about how hard it is to comeback when trailing

  24. I’m a Steelers fan but live in an area where I get all the Eagles games. I agree with PayDoh (and quite a few others on here). I think Andy Reid’s clock management has to be a big factor in this.

  25. when has donovan mcnabb ever taken responsibility for him own actions during a game?

  26. “Things can be all squared at 6-3 after this Sunday! We’ll see.”
    Well, i can tell you this, this makes me happy as a Bolts fan. No chance they blow us out, so that makes us 6-3 and them 5-4. Enjoy the no playoff talk next week Eagles fans! Bolts roll this weekend 31-17!!!

  27. 4 factors. others have said some.
    1. Andy Reid’s clock/game management.
    2. Lack of running game to run out clock. Always giving the ball back with time.
    3. Lack of a shutdown defense. Sorry, everyone but the Eagles have come back in plenty of games only to have the defense cough the lead back up. See: NFCCG vs. AZ.
    4. Most QBs who have been good at 4th quarter comebacks have been allowed to call their own plays. Andy refuses to give this up and continually gets the play in late. How many times have you seen McNabb yelling at the sideline. Yes, McNabb called that timeout (4th one) but that is because Andy was running Vick on and off the field.
    In the two miunutes drill, the Eagles need to have the same personell on the field for every play. It needs to include Weaver, McCoy OR Westbrook, Celek, and D-Jax.

  28. PFT: Please save our logins. Why does commenting demand constant logging in? It’s not difficult.
    On the Eagles: Backup LB’s across the line doesn’t help stuffing the run late. Backup O-line doesn’t help getting a yard when it matters. Andy Reid isn’t good at time management, and McNabb can’t make the clutch throw if it’s less than 5 minutes in the 4th.
    That doesn’t mean the Birds can’t win a championship. It just means they have to stay healthy and win it in the first 55 minutes.

  29. If only Andy Reid would have conceded the bet to Terrell Owens and worn the spandex…the Eagles would be able to close out games.
    In failing to do this, Reid’s brain has shrunk to a third the size of a normal man. It’s science…

  30. @ Packerfly
    Maybe he just couldn’t make receivers great? Did you ever consider that? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning and to a lesser extent Eli make plays that make their receivers better. Obviously McNabb cant do that.

  31. They get a good fullback, but don’t use him in short yardage…because the coach never met a pass he doesn’t like
    They also can’t sustain long drives late in games…till that changes they won’t win many close games.

  32. Donovan’s not clutch – went to Cuse with Don for 2 years – can think of 1 win there (vs VT in homecoming game of 5’s sr yr) and 3 in the pro’s:
    1.GB at GB on Monday night – 10-3? win w late TD to Pinkston
    2. 10-9 Monday Night win w Giants – late td to Trash to break 9 gm win strk for Gmen vs PHL
    3. 4th and 26 game – which was really Favre blowing the game
    Andy Reid clearly has a winning system, but no one is counting on him to do anything other than EXACTLY what he gameplanned for (ie if it’s not working, it’s a loss)
    Doesn’t help that the NFL decided to make up for the win they gave the birds last year vs ATL – that was a totally blown call on the “muffed punt”

  33. I like the way everyone forgets, that Philly was without: it’s biggest offensive weapon(Westbrook), and it’s starting MLB(Bradley), the O-Line has endured injuries and not played as a whole unit anytime this season, the entire LB’s have been revamped, a rookie WR HAS to be the #2 speedster as the drop off at #3 is big….and after all this Philly is still competing!
    Apply all those factors to any team in the league and they would be lucky to have the same success.
    Dallas Cowboy fan, we’ll let you know when we win our FOURTH NFL TITLE, you let us know when YOU WIN A PLAYOFF GAME!!
    Looks like the week 17 game in Dallas will be just that!
    Yeah I’m sure Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, and Plaxico Burress all need a good QB! Moss and Plax have excelled under different QB’s, as I’m sure Wayne would were he playing with a different QB. Nice try, big guy! McNabb has done more with less it’s not even debatable.
    Book it now, McNabb gets in the HOF….AND has better carrer numbers than Hom-O-Choke!

  34. I love hearing Eagles fans rag on McNabb. I love it because, as a Cowboy fan, even I have to recognize that McNabb is a talented quarterback, more talented than at least 75% of the ones starting right now.
    McNabb is the one and only reason why the Eagles have been good at all over the last decade. Deriding him for never winning a SB is just churlish. It warms my heart to hear it because, in truth, it validates all the stereotypes of Philly fans.
    McNabb complaining about the refs is another matter. He used to be a much classier person.

  35. # DallasDeathStar says: November 11, 2009 11:15 AM
    Funny how E-Gal fans say Tony Romo and Dallas
    can’t finish. I know…I know …not in December. Tell me, how is the E-Gals record in Feburary, when in counts the most????
    Not like Dallas’ dominating February performances this decade, of course.

  36. I see posts here complaining that the Eagles don’t have a big back who can grind out the 3rd and 1 conversions. This is completely inaccurate, because his name is Leonard Weaver!
    The problem us, they don’t have an OC or HC willing call the correct play for the short yardage situation.

  37. # delius1967 says: November 11, 2009 12:32 PM
    McNabb is the one and only reason why the Eagles have been good at all over the last decade. Deriding him for never winning a SB is just churlish. It warms my heart to hear it because, in truth, it validates all the stereotypes of Philly fans.
    Dallas prefers to hero-worship their Quarterbacks. It’s not surprising, you guys have had some seriously talented QBs in your time. Philly, however, isn’t used to talent at the Quarterback position. We don’t mind complaining about our players and our team when we feel they aren’t playing well. The Linc still sells out every game.
    The fact that Dallas didn’t get all over Tony Romo for saying – after choking away the playoffs last year to the tune of 44-6 – “Oh, well if this is the worst thing that ever happens to me I’ve led a pretty good life” — amazes Philly fans. You’d sit there and let your QB say one of the most heartless statements of the season, that this loss was okay “by him” and that he has such a wonderful life… and he gets a pass?
    Chalk it up to differences in the cities. Philly is hard-nosed, they’re hard on you but Donovan doesn’t ever have to buy a drink in SouthEastern PA. He’s family. Which is why you see Philly fans call him out amongst our own, and defend him when churlish Dallas fans come after him.

  38. @ rickah
    Yet again you are clueless and know nothing about football! I’ll break it down so even you can understand:
    1. Tom Brady: Deion Branch, Terry Gelnn, Troy Brown…. with the exception of Troy Brown what did Branch or Terry Glenn do without Brady throwing them the ball? The answer for the football retarded (no offense to mentally handicapped people) nothing. And Moss’s career was fluttering before gettnig to NE and having Tom Brady throw him the ball. Moss didn’t do anything to help the sorry Raider’s QB’s.
    2. Peyton Manning: Umm since there isnt record of many of his receivers moving on, we will just use how he turns guys like Austin Collie, Anthony Gonzales and probably Reggie Wayne into what they are today. He gets them the ball making them great.
    3 Eli Manning: Look at what he has done with the young guys on that team. Granted the last few games he hasn’t been stepping up but still he has played well with young unproven WR’s (Yes McNabb is doing that this season except when it counts) You could aruge that Plaxico didnt become great until he got to NY.
    I mean seriously if you want to debate opinions thats fine because its just fun to argue. However if you want to debate facts make sure you hide your fan bias and understand that facts are undeniable. And you cannot possibly begin to compare career stats of Romo and McNabb and think you are credible. Seriously. Romo has been a starter for 4 seasons! And I would be the first to say you are right about Romo, until he hit Miles Austin for the game winning TD Sunday night. God the stupidity and bias on your part is terrible.

  39. Andy Reid is a dick with an unbelievable ego. He refuses to run a balanced offense because he is too much of a delicate genius. Against Oakland if they ran nothing but fullback dives they win the game! Andy reid would rather lose using his pass happy offense (without ever adjusting) than running the damn ball! He is a claasic example of hammering a square peg through a round hole. Listening to Eskin kiss this guys ass is so embarrasing to the point its funny. Love the King getting hit by the taxi cab!

  40. “Deion Branch, Terry Gelnn, Troy Brown…. with the exception of Troy Brown what did Branch or Terry Glenn do without Brady throwing them the ball? The answer for the football retarded (no offense to mentally handicapped people) nothing.”
    Pretty poor examples being used here. Terry Glenn’s best years came with Drew Bledsoe and Tony Romo as his quarterback. Glenn’s only Pro Bowl year was with Bledsoe and New England back in ’99. Glenn’s only 1000 yard season’s came with Bledsoe (3) and Romo (1). His best touchdown years also came with them.
    Branch on a per game basis (his first 2 years in Seattle) were basically the same with Brady and Hasselbeck. Now Branch is just a shell of his former self after suffering lisfranc foot sprain, anterior cruciate ligament tear in his knee, medial and lateral meniscus damage in the knee, posterior knee sprain and heel issues in Seattle.

  41. I guess Donovan wasn’t referring to the non-call PI in the end zone on Asshat Samuels at the end of the first half?

  42. @Rickah99
    FOURTH NFL TITLE??? Welcome to the Superbowl Era sir. Where you have NONE!!! League championsips in the 40’s and 50’s when black players werent even allowed to play doesnt count. Your great granpa should be bringing those up. Not you. That just makes you sound even more desperate and pathetic. WEE-gles fans love to bring up what weve done in the past 10 years or so which I will admit has been nothing.
    But if its been a while for us….its been an ETERNITY for you. If I were you I would delete the words title, championship, ring, superbowl etc….completely out of my personal dictionary. STOP SAYING THAT YOUVE BEEN BETTER THAN US OVER THE PAST DECADE. That just sounds pathetic. Youre so infatuated with the STAR that you cant even see that neither team has a bowl during that period so it doesnt matter.
    Philly fans are irrational, lack patience and will throw ANYBODY under the bus for no reason (see: Jeremiah Trotter, McNabb about 4 times, Jevon Kearse etc). The TRUTH is yall dont even appreciate what McNabb has done for you in the past 10 years. Just tell him to quit crying and actually fall forward for a change. And man up and say that you left plays on the field and relied on spot challenges to win a home game.
    Nevertheless, I will excuse SHE-gles fans’ clear ignorance, when youve never won anything and dont know how or what it feels like this is the clear result. I’ll glad take the W on Sunday that we earned. And move on to Green Bay.

  43. “I can’t wait until McNabb and Reid are champs, then you all won’t be bashing them.”
    Dont hold your breath. That window is closing faster than the one at the Mc Donalds drive-thru.

  44. bezee23 says: November 11, 2009 1:14 PM
    FOURTH NFL TITLE??? Welcome to the Superbowl Era sir. Where you have NONE!!! League championsips in the 40’s and 50’s when black players werent even allowed to play doesnt count. Your great granpa should be bringing those up. Not you.
    Let me get this straight, then:
    Championship 50 years ago? Too long.
    Championship 13 years ago, followed by no playoff wins? Just long enough to yell 5 SUPERBOWLS BABY.
    So, in summary, Cowboys fans are a bunch of hypocrites.

  45. And bezee23, where were you last season after 44-6?
    Didn’t see you “man up” and admit that your team got owned. Was it because you were all depressed and in hiding, like a little girl?
    Thought so. Another Internet Tough Guy.

  46. Two weeks ago Philly was taking the world by storm and now we’re getting the “What ha-happened is..” LOL. Nothing chnages with these guys. Lotsa talk, no real results, especially in big games.

  47. See all these problems could be solved for the Eagles, if they would plan a cheeseteak delivery to Andy in the middle of the fourth quarter. I mean hell, how can the man concentrate at the end of the on game clock management and calling the best possible plays when he hasn’t had a cheeseteak in over three hours! Geez.

  48. Of course they don’t win close games! Andy Reid kicks 52-yard fg’s down by 7 points with 5 minutes left and no time outs. Perfect example of deplorable in-game coaching that results in close game losses. This stat should surprise no one….the fact that Andy Reid somehow still holds this position should.

  49. Some one mentioned the
    RAVENS are in the same boat regarding winning close games. Look who the Ravens coach with mentored by…..dah

  50. ChapNasty: bad examples for WR. Glenn and Branch were #1 receivers. Had talent and did it with multiple qb’s, not just Brady. Peyton had Harrison and, now, Wayne plus throw in Dallas Clark. Eli?!? Really? He had some good games early this year vs. weak teams. I’m not saying that Brady and Payton aren’t great qb’s. They are, but to compare stats you really have to do a little more digging than you did. How would Brady or Manning have done throwing to Freddy Mitchell & Todd Pinkston….. about as good as DNabb did.

  51. Len dawson u might have the solution! Eagles fans donovan can’t play a perfect game every game, if u haven’t noticed if he doesn’t we lose. If andy calls a more balanced game, like run weaver on 3rd and 1 not run mccoy we win.
    The problems come from reid not mcnabb. He doesn’t deviate from his gameplan ever, even if it isn’t working

  52. How many Superbowls have the Eagles won? ZERO. Every other team in the NFC East has won MULTIPLE Superbowls.

  53. The Eagles are THE MOST OVERRATED TEAM in the history of the NFL. They had a chance to win the Super Bowl and blew it. It was a joke to see Reid like a deer in head lights and McNabb having no sense of urgency in that last part of the game. They just gave the Pats the crown and were done. My friend was pissed and yelling, “Come on! Hurry up! What the f@#k!.” Hurt seeing him react like that.
    So TO is the A-hole? He came back from a broken leg and put up big numbers that day. McNabb’s weak effort in the SB was why TO was a jerk with McNabb and the team.
    TO at his peak was a pain in the ass but man he was always a threat and his passion to win and his willingness to carry a team is something that every team should want from their players.
    Rich Ganon put in a horrible performance in the Pirate Super Bowl but he kept playing hard, along with J.Rice. Their sense of urgency to win was evident on every play. Granted, some errors were made because of that but Ganon did not lay down like McNabb did. MCNABB QUIT! PERIOD!
    I’d take Ganon’s heart over McNabb any day. McNabb was too busy making soup commercials with his mom to put in a good performance for the biggest game of his life! NFC / AFC championships don’t count as big games unless you win the big one.
    If you lose the SB, then the conference championship equals to who won 2nd place. Which means you’re a loser. Sorry, Raiders 2002.
    EAGLES WILL NEVER WIN A TITLE WITH MCNABB AND REID! Remember this quote when McNabb and Reid are gone from Philly.

  54. Complete cherry picking of stats. Had to do a little digging, but the two years used for the basis of this statement were years in which the Eagles were exactly average (8-8) or slightly above average (9-6-1).
    It lacks the depth needed to make the argument. Such as strength of schedule, injuries, and actual game by game analysis. To just skim the surface is deplorable. For example, in 2004 the Eagles were 4-0 in “close games.”
    To say that they have to blow teams out is equally as ignorant. It, again, doesn’t take into account the strength of schedule, injuries to the other teams, and game by game analysis.
    I read the article and it is just ludicrous. To dismiss winning by margins greater than 7 as saying they have to do that demeans the fact that they were ABLE to do it in the first place. The NFL is very competitive, every week.
    Just a waste of an argument, but nonetheless it does get the dander up from the the lovers and haters of the Eagles.
    All this just goes on to prove a point, it is not one player that causes a team to win or lose in a team sport.

  55. I love this gem
    Donovan McNabb was asked about the Eagles’ recent record in close games. The Birds are 1-8-1 in their last 10 games decided by six points or less. “It’s an unfortunate situation,” but “there’s nothing I can do about the past.”

  56. Florio seeing that you havent posted anything you just dont know. Joslio Hanson of the Eagles is suspended for 4 weeks for failing a drug test after last years NFCCG against the Cardinals and Ellis Hobbs is out for the season because of injury. You can find the story at the Eagles web page in the “Dave Spadaro’s On the inside” section of the site.

  57. “5-time Pro bowler with little,to no, WR help during the bulk of his career.
    O-Line has been decimated with injuries and has not have all 5 starters playing, at one time, this season.
    Starting WR’s have a combined 32 games played in the league.”
    It’s the Donovan McNabb Excuse-O-Matic!

  58. # penguininbondage says: November 11, 2009 11:01 AM
    Absolutely sick of this clown. It’s been no secret since the 2002 NFCCG that coming from behind late in the fourth ain’t happening.
    I still have nightmares of Ronde Barber returning that interception at the Vet.
    He’s never taken responsibility for his inadequate play and never will.
    Spot on. DM is a whiny mentally weak bitch, and loves to complain about everything and never takes responsibility…always has been always will be.
    Dude’s had a great defense for years and can never get it done. Even I know when they are behind in the 4th he ain’t leading them to the W and I’m not an Eagles fan.

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