Hamilton gets benched in Denver

Longtime Broncos starting guard Ben Hamilton had a night to forget on national television Monday against the Steelers.  Now he’s paying for it. 

Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports that Hamilton has been replaced in the starting lineup by former Patriots guard Ross Hochstein.  Hamilton is the longest tenured Bronco and has started every game which he’s been healthy for since 2002.

Denver’s offensive line has been a strength this year, especially when they are passing.  But Hamilton has not enjoyed a great season by most accounts. 

Hochstein’s reintroduction to the starting lineup won’t be easy.  He’s likely to face off against Albert Haynesworth of the Redskins Sunday.

11 responses to “Hamilton gets benched in Denver

  1. Brett Keisel absolutely destroyed him….
    And hey Florio, why haven’t we seen any posts on what a mistake it was for the Steelers to give Max Starks all that money? So far he’s having a Pro Bowl season and he’s handled Jared Allen, Antwan Odom, Shawn Merriman, Elvis Dumerville, Kyle Van Den Bosch, among others. Over the past two years you called the Steelers signing Starks a huge mistake about fifty times, now he’s unquestionably a top 10 LT in the NFL….

  2. It was a fun fairy tale while it lasted.
    That being said, the Broncos’ problems run deeper than just Hamilton.

  3. Panic move? My God, the last two weeks– pretty much all season– the road to the Denver backfield might as well be called Highway 50. Have you even watched a freakin’ Broncos game…making a comment like that?
    Its a scheme thing. Hamilton is an undersized zone-blocking specialist (and I mean undersized for even the prototypical zone-scheme type) who got by with heart an athleticism and now he’s being to asked to man-up and hold ground better than half the time. With Cutler and Plummer, the inherent zone-scheme protection difficulties could be mitigated with roll outs and moving pockets. Orton isn’t his best on the move. Its a practical thing.
    Panic move? Reading some of the comments here gives me an itch to go start blathering at a Quantum Physics site. Gimme a break.

  4. This is what happens when you try to make an O-line that is designed for zone blocking and try to force it into a power run blocking scheme. You end up with players that have been in the previous scheme that aren’t suited for the new one.
    Absolutely brilliant move breaking what isn’t broken.

  5. A longer overdue move. Hamilton was actually relatively average last year, and Cutler’s ability to move in the pocket made him look better than he was. Orton doesn’t have that escapeability and now he is being shown up. He isn’t strong enough to matchup against interior lineman 1v1 in a Man Blocking scheme (the ZBS seems a thing of the past in Denver), and he has been humiliated on dozens of occasions in both the running and passing game this year.
    He will get cut at the end of the year, and make his way to a ZBS team in need of a Guard (Oakland or Houston maybe).

  6. cunn9305 says:
    November 11, 2009 10:50 PM
    Panic move by McDaniels …
    Moronic statement by guy who didn’t even play high school football.
    SmackMyVickUp says:
    November 12, 2009 1:14 AM
    Where are all the bandwagon fans praising Orton and his 5 yard passes now?
    Here’s the bandwagon trashers who were wrong all offseason about Denver trying to save some face.

  7. “Where are all the bandwagon fans praising Orton and his 5 yard passes now?”
    We’re still 6-2, right?
    Didn’t Orton and his 5-yard passes pretty much shut down SD a couple weeks ago?

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