Jamal Lewis is "tired of it"

When Jamal Lewis first mentioned retirement after another Cleveland blowout loss, it appeared that he may have said it out of emotion.

In the days since, it’s clear that Lewis meant what he said and doesn’t plan to come back.  In fact, he said the decision was made before the season even started

Lewis says he’s retiring “just because I’m tired of it, tired of it and that was my goal, and that’s all I wanted. So, time to move on.”

This week’s game against Baltimore holds special significance to Lewis because of his history with the team.  Lewis said he’ll consider himself a Raven when he retires.

“A Raven, of course, because that’s who gave me my shot. That’s who brought me in. That’s where I pretty much did all my work,” Lewis said. 
“I have a lot of memories there, a lot of memories there — a lot of
older players that helped me out and brought me in, led me and showed
me the way. That’s where I got it from.”

Lewis doesn’t regret going to Cleveland, but he can’t be enjoying the final days of his ten-year career.   Like a lot of Browns fans, he sounds like he’s ready for this season to be over.

29 responses to “Jamal Lewis is "tired of it"

  1. He should at least play until Travis Henry gets out of the clink.
    I mean….what other career options does he have?

  2. Jamal Lewis, the man who will now be known as “the one guy in the world who doesn’t regret going to Cleveland.” Good luck with THAT.

  3. Poor Jamal. Must be just awful to get paid the amount he does to play a game, oh so tiresome. STFU, suck it up and be grateful for what you have a-hole.

  4. “danmateus75 says:
    November 11, 2009 10:47 PM
    Beth Stern is tired of Howard’s penis.”
    Howard Stern non-sequiturs.
    I remember 1993 too, when those were funny.

  5. I wonder how “tired of it” he’s going to be next year when he’s collecting those game checks. Just a hunch, but any idiot athlete that does jail time for his role in a drug deal probably hasn’t managed his money very well. Happy trails, Jamal. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  6. He must feel like an absolute whore, cashing paychecks from the train-wreck Browns while publicly referring to himself as a Raven.

  7. And he said what to piss you guys off so bad and make you dog him? He didn’t bad mouth a single person. He hjust said he’s tired of it. He even said he was ready to retire when the season stared…..he couldn’t have known how the season was going to go. So he’s simply ready to retire. And for you idiots giving him crap about taking a paycheck, do YOU GET PAID AT YOUR JOB? ….Dumbasses. I’m sure you don’t. You probably work for free, huh….. and when you retire in your career, I suppose some should tell you to STFU like you said about him. Idiots. Free country. He can do what he wants.

  8. c’mon guys, go easy on Jamal, he’s a good guy, not like he did time for drug trafficking or something

  9. His body has taken a TON of punishment. He’s gonna quit before he has a Shaun Alexanderesque finish to his career, which is probably the right move.

  10. Oh yeah, he regrets playing for money! Come on he went to a crappy team and telling everyone he will always be a Raven. Sounds like Sapp when he came to pick the pocket of Al Davis and the Raiders while telling everyone he is a Buc.
    Buck you Sapp! Too bad, dumb ass Bill Callahan changed the play book before the Super Bowl to passing instead of beating the crap outta Sapp with the run game. He had a reputation of not stopping the run. He couldn’t do it in Tampa and he surely didn’t do it in Oakland.
    That’s why pro sports stink in the era of money, not steroids, MONEY! Players in all leagues take steroids to get better to make MORE MONEY! I like Jamal, but regret out loud in the media, please pay the bill and move on!

  11. HarrisonHits – Poor Jamal. Must be just awful to get paid the amount he does to play a game, oh so tiresome. STFU, suck it up and be grateful for what you have a-hole.
    **** Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself ****

  12. Yep. It probably is time to retire when it’s been more than obvious that he’s out of gas for a while now. I really hope that if he feels there’s anyone to “blame”, he checks the mirror.

  13. I agree with HarrisonHits. He made $10m+ just the last 3 years with the Browns. No matter how bad the situation is in C-town, that’s not a bad chunk of change for retirement.

  14. It’s really got to be frustrating being on such a crappy, bass-ackwards team at this point in your career. Kinda how I feel at my job.

  15. “It’s really got to be frustrating being on such a crappy, bass-ackwards team at this point in your career. Kinda how I feel at my job.”
    Wear a Ravens shirt to work, you’ll feel much better.

  16. Jamal Lewis was a beast. He was the offense for Baltimore. Without him, probably no Super Bowl for the Ravens.

  17. For all the clowns who don’t know this. Jamal has a very good trucking business he’s been operating for the past several years and will step right into business as he leaves the NFL. Not like a lot of other prima donnas. 10 years for guys with two blown ACL’s aint to bad!
    As for the drug charge, he was totally set-up and made a victim because he wouldn’t narc out his buddies. He made a phone call saying he could get drugs and then nothing came of it but he still served his time and jail.
    J lewis was great back in his prime and wears a superbowl ring that NO BOZO from cleveland will ever have.

  18. I’m tired too Jamal. Tired of a generation of pompous, arrogant, spoiled babies who are so stupid they can’t keep their mouth shut until the end of the season before making a comment that he will consider himself a member of the other team.
    What does the culture of Cleveland (and Ohio) do to people? Years of socialistic philosophy and “I’m a victim, therefore YOU OWE ME” thought can really alter human behavior.
    What an idiot.

  19. Jamal was my favorite back. If he had taken a pay cut and accepted a Bettis like goal line role for the Ravens, he may have been able to play long enough to get HOF concideration.
    Nothing good can come from going to play for the Browns. Jamal is a good lesson for future free agents.

  20. jamaltimore
    You come from a place that couldn’t even keep its own team. You had to buy out the slimeiest owner in the history of sports in order to steal one.
    The one you bought dominiated professional football for decades. Unlike you, they led the NFL in attendence when they were sold out. You and Art Model deserved each other.
    You have one title. One title with a murderer (em.. alledged), coke dealer, and a four hundred pound slob who cheap shotted the Oakland quarterback, is nothing to be all high and mighty about. Many view the ratbirds for what they really are.

  21. olskool711
    I guess the name means you were alive in the 50’s when cleveland mattered? Art Modell is legend in the NFL and was pushed out of town by an IDIOT mayor who valued rock and roll more than the Browns. Why the grudge you got your team back and maybe if they didn’t suck so bad you’d be a little nicer. Try having your team and colors stolen forever before you start complaining about how bad Mr. Modell was. Seems to me everyone ended up getting what the wanted in cleveland.

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