Kampman defends playing with concussion

Green Bay Packers linebacker Aaron Kampman suffered a concussion on the fourth play of Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay, but he kept playing until the fourth quarter before he told coaches he needed to come out.

That raises an important question: Shouldn’t the coaches — and the Packers’ medical staff — have taken Kampman out of the game themselves?

Not according to Kampman, who told reporters that he doesn’t blame the team for allowing him to play, and that it’s a player’s responsibility to recognize when he has to come out.

But, of course, NFL players aren’t qualified to diagnose their own brain injuries. And they’re not able to evaluate themselves dispassionately when they’re in the middle of the game. And they’re really not able to evaluate themselves after they’ve already suffered a concussion. That’s why team medical staffs need to be vigilant about monitoring players and removing them from games when they’ve suffered concussions, whether the players themselves want to be removed or not.

Kampman says he feels better now, but he did not practice today. Packers coach Mike McCarthy said, “the earliest he’ll get back is Friday.”

For the sake of Kampman’s long-term health, here’s hoping he and the Packers are more cautious this week than they were on Sunday.

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  1. There is no brain power running the show in Green Bay now. Kampman is just a hard nosed Iowa boy that kept on playing. Dom Capers would never take him out of that “kick ass 3-4 defense” unless Kampman was half dead.

  2. I’m going to impersonate one of those idiots that thinks the person they’re commenting about actually read the comments:
    “Kampman, if you’re reading this, please be advised that players are donating their brains for concussion research. Their f–king brains, dude. Think about that. While you still can.”

  3. Kampman took a blow to his head on the fourth play of the loss to Tampa Bay, but played into the fourth quarter before he told coaches he wasn’t OK and was taken out of the game.

    As a former player you won’t find anybody more sensitive to the issue of concussions in the game, however I have to ask. How could the coaches or the trainers take a guy out if he didn’t tell them anything was wrong.
    Contrary to conventional wisdom you can have a concussion and still be fairly high functioning (as Kampan’s ability to play and actually make plays well after his injury evidences). So if you are dinged but you don’t tell anybody then hell at the most they might think you are having a bad game but we can’t expect them to be mind readers, pun not intended.
    Hell I watched the game, two times actually, and there is no way in the world that you could discern that there is anything wrong with him from his play. He was still physical, he was still making pass rush moves, he even made a really good play in pass coverage on a back in the flat which is definitely not his forte.
    The truth is he is exactly right that players have to take at least some responsibility in these situations. There has to be a push to get guys to admit when they are dinged and not be so hyped about playing that they put their health at risk.
    As it stands guys are so stigmatized about injuries that its still an uphill battle to convince them that its ok to admit they are hurt and to come out of the game. Thats the REAL lesson here. The next time you put up a post about a guy being injury prone and how it will affect his contract I hope you keep that in the back of your mind.

  4. Aaron Kampman with a concussion probably looked and sounded as dimwitted as a normal A.J. Hawk, so the trainers probably just mistook Kampman as A.J., but with shorter hair.

  5. MDS suggests the Packers medical staff was not vigilant on the sidelines. I’m not sure how he determined that to be the case, other than assuming that was so because Kampman continued to play. What were they supposed to do? Do you give a test everytime a guy gets/takes any contact? Between each series? I think a lot of players would have a problem with that. There isn’t much more to be done without significanatly changing the game we all love. If a man chooses to box, maybe hoping for a better life for his family, you try to protect him by not letting him fight for quite a while after he’s knocked out. But football is not quite as violent to the head, so you make a judgement as best you can. Sometimes, a player makes it for you. Kampman did.

  6. If anything, the Packers are overly cautious with their injuries. Jordi Nelson has missed over a month with a “bruised knee.” Although they may have upgraded that to a sprain.
    But in general, they’ve historically been very conservative with injuries.

  7. Yeah, it’s not like a quality coaching staff and medical/training staff is obligated to make independent determinations on the condition of the players by, say, paying attention to the game and their players or anything. McCarthy and his training staff must’ve been looking at the post-game menu or working on those easily correctable O-line mistakes.

  8. Breaking news – Lou Dobbs has resigned with CNN News and took over as the head coach of Green Bay Packers. He has made it clear though that a trade for Roberto Garza and a come back my Anthony Munuz to fix the line will be halted immediately.

  9. Wow… One of the few packer players I actually respect, and they risk killing him. Shame, but then it tells you something about the packers, they aren’t too smart. Looks like they are headed in the same direction the Bears are, IR, and before you know it another 6 – 10 season. Sucks to be stupid, but even worse to be a packer and stupid.

  10. It would be terrible if Kampman suffered a significant brain injury where his only chance at holding a job would be as the head coach of the Vikings.

  11. Kamp is a stud and the only Packer i like other than Craig Arnes this dipwad ski instructor from Copper Mtn that lives the Pack life every day. Kampman would keep playing no matter how he felt. Let’s hope that wasn’t the last hit.

  12. “as dimwitted as a normal A.J. Hawk, so the trainers probably just mistook Kampman as A.J., but with shorter hair.”
    You do know that A.J. Hawk recorded a sack and almost had a INT in this game, don’t you??

  13. Kampman is a fine player and as you are worried what he would do if he had a brain injury, I would recommend him to be the GM of the Packers.

  14. packers4life
    that pick AJ Hawk ALMOST had sure helped out didn’t it?

  15. You couldn’t tell he got injured. It’s idiotic to blame the Packers org. when there was no indication that he was injured.

  16. When a player has a concussion, it’s pretty obvious, no? I live in the town that raised Mike Webster, now deceased in no small part due to brain injury.
    Fans of Aaron Kampman will have to remember the 4-3 Pro Bowler, not the 3-4 out of position player. He can still rush, but the other o-coordinators have noticed he can’t cover in the open field.
    Why the Packers didn’t trade him–a Pro Bowler–instead of trying to make him into a linebacker, I will never know. Wheeler-dealer Ted Thompson must have the concussion, too. That is plainly evident starting with a lousy offensive line, no meaningful running game, a QB sacked so many times he’s mistaken for groceries.
    Dom Capers defense is worse than last year’s squad.
    Cowboys 34, Green Bay 14.

  17. Hey rpberteliot, are you the voice of the packers. You are retarded, I mean helmet to bus stop stupid. If this helps you I don’t have any respect for you. Let’s let Kamp get bent over in Green Bay this year and we will get back to his normal position next year in MSP. You D Bag.

  18. radioboy20010 says:
    Cowboys 34, Green Bay 14.
    You think we’ll put up 14? Really??I was thinking more like 9. I hate Dallas, and I’d really love to win this game. Sadly, I’m a realist, which means I need to accept that it probably ain’t gonna happen.
    Whether you’re going to the game or not, remember it’s Purple Sunday, Pack fans.. Wear the most homosexual purple shirt you can find all day to show your non-support for Thompson (who is rumored to be gay himself)… If it has a Viking logo, all the better. Hateful signs and paper bags are optional, but regardless, let’s all come together and make sure the whole league knows how we feel about our current situation.

  19. Maybe he’s had a concussion all year. It’s not as if he’s done a damn thing on the field. Please, please, please keep him off the field. He’s obviously useless in the 3-4. Bye, bye to him next year, but for now anyone at all couldn’t do any worse.

  20. Beer Cheese,
    That is the most absurd thing you have said on here. Purple Sunday? Gay Day? Is your real name Mr. Burgess?

  21. packers4life,
    i am a NFl know nothing and even a retard like me can tell AJ Hawk sucks as a NFL linebacker..

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