Lewis tells Ochocinco to hold the mustard

Last week Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco mailed deodorant to players on the Ravens, and it worked out pretty well for him: The Bengals beat the Ravens and — most importantly to Ochocinco — the stunt got his name mentioned, over and over again, in the media.

So this week Ochocinco hatched a new plan. On Monday, Ochocinco wrote on Twitter that he would be mailing a care package of condiments to players on the Steelers.

“I got a nice present for the Steelers—sending them some mustard since they’ll never ketchup when we play Sunday,” Ochocinco tweeted. On Wednesday morning Ochocinco reiterated that he has some mustard to give the Steelers.

But now the plans are off. Ochocinco told reporters on Wednesday afternoon that Bengals coach Marvin Lewis has barred him from sending mustard — or anything else, for that matter — to the Steelers. So the deodorant stunt may be Ochocinco’s last.

Then again, Ochocinco, who has also been tweeting that he wants to fight in the UFC, has always found ways around the constraints placed on him by his coaches and the league office. This is the same guy, after all, who legally changed his name from Johnson to Ochocinco after the NFL told him he couldn’t put his nickname on the back of his jersey. Maybe some week he’ll find a way to send a package to the opposing team without running afoul of Lewis’s rules.

But not this week. For now, the Steelers won’t be getting any mustard.

46 responses to “Lewis tells Ochocinco to hold the mustard

  1. The NFL and the Bengals may “act” like they dislike #85’s antics, but it makes for theater not seen since Ali was in his prime! Coach Lewis should have let him send it, when or loose, the Steelers would have had that on their minds, and less on the game.

  2. James Harrison will be sending (#85) snot to the ground! Coach Lewis saw the hit on Buckhalter & reality set in. Someone please hit this boy! A low-class geechi & media whore. Please.

  3. @moral-authority
    get your panties out of a bunch man. he’s just having fun. it’s not hurting anyone.

  4. Marvin should be molding these young peoples lives not denying them the right/want to use condiments. What if Chad gets some strange lady pregnant? Is Marvin going to go to the drug store at 3 AM for cold medicine? Is Marvin going to be there for young Jose Ochocinco’s graduation from clown school? Do the right thing Marvin. You’re better than that.

  5. please allow him to fight. if he fights a real opponent they would rip his arm off. that would be awesome.

  6. LOL got to love Ochocinco. He should be inducted into the hall of fame just because hes well…. him.

  7. c’mon! the mustard is hilarious! i like chad. he’s fun, he’s a good ballplayer, he doesn’t get in trouble and his child-like humor is much better to watch than some guy with handcuffs on his way to court (or jail). especially for our kids.
    chad- my steelers are gonna crush you on sunday… but i love ya anyway.
    go STEELERS!

  8. Here’s what else Chad had to say: “Everybody’s going to get the business, including Ike (Taylor),” he said. “You notice I keep bringing Ike’s name up. He’s going to get it…he couldn’t stop me in a brown paper bag inside a phone booth with the door closed. It’s going to be a good matchup.”
    Good matchup, maybe, Eight Five, but we’ll see who comes out on the winning end of it.

  9. As a Steelers fan I don’t mind Chad Johnson’s antics. They are comical and do not hurt anyone. Besides, the Steelers usually shut him down, Chris Henry was the one that usually killed us.

  10. Ochocinco has the mind of a seven year old. The fact that soooooooooooooooo many people find him hilarious ….. sigh.

  11. @sportnman
    Do you really believe mustard would affect the Steelers or any team in the NFL, NCAA, High School, Pop Warner? Give me a break.

  12. Ochocinco makes the league so much better. Would you rather a player give you canned answers or one that you never know what might come out. Anyone bitching about his stunt on the replay needs to get a life. It was $1 dollar. I jnow people who get paid by the NFL to just man the Video Replay boxes while not being used and they get like $400 a game.

  13. Ochocinco can keep the mustard… he will need it
    when he’s watching the playoffs at home on the couch

  14. I am a Steelers fan who enjoys ocho’s antics. I dont like his locker room disturbances, but his on field jokes are usually funny. I personally think the whole bit about Steelers not being able to ketchup is funny.
    Steelers will beat the Bengals.

  15. “I got a nice present for the Steelers—sending them some mustard since they’ll never ketchup when we play Sunday,” Ochocinco tweeted.
    Wow. A low point in stupidity. That sounds like a line written by an 8 year old (a “special” 8 year old, even).

  16. @CurseofBoJackson says:
    November 11, 2009 4:27 PM
    Cue the no fun police, uppity pricks.
    — It is sad that some people needs stunts being involved with the NFL and can’t just enjoy the games on Sunday. I bet you are the same as the people who think end zone celebrations should go on with whatever the players can dream up. Myself I respect the game too much to want to see it turned into a circus. Ochocinco will always be the top sideshow, but he will never win anything. Marv Lewis is stopping this from happening because it is a circus stunt done by a retard who is lucky enough to be big and fast.

  17. You made the big time now PFT….
    PFT is now on the Huffington Post.
    That will make the conservative readers pi$$ed.

  18. moral-authority…
    Steeler fan here BTW.
    Someone did hit him…Ray Lewis. And he hit him hard. In the head. And he got right back up. This isn’t the first time anything like this has happended in the NFL, and this isn’t the first season Ocho Cinco has decided to do something like this. It wouldn’t have been on the Steelers minds at all, it’s not like receiving mustard in the mail is going to infuriate anyone LOL. It’s all in good fun, Ocho’s little way of talking trash w/o being a complete big-mouth douche. I’d rather have him send a joking care package to a team than rant to the media for minutes upon minutes about how great he is….
    I’m not the biggest fan of Marvin Lewis, though he has had some tough breaks with Palmer being hurt over the years and a history of drafting and signing jerks. I think he knows this is going to be an old fashioned donnybrook this Sunday, and having to play away, doesn’t even want take the slightest chance at providing any bulletin board fodder for the Steelers. Either way….Heinz makes mustard as well….we’ve got plenty here in Pittsburgh.

  19. @”Cue the no fun police, uppity pricks.”
    Not sure how this is considered fun. It’s childish, not funny and just getting old. But if you think this is fun, funny or entertaining, then I also have a shiny set of keys that I can dangle for you. That should provide hours of entertainment for you.

  20. Chad’s off his game–the mustard joke was weak compared to the deoderant. Hope he’s equally off his game Sunday. The funniest line was Sportnman’s. You actually think the Steelers would be on the field losing concentration because they’re fuming over getting a shipment of mustard? LOL Even Chad knows better than that! That’s hilarious.

  21. @SFTitan
    Ochocinco may not be funny. But your Titans sure are. Especially during the Cheatriot game. You have been avoiding me since September. You loser.

  22. You see SFTitan, there is this dude named Mark Sanchez that plays for the New York Jets. Now one day while he was playing in the National Football League (they abbreviate it N.F.L. for short – you may have heard of it), he made the wildly hilarious blunder of eating a hot dog on the sidelines of an NFL game! Can you believe it! Anyways, there is also this other dude named Chad Ochocinco who likes to send funny little things in the mail to provoke other teams that he is about to play. Well, his latest provocation involved sending mustard to the Pittsburgh Steelers. What a riot! Unfortunately, his coach didn’t like him sending mustard to the Steelers on account of James Harrison ending Chad’s life as he performs a crossing pattern. So I suggested that he send the mustard to Mark Sanchez, who could clearly use it for his sideline hotdog addiction.
    Connect enough dots for ya?

  23. @Honey Nut Florios …
    So glad SFTitan is clueless because you’re hilarious. The best part was Harrison ending Chad’s life on a crossing pattern LOL.
    Love the screen name.

  24. Ironically Deb, I was just admiring your comment in the James Harrison post earlier in the day.
    So, right back at ya!

  25. Break it up lovebirds…
    Chad sends it to teams NOT for them, but for HIM. It makes the stakes higher which helps him perform better. That is why we play better on the road, we like it, it helps focus the mind. The Bengals are savages!
    I think Chad is freakin COMEDY. You should try having him on your team, its really fun especially when we are beating lots of teams. So lets have a good one this week Steelers, no injuries no flags and may the best team win.
    WHo DeY!

  26. See what I mean? SOME folks can’t just let things go, probably the same folks who won’t let their 12 yo cross the street without holding mommy’s hand.
    SFTitan – It’s considered fun because it’s FUNNY, get it? Take your puckered sphincter and crap on something that needs to be crapped on, this is lighthearted good fun, it’s a game remember?
    moral authority – your name says it all dude. And Chad’s not just big and fast, he has ridiculous hands and balance and awareness of where he is on the field (last one not consistently, unfortunately), Chad has also gotten a lot tougher over the years, so your analysis is short sighted and oozes with your animosity at things that don’t fit in your little box of acceptability. Get a life dude, it’s a GAME!!!!! Thanks for proving my point about you and people like you though, do you work for the NCAA? NFL? ACLU? AARP?

  27. Bones, to futher elaborate on my last comment, YOU and people like you are sad sad little men (women?) who can’t get over your own shortcomings, and inevitably with people who hate themselves, that hate ends up directed at other completely non-related subjects. Like a football player making appropriate jokes etc.. for everyone’s entertainment, and you say you hope his career gets ended? Sad, sad indeed.

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