Mangini claims he didn't know about Quinn's escalators

Though we’ve been very critical of Browns coach Eric Mangini, we were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt on the question of whether he parked quarterback Brady Quinn on the bench in order to ensure that Quinn doesn’t unlock $10.9 million in 2010 and 2011 salary escalators by taking 70 percent of the snaps on offense this season.

We were inclined to give Mangini the benefit of the doubt, even though he clung to Derek Anderson and his single-digit completion performances until it became mathematically impossible for Quinn to hit the trigger.

But in a lengthy interview with Clark Judge of, Mangini offered up a suggestion so outlandish that we believe Mangini is trying too hard to cover up the reality that Mangini kept Quinn on the bench because it will be much easier to trade Quinn after the season if he hasn’t triggered those future salary obligations.

Judge asked Mangini about the possibility that Quinn was benched due to the escalator clause.  And here’s what Mangini said.

“No, absolutely not.  With all the
different contracts. . . .  I don’t know what the incentives are.  But that
wouldn’t make my decision [even if I did].”

There’s no good way out of this one for Mangini.  He’s lying, or he’s incompetent.

Either way, it’s a dangerous strategy for a guy working for an owner who’s looking for any way to fire people who need to go without having to pay the balance of his contract.

48 responses to “Mangini claims he didn't know about Quinn's escalators

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  2. Eh…I don’t care for Mangini, but I believe him. I think once all the players are in and the coaches start coaching in training camp, the coaches no longer think about things like contracts.
    Maybe I’m naive, but I’m buying it.

  3. How many times has Mangia-mangia been asked about this escalating clause in BQ’s contract, and he just now realizes he was totally unaware of it? I am reminded of the numbers of articles repeating Cleveland’s lack of football talent; it now seems true that the most glaring lack of talent is the head coach and his dim-witted, moribund coordinators and assistants. Fire this fat f–k and pay the freight; and duck fast when you spit in the wind.

  4. Why would Lerner fire him for doing something that benefits the owner and does nothing positive for the coach, then lying to the media about it for obvious PR reasons?
    Mangini may be incompetent, but this is a nonsensical stretch, Florio. Can you just report news and only add commentary when you don’t have to painstakingly force it?

  5. Wow. This is even LESS believable than Mangini’s mentor’s famous “misinterpreted the rule” line. What a load.
    If Lerner was so intent on having a Patriots castoff running things, he should have kept Crennell. He sucked too, but at least had some credibility and respect for his players. Mangini is a truly sick man. Ditto to the sociopath label above. Scary.

  6. This is a true story. You see, Kokinis kept Quinn’s contract on his desk under a plate of salad. Mangini wouldn’t touch that if his life depended on it, so yeah, I can see how he probably didn’t know it existed. On a related note, all of the other player’s contracts were kept under boxes of Krispy Kremes and he knew those chapter and verse.
    Happens all the time. If I had a dollar for every time this happened to Paul Brown, Don Shula, Vince Lombardi, Bill Walsh or Bill Bilichick I’d be rich………

  7. This guy should be black balled from the ranks of nfl coaches. I don’t even like the Browns, but I wouldn’t even wish Mangini on my own worst enemy (the Green Bay Packers)….

  8. Probably the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard anyone state (on SO many levels). Even worse than Clinton. He’s trying so hard to be like Belichick and this statement alone should get him fired.

  9. Mr. Lerner,
    If by some off chance that you read this post after the above article, I’d like to bring one fact to your attention. Incompetence, when it repeatedly rears it’s ugly head, would grant “cause.”
    Now, I am not a Browns fan but I am a great fan of the game. A head coach that is blind to the contracts of his quarterbacks, of all players, is quite frankly… incompetent.
    You sir, have a head coach like this representing your organization.
    On a final note.. I’d be curious to know just how many times you finished a conversation with Coach Mangini and then had to mentally ask yourself if you just got the “real” full picture.
    With a draft upcoming are you absolutely certain that you want this individual, again, charting the future of your franchise?

  10. 1. Every player has escalators, and I don’t find it that outlandish that a head coach hasn’t memorized what triggers every single one for every single player. To be honest, I’d hope a coach spent that time doing other things like, you know, coaching.
    2. He was probably referring to whether or not he knew exactly what the escalators were at the time of the benching, which again I don’t find that unbelievable.
    3. If you read the entire interview, I think it’s pretty revealing about what Mangini thinks is going on over there. I’m not from Cleveland, so I don’t see any of the local stuff thrown at him, but I think some of it is fair and some of it isn’t. It’s a pretty good interview.

  11. This is exactly why the browns need a general manager. Every time Mangini steps in front of a reporter he further embarasses the franchise. People need to stop defending this idiot, He is making hard to present a good case for him.

  12. Slow Joe – I don’t care for Mangini, but I believe him
    Name kinda says it all…

  13. How is it possible that virtually the entire free world knew of Quinn’s escalators and this control freak didn’t?
    Of course saving Lerner this increase in salary , by the benching, might just make it easier to fire Mangini and eat his salary!

  14. It bad enough this baffoon has control over a NFL team but if I was a Browns fan I would be screaming for his head on a platter; not at the end of the season but right now!
    He is either 1 of 2 things; either he thinks the fans are complete morons and he can tell us his shit is chocolate ice cream and we will buy it by the gallon or he is in fact the moron and has no business running a team.
    Part of coaching is knowing what your players value is yesterday, today and tomorrow and how that value can help or hurt your team. For him to not know about the escalators tells us he does not have the slightest idea how to build a team and make all the pieces work.
    Ass Clowns like this just piss me off. There is no reason to lie to us yet he finds the need to. Be a man and say what everyone already knows. You were not going to let him hit his escalators because he has not shown he is worth it.

  15. Why would a coach worry about contracts? Seems to me to be something that GMs worry about but coaches just try to put the best guys on the field. To them, who cares what a contract says!

  16. How can he claim that he didn’t know when he responded to questions about it at least three times in his morning pressers?
    Seriously, does Eric Mangini have any leadership skills at all? Clearly, Integrity and Credibility are NOT among his skills.

  17. One of our local morning radio shows was saying Holmgren will be coaching the Browns next year. They made it sound like the deal is in. They also said Mangina will be coaching the Bills next year.

  18. We were also willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for the “exit issues” with Belichick. Belichick was the bitter old mentor that had trouble that his student left him. We all assumed Belichick was the bad guy that wouldn’t shake hands. You know maybe this jerk Mangini just burnt the bridges on the way out the door and Belichick was justified. It seems to fit the personality.

  19. quinn has been cursed since entering the league. browns will take the money they saved on Quinn and use it but out Mangini so in effect Quinn helped to get rid of Mangini. 🙂

  20. Everybody who reads a sports site, sports page, or watches ESPN for 30 minutes a day knows about this part of Quinn’s contract. Somebody in Bumf****, Egypt knows about it, but this moron doesn’t. He’s a liar. It’s something else he has failed at. That comment is an insult to Quinn and Browns fans.

  21. Mangini is a dumbass, but benching Quinn is probably the smartest thing he’s ever done. If he expects to be coaching the Browns for years to come (which I doubt), he doesn’t want to be tied to Quinn. I don’t blame him. Quinn hasn’t shown that he’s worth the money.

  22. Florio I can’t believe how wrong you are saying, “There’s no good way out of this one for Mangini. He’s lying, or he’s incompetent.”
    Isn’t it obvious he is an incompetent liar?

  23. I just can’t believe this. After Quinn was pulled in the Baltimore game (and Quinn was having a difficult time moving the ball) DA did have some initial success but ended up throwing three interceptions. After a couple games where DA completed two or three passes or had less than 100 yards passing many felt Quinn should be put back in. When Mangini didn’t people started to speculated about the bonuses. With all the talk shows, articles, press conferences, etc. there was no way Mangini wouldn’t have known.

  24. another stupid inference by you mr florio ,so you mean to say that mangini when he decided to bench quinn went through the long contract of quinn so as to save the money.I would bet he would have had it been his job or his money .His job is not to deal with contracts (which supposedly was kokinis and savage) but with players .
    if anyone who is going to be concerned about saving money it wud be lerner …
    and for the poster who comented everyone knows about the quinn’s contract ,most of them dont even know its not 70% of games(as been highlighted several times by malicious authors ) but 70% of snaps either this year or next year ..

  25. When I read that interview the thing that stood out for me is how immature Mangini is. Somewhere along the line his emotional growth just stopped and his Madonna-like ambition took over. Mangini is not overly intelligent, but smart enough to score jobs with two clueless organizations.
    This guy needs to get away from football and go to social skills camp. And the interviewer clearly is angling to claim the lightweight interviewer crown.

  26. Is Mangini a Bill Belichick disciple ? Yes. How many of them this side of Josh McDaniels have appeared competent ? Zero. So why do they keep getting jobs ? Incompotence by the owners hiring them.
    Mangini is quite possibly the worst coach in NFL history. Yes, worst than Rich Kotite if anyone remembers the former New York Jets Head Coach. Wow!!!!

  27. If you’re theowner… you might be happy at the way he handled Quinn’s incentive clauses. Saved you $10 million.
    Now you can’t even give him credit as a money manager.
    If you’re the owner… What can you give him credit for?
    Clearly a hiring mistake.

  28. “There’s no good way out of this one for Mangini. He’s lying, or he’s incompetent”
    In Mangini’s case, they are not mutually exclusive Mike. I am fully willing to believe he is both lying and incompetent.

  29. When you are the de facto GM, as Mangini apparently is due to his victory or his “pal” Kokinis, it is your JOB to know about contract escalaters.
    Literally thousands of sports writers and PFT readers knew about it, but this idiot would have us believe this is the first he’s heard of it?
    It’s time that every past and present NFL cooach have this idiot removed from his office, he’s making a joke out of their profession.
    Bill Belichick would have known about Quinn’s contract, Eric.

  30. maybe he meant that he didn’t know the specifics of it. maybe he didn’t know exactly how many snaps quinn would have to take? hmmmmm? no I think he’s just a liar. as fans we like to think that it’s wrong to make decisions based on money but when there is eleven million dollars on the line do you really think that nobody in the organization was whispering in his ear about keeping quinn on the bench? he knew.

  31. Nate Jackson signed with Cleve for a week, he ripped Mangini on sports radio yesterday, tore him to pieces, it was shocking. its availible at 104.3 the fan denver com.
    Called him a egomaniac, childish, etc…

  32. If you read the interview, it comes across as a puff piece for PR purposes. No challenge from the interviewer when Mangini sayid he’s putting the best people on the field??? DA has a QB rating of 3 (that’s THREE!) in the 4th quarter this year. Meritocracy, yeah right.

  33. Please help me figure this out, a guy who wants to be Coach and GM has no idea what a players contract is about. Are you kidding me, I would dump this guy for two reasons:
    1-He is full of crap and is a terrible liar, let alone he has ruined any chemistry this team had as a football team.
    2-He is just plain stupid and has runied the chemistry of this football team and it is beyond repair as long as he is in control.
    Time to pay another coach to just go away.

  34. Mangini took two NFL QBs with decent trade value and destroyed the confidence and trade value of both QBs with his handling of the QB situation.
    He owns that. No one else can be blamed.
    But although Anderson was terrible I understood that Mangini understood he’d hurt Quinn’s trade value even more by triggering a $6 million salary increase.
    Turns out I was giving Mangini too much credit. Every Cleveland fan knew about the escalator clause… every reader here knew about it.
    But Mangini did not. And emphatically says so with no ambiguity in that PR puff piece.
    I’d agree that if Lerner is looking to weasel out of Mangini’s contract “with cause” this PR puff piece gives him all the ammunition he needs.

  35. Here’s some fuel to the fire: in his first year with the Jets, Mangini acknowledged in an interview that he lied to his two-year old son and told him Christmas was on Dec. 24th, so he could hold practice on Christmas Day. What kind of man does that?

  36. Sooooo…he remembers what Andre Rison’s bonus was from about 16 years ago but doesn’t know that Quinn had playtime incentives? Yeah right.

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