Quinn officially reclaims the starting job

In a development roughly as relevant to the team’s fortunes as the question of whether the Browns will wear white pants or brown ones, Brady Quinn officially becomes the starting quarterback, again.

So back to the bench goes Derek Anderson, who was inserted for Quinn at halftime of a Week Three loss to the Ravens, and who won one of only five starts.

In the lone victory at Buffalo, Anderson completed two of 17 passes.

Coach Eric Mangini announced the move back to Quinn on Wednesday.

He’s had good weeks of practice,” Mangini said of Quinn, per the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  “He’s worked hard
since the first transition was made. I look forward to him taking
advantage of this opportunity and helping us improve.”

Mangini also looks forward to the Browns being able to showcase Quinn down the stretch and then trade him after the season without a contract burdened by $10.9 million in future salary obligations that would have been triggered if he had never been benched.

23 responses to “Quinn officially reclaims the starting job

  1. So much news on the Browns for such a god awful team, whats the matter? Pat White not interesting enough?

  2. Enough with the Browns. Their season is over. The next posting for them should be the sale of the team or the moving of the team or both.
    BTW, is TO back in Buffalo or is he still on a beach in Mexico?

  3. I wonder if he’ll be a little bit more willing to take risks with the football. Spread the field, throw the ball deep, etc.
    Now that he’s seen Mangini stand behind Derek Anderson despite abismal performances.
    For all the people who didn’t think Quinn would start once he’d passed any reasonable chance to make his accelerator for the year, I just want to say one thing: FAIL!

  4. I hope Quinn does well or as well as he can with no weapons. I also hope he survives the season returing next year as a Browns player with Mangini getting the axe!

  5. Why isn’t anyone writing about what an idiot Jeff Fisher is for sticking with a second rate quarterback (Kerry Collins) who could only guide his team to 14 points per game and an 0-6 during his 6 game run as the starting QB this year.
    While since the Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams put the pressure on Fisher to get Vince Young in there…the Titans under Young have averaged 32 points per game and a 2-0 record in his 2 starts.
    Now there’s a story…

  6. I’m not a Browns fan and have a neutral opinion of Brady Quinn, but he really did get a bum deal by his hometown team. I hope he gets a chance to start over somewhere else next year.

  7. Patsfan1776….there are still Browns fans who want to know what’s going on with their wreck of a franchise.
    If you’ll notice, all the news is bad. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  8. He better make sure he memorizes all the retarded motivational quotes on the walls, or Manguvenial will flick his ear til he does!

  9. to Asswipe Johnson (Pronounced Az-Wee-Pay):
    How about b\c Fisher has a history as a very successful coach, Collins took a team to the SB (not to mention led the team to the best record in the NFL last yr), and Vince’s performance in the Pro’s on and off the field had been terrible.
    Hindsight is 20/20.

  10. Does anyone else wonder why Mangini would chose to start Quinn against the very same defense that caused for his benching after 2 quarters? Come on Man-Im-Dumb, just admit that his contract is easier to trade without the added $10.9 mil and stop playing/being dumb?
    Either outcome for Quinn has Man-Im-Dumb screwed. If Quinn does well, you look even dumber for not starting him soon enough (see Jeff Fisher, Coach-Tennessee). If he does poorly, you look even dumber for admitting he actually looked better than the other guy in practice and still couldnt get him “Game Ready”. NO WIN SITUATION!!!

  11. nohio says:
    November 11, 2009 11:51 AM
    Who cares? Ravens win by 30.
    I CARE! I always will. I’m not a fair weather fan.

  12. Mongo,
    It’s not really hindsight when you can’t move the ball, are averaging just 14 points a game and without a win in 6 games.
    And Trent Dilfer, Rex Grossman and Stan Humphries all took their teams to the Super Bowl too…it still doesn’t make them good quarterbacks.

  13. I am neutral as to the Browns, except for the fact that we were the first win for the “new” Browns which still ticks me off.
    As to Brady Quinn, he got the shaft big time! It has been obvious for weeks that Anderson sucked just as bad, if not worse than Quinn. The move should have been made back to Quinn weeks ago, but it was not made until the franchise was certain that Quinn had zero chance to reach 70% of the offensive snaps this season and thereby screw him out of his bonus.
    Anybody who signs with the Browns, either as a rookie or free agent, should be aware that playing time incentives may be manipulated so that that the franchise doesn’t have to pay. Quinn also bears some of the blame here. If he had played well in the first two and a half games he would not have lost his job, but the Browns have known for weeks that Anderson sucked and that they need to find out if Quinn is the answer or if they need to start scouting the rookie class of 2010.
    Attention rookie QB of 2010. Don’t rely on playing time incentives……..

  14. I am sick for Browns fans everywhere. There seems to be such a sense of hopelessness surrounding this franchise . The one thing this team DOES have in common with the Patriots is that the Patriots were in this same place around 1988-91, before Parcells came to town. I can only hope there’s a “Parcells” in the near future for the Browns who will step in and flush this turd Mangini far, far down the toilet.
    I didn’t like him for the Jets job either, but he showed none of the signs of weirdness that he’s exploded with in Cleveland.
    Getting fired by the Jets did something truly dramatic to this guy’s mind.
    Right now the best thing that could happen to either Anderson or Quinn (both, actually) is to get the hell out of Cleveland as soon as possible and try to ressurect their careers in someplace more normal ……. like Oakland!

  15. Once Charlie Weis gets canned by ND, he will be the OC in Cleveland next year and Quinn will shine. No need to waste a first round pick on a QB either.

  16. C’mon Mangenitals is a genius just ask him. This was all a clever motivational ploy to make Quinn hungrier and better.
    Moron. I feel bad for Browns fans they deserve better. Instead their team is quickly becoming the eastern version of the Raiders, a place players go to die.

  17. Quinn has a much better future in Cleveland than Mangini. Mangini will be fired before he gets the chance to trade Quinn.

  18. Charlie Weis as the new Offensive Coordinator? What next ? Mangini drafts Jimmy Clausen and brings back Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator ? Beyond that ? A touchdown jesus in the dawgpound ? The coaching staff will look like the contestants of “The Biggest Loser” Why not bring Kansas coach Mark Mangino too!

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