Ramzee Robinson replaces Ellis Hobbs

With the Eagles placing veteran cornerback Ellis Hobbs on injured reserve, the team has announced that Hobbs’ roster spot has been taken by Ramzee Robinson.

Robinson was a seventh-round selection in the 2007 draft.  In two years with the Lions, he appeared in 19 games.

The Lions cut Robinson before the start of the 2009 regular season.

10 responses to “Ramzee Robinson replaces Ellis Hobbs

  1. newty
    yes he was my. irrelevant
    Didn’t you just lose to the Cowgirls? Like the last game you played?

  2. I still wish the Lions didn’t cut him. He was a pretty decent cover corner. He was better than some of the garbage we have in the secondary. I bet he’ll play good in the Eagles system. He is actually a good player and is now in a good system with good players and veterans around him now. Which is what he never had the luxury of in Detroit or else he’d still be here. Some teams are just able to bring in players that didn’t work on other teams and make them good (for example Leigh Bodden is having a very good season for the Pats and he was complete garbage last year on the Lions) and I think this is one of those situations.
    Best of luck to Robinson this is his chance to prove himself and I hope it works out. Me and alot of other Lions fans really liked him and were sad to see him go. Hopefully he shows what he can do on a better team.

  3. EaglesFreak89 says:
    November 11, 2009 2:37 PM
    But there still better then the Redskins and Cowgirls.
    Yes, given Sunday night’s game (20-16 Dallas), the fact that Dallas has a better record than the Eagles, and Dallas leads the division by a game, it’s obvious the Eagles are ‘better’ than Dallas this year. LOL

  4. @Vox – I don’t think he was eligible for the practice squad, or else he didn’t want to sign with the Lions… he wanted a shot at another team, another chance to prove that his 2 years in this league has been learning…

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