Redskins rule out Larry Johnson

The teams first linked to Larry Johnson have slowly started to rule him out.

First, the Texans said no thanks.  Now the Redskins have confirmed that they will not be pursuing Johnson.

The lack of interest makes sense; Washington could desperately use some youth at the position, but they already have a capable backup to Clinton Portis in Ladell Betts.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t comment on the team’s interest when asked Wednesday, but that’s his philosophy no matter who the prospective free agent is.

“What we’re interested in is the Indianapolis Colts,” Belichick said.

The question now becomes what teams are interested in Johnson. His agent Peter Schaffer told Adam Schefter that he’s “talking with many teams and two you would never guess.”

We’ll see shortly what teams Schaffer’s talking about.  Or if he’s bluffing.

14 responses to “Redskins rule out Larry Johnson

  1. Dear Joe Banner, please sign Larry Johnson. Johnson could mentor Shady McCoy and let Westbrook fully recover.

  2. >
    Yeah just like Drew Slimenhaus said numerous teams were interested in TO.
    Agents w/open mouths = lies coming out. I expect the “talking” with all those many teams consists of “Hi, just wondering if you have any interest in LJ?” followed by the sound of “click, dial tone”.

  3. I’m thoroughly disapointed. This signing would have been perfect. Another Snyder signing based on past performances from a player who only cares about himself. Why can’t this happen? Darnit.

  4. @EaglesFreak89 says:
    November 11, 2009 2:34 PM
    Dear Joe Banner, please sign Larry Johnson. Johnson could mentor Shady McCoy and let Westbrook fully recover
    Yes- cut Vick and bring in LJ

  5. Who wants a back with obvious off field issues coupled with the fact that unless he has a lane at the line that keeps him from being touched he goes no where?

  6. Teams that I would never guess???
    Hmmm, Vikings? I wouldn’t think they would ever need a running back (for obvious reasons).
    Falcons? Another team who doesn’t need a running back, but its another team I would never guess.

  7. Philly only runs the ball 8 times a game. no need for him here. Unless Andy Reid suddenly realizes that a balanced offense will make it easier on Donovan McDumpitatyourfeet. Doubt that will happen. Just like he is with his kids he has no clue.

  8. rumor has it that the skins took a pass on larry johnson because they were thinking about making a 10 million dollar waiver move on TJ Duckett.
    Screw you Dan! I hate your guts

  9. Come on Dooshbag Dan….sign Johnson! He’ll be an excellent fit in that disaster of a locker room. Heck, he’d be perfect to step on and mush what is left of that crapola franchise. I mean, I can’t understand why the Redskins wouldn’t want him.

  10. LJ would be a considerable upgrade over CP at this point in CP’s career. They are both washed up, but CP is simply too slow to get past the secondary anymore. Watch 2 or 3 plays from when he was on the Broncos and it is immediately obvious that he has lost about 50 steps.

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