Report: Davis looking to fire Cable with cause

In a column for Yahoo! Sports called “Direct Snap” (which apparently is the Internet version of the Wildcat formation), Jason Cole buries the lead.

All the way to the bottom of the column.

Cole reports that the Raiders are cooperating with the league’s investigation regarding coach Tom Cable because owner Al Davis wants to fire Cable after the season “with cause.”  This would permit the Raiders to refrain from paying Cable beyond the current season.

Frankly, we think Davis already has enough ammunition to fire Cable “with cause.”  (And not just “’cause” he’s a bad coach.)  In an August meeting with four of his subordinate employees, one of them left the room with a broken jaw.  In most American workplaces, the guy who laid hands on the guy who fractured his face gets fired “with cause,” even if the injury was technically an accident and even if there were no criminal charges filed or pursued.

46 responses to “Report: Davis looking to fire Cable with cause

  1. How can the Browns be the most dysfunctional team when Al Davis still runs the Raiders and drinks virgin blood?

  2. Cable already has enough ammunition to fire Cable “with cause.”
    If I worked for the Raiders, I’d want to fire myself too! 🙂

  3. It doesn’t matter if Cable even touched the guy or not, if a subordinate left one of my meetings with a broken jaw no one would care if it was “horseplay” or not. I sure wouldn’t have a job anymore.
    Its a manager’s job (and a Coach is a manager) to ensure the well being of his staff while they are at work. He should be held responsible for failing to do so.

  4. Once a team is dysfunctional and no changes are made, they will continue to be dysfunctional.
    Business owners can be in denial about their shortcomings and if they are not open-minded to changes required and the possibilities for improvement, then the results of their decisions will be the same.
    ala—the true definition of insanity:
    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results!!!

  5. You make a good point. Davis probably has enough to fire Cable for cause, yet he hasn’t. Who knows, maybe the Raiders just want to do it right for a change. I also think that Jason Cole is trying to save face somehow given he was the one that gave Hanson the outlet to describe publicly what happened in Napa…..which led to no charges because Hanson told the cops something else.

  6. Given this line of reasoning, Raiders fans (if there’s any left) have just cause to kill and stuff Al Davis.

  7. Two years from now, when Davis is replaced as head of the LA Raiders by a relative or by a new majority owner of the relocated (to Los Angeles) franchise, we’ll read all after-the-fact insight in PFT about how it was apparent that a Steinbrenner situation had persisted in Oakland for some time, and that the league finally had to step in to stop the fiasco. Face it: Davis is never going to fire Count Chocula– Al himself since the early 00s– ‘for cause’, althought he’s the most deserving candidate for the chop. Did anyone have any doubts after that bizarre explanation of Kiffen’s firing using OHP in a press conference? I’m surprised that the men in the white coats didn’t bust through the doors then and there. Time to leave the stage, Al– and start the Raiders towards recovery.

  8. As a lifelong Raiders fan, I can assure you we are just one great head coach away from dominating the league. I mean, just look at the facts. It is all clearly Shannahan’s fault, uh, I mean Shell’s, I mean White’s, I mean Bugel’s, I mean Chucky’s, I mean Callahan’s, er I meanTurner’s, did I mention Shell, I mean Kiffin, I mean Cable. Clearly it is NOT Al Davis’s fault. Sarcasm off now.

  9. Isn’t the team sucking “cause?” I mean, if someone else sucked at their job and didn’t do what they were put in to do, they would be fired “with cause.” Why not the same with football?
    And how long til Davis calls Cole a false rumor monger?

  10. I feel deparately sorry for Raiders fans. Even If Cable is fired, what decent coach will come in? They have no Qb. In fact they effectively have minus 1 qbs because of the money invested in Russell. McFadden and DHB are on their way to being busts. Seymour will be gone at the end of the year so 1st rounder for 2011. Their o line is below average and one of their best defensive players in Greg Ellis is aging. No hope i’m afraid

  11. Dear Mr. Davis,
    At the end of this season, please go back and try plan B from the 2009 offseason. Please hire Kevin Gilbride!!!
    Thank you,
    Tom Coughlin

  12. I think the Raiders may have a problem using Cable breaking an assistant’s jaw as cause to fire him. The police interviewed witnesses of the incident (all of whom are current Raiders employees) and determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to pursue the case. Which means the witnesses lied to the police. Wouldn’t firing Cable for assaulting an assistant be an admission that the witnesses lied and open them to an accessory after the fact charge?
    Also, the fact that Raiders paid employees lying to the police open the Raiders up to more potential damages in a lawsuit by the victim and also give the victim lock solid slam shut case against the team.

  13. The chaos continues and the only constant in this train wreck is Davis. As long as the sludge is still pumping through his veins Davis will screw up every draft and make life miserable for what ever poor idiot he can convince to come and take over the hot seat.
    If Cable wasn’t the bottom of the barrel in coaching candidates he had to be right down there. Who is left that would be willing to go to Oakland and put up with the king of the Alzheimers ward?

  14. Didn’t he also have a reason when he fired Lane Kiffin? Nice way to not play their employees. Man up Al Davis…. Raiders will only be successful is when you die.

  15. How sad is this article?
    It’s no surprise that Al Davis is looking to break another contractural obligation, he’s been doing it successfully for years in and out of courts.
    It is reported that the NFL is apparently cooperating with The Raiders in an investigation of Tom Cable for violence toward women.
    Where the hell were the NFL investigators in August when there was a possible workplace violence incident in the Raiders training facility in Napa? The fact that the NFL did absolutely nothing, zero, to investigate this (a possible OSHA violation) incident is a moral and corporate abdication of responsibility.
    Goodell and his minions would rather fine Chad Ochocinco $5000 for wearing a black chin strap than launch an investigation into the Raiders organization, and risk another altercation with the Skelator, for a possible criminal act that happened on NFL property. Remember the league is a single entity when it’s convenient, like in negotiations to increase revenue.
    A sad day indeed, Pete Rozelle got bloodied a few times in his fights with Al Davis, but at least he had the courage to fight.

  16. Mike, you know of course that simply by opening a channel to the light in these comments that you’re cut off from the Raid Duhs under Davis, correct? How dare you tell the truth!

  17. What a bunch of morons.
    IF “Al Davis wanted to fire Cable for cause” and he already had it, WHY DIDN’T HE FIRE HIM AFTER THEIR LAST GAME, GOING INTO THE BYE WEEK?
    Come on, at least Florio knows better and is trying to stir the pot.
    What the excuse for the rest of you?

  18. Davis has been firing coaches and not paying them for years (just ask Mike Shanahan about the money Al still owes him). Why any coach would sign a contract with the Raiders is beyond me, when it’s not even worth the paper it’s written on.


  20. I do not know what kind of lawyer you were, but everytime I hear you pontificate on the law I cringe. Ever hear of the legal term “ratification”? A well publicized event takes place in August where an employee is hurt (according to some, by his own hand). The team does nothing, says nothing, and let’s the manager continue to run the operation. And four months later when the team is not doing well, you think it can fire that manager “for cause”???

  21. The only thing that would keep Big Al from firing Cable is the knowledge that he really will have difficulty finding a replacement who is a lot better. I think he’s realized, finally, that the bad PR he’s helped perpetuate over the years has now created an environment where talent doesn’t want to work with him. Is this perception completely in sync with the reality of what it’s like to work under Al? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s a situation which exposes the massive pussiness that pervades “management” in this day and age. Either way Al is on a sinking ship unless he can demonstrate the type of transparent “mea culpa”-ness that will convince risk takers that he’s actively changing his ways. Not an easy pill to swallow for someone who’s done it his way since he entered the league, and who has no tolerance for spineless whining candyasses.

  22. Jason hole at yahoo is trying to save face for his rumor mongering. He has about as much credibility as Chrissy Mortison.

  23. I think crazy Al has stumbled upon something here… if you hire enough disloyal, incompetent, or violent head coaches, you never have to pay another head coach again.. of course, that’s all he can hire now, because no sane, competent coach would ever work for the Raiders, or even interview with them. I think crazy Al has guaranteed that the Raiders will suck for the rest of his life.

  24. Brewster writes “Pete Rozelle got bloodied a few times in his fights with Al Davis, but at least he had the courage to fight.” AMEN! Whatever Davis once was to the sport, he’s now a liability to his team and to the league that the NFL can’t or won’t address.
    The NFL should have investigated Cable v. Hanson when Hanson was injured. They didn’t. The DA did. Hanson couldn’t get his story straight and was trying to profit from his misadventure. A manager can’t be held accountable for the manipulations of an employee bent on extorting the company. The DA cleared Cable. If he’s suddenly fired now because of media pressure, it seems he’d have a valid wrongful dismissal claim. And as much as I hate abusers, I’m not going to condemn a man over allegations made two decades ago and dragged into the light to feed a media frenzy.

  25. I have been against Cable over the broken jaw thing since it first came out. I think the local prosecutor gave the Raiders a pass because of the economics involved.
    However, I will be backing Cable if he is fired with just cause after the season. If it is just cause, he needs to be fired immediately. You can’t wait and then fire a guy for just cause if the performance is bad.
    And if we realistically look at the performance of the team along with the organizational structure, can we say the head coach for this team sucks??? Al specifically hires puppet coaching staffs and then tells them what to do. These coaches are doing exactly what Al wants. I hope Cable saves every email and notes from every meeting with Al. When they fire Cable and try to screw him out of the contract, he publicizes the emails and lets Raider Nation see the plain truth, Al is the problem and not Kiffin or Cable or Kermit the Frog. They are all just puppets.

  26. Lex Luger stated:
    Let me be the first to say, that I think Tom Cable is actually a fairly competent head coach.
    To Lex Luger:
    Let me be the first to say that I think you know absolutely nothing about football.

  27. Florio,
    Does someone pay you for the dribble that you write? The only thing that I can give you is this, most of the morons writing on this know nothing of the meida lathered up bullshit about this guy. You are sensationalistic liars, basking in your own creativity, as you spew your bombastic bullshit.

  28. Dear Mike Shanahan:
    Doesn’t Al Davis still owe you money, too? Could this “not paying” thing be a trend?
    Tom Cable
    Seriously, the Commissioner’s office should get involved here.

  29. dsmith4444: You’re absolutely right but the sheep eat it up, and that’s what Florio wants.
    Just look at the comments by these imbeciles.

  30. Al Davis = Montgomery Burns
    Randy Hanson = Smithers
    Tom Cable = Homer Simpson
    Burns (Davis): “The irony in all this is that if I were to have Cable killed, they’d put ME in prison.”
    Smithers (Hanson): “You could just fire him, sir…”
    Burns (Davis): “And admit to the world I made a mistake? Pshaw!”
    Smithers (Hanson): “Well sir, perhaps I could provoke a confrontation in which Cable beats me senseless, breaks a few bones, etc. That would give you CAUSE to fire him.”
    Burns (Davis): “Excellent.”
    (Can I get a golf clap people?)

  31. What’s stopped Al Davis before? Fire his ass. He’s pretty useless as a coach, certainly hasn’t inspired this team, so what are you waiting for? I’m a Detroit Lion fan, I know useless, lack of inspiration, failure to draft. The one thing we have in common is a 90 year old making all the decisions. My God, what does it take to realize what has and hasn’t passed you by?
    Daryle Lamonica’s days are gone, has this not dawned on him yet?

  32. What’s stopped Al Davis before? Fire his ass. He’s pretty useless as a coach, certainly hasn’t inspired this team, so what are you waiting for? I’m a Detroit Lion fan, I know useless, lack of inspiration, failure to draft. The one thing we have in common is a 90 year old making all the decisions. My God, what does it take to realize what has and hasn’t passed you by?
    Daryle Lamonica’s days are gone, has this not dawned on him yet?

  33. Thank god for Al Davis… I am a Chargers fan and as long as this walking corpse is alive and making all of the decisions I get to laugh at how ridiculously bad his team is. WOW what a complete ass this guy is. He is nothing more than an old, senile man living in the glory days and trying to find ways to keep his skeleton fingers on every dime he can by pulling stunts like this over and over.

  34. # Arizona Buckeye says: November 11, 2009 4:49 PM
    Thank god for Al Davis… I am a Chargers fan and as long as this walking corpse is alive and making all of the decisions I get to laugh at how ridiculously bad his team is.
    There is no arguing the ineptness of the Raiders. They have lost 13 straight to a team that has never won an NFL championship and has never failed to underachieve at some point during every season. Sure, it sucks to be a Raider fan, but Charger smack doesn’t sting.

  35. Some of you people keep saying that Al owes Shanahan money. What you never hear is that Shanahan owes Al money. Shanahan asked Al for a loan when he first became the Raiders head coach. Al lent him the money and was not repaid.

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