Tommie Harris will not be suspended

Vernon Davis may not be impressed with Chicago’s defensive front, but Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris will get a chance to change his mind Thursday night.

Mike Sando of ESPN reports that Harris will not be suspended for punching Cardinals guard Deuce Lutui in the head last Sunday.  Harris could still be fined, but the league had to decide on Harris’ status more quickly than usual because the Bears are playing so early this week.

Sando explains that they play’s timing — it happened on the fourth play from scrimmage — may have played a role in the decision not to suspend Harris, since he essentially already missed one game.

8 responses to “Tommie Harris will not be suspended

  1. Maybe all this will be his wake up call to start playing football again. This guy was an elite player just a few years ago. Favre said he was the best tackle he’s gone up against since Warren Sapp.

  2. A fine should be enough. Unless the punch magically repaired his chronically damaged knees, I doubt this wake-up call will do much.

  3. If he had punched Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, he would have been out multiple games. Bug regular Joes like Deuce and McNabb get no benefit from punches and late hits.

  4. Not suspended? The way he’s been playing I thought he already was suspended. Ol’ Tommie might want to take that Psalm off of his nose. He’s not fooling anyone. Would a God-fearing man punch the crap out of a defensiveless man laying on the ground?

  5. piccolo says:
    “punch the crap out of a defensiveless man”
    In what world does one punch to a helmet constitute punching the crap out of anyone? And is defensiveless a word? Yes, it was wrong, but the Acadamy Award nominated acting by Lutui was a little over the top.

  6. That’s ok, he missed the one game that counted if you’re a cards fan. And what a hilarious thing that was. Thanks again Tommie. Now, play real hard tonight to make up for it. Perfect timing for this. Niners get him while he’s embarrassed and pissed off. Good.

  7. Rex Grossman says:
    …. “Favre said he was the best tackle he’s gone up against since Warren Sapp.”
    Hey Rex, you believe everything Lord Favre says?!!

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