Announcerless game revisited

Way back in December 1980, NBC aired a Saturday NFL game between the Jets and the Dolphins without announcers.

Tonight, plenty of folks are being treated to a repeat of that 29-year-old event on NFL Network.

For many viewers, the audio is missing the voices of the men in the booth, Bob Papa and Matt Millen.

My own DirecTV feed is announcer free in standard, but Papa and Millen can be heard in HD.

Can you guess which once I’m currently watching?  I knew you could.

UPDATE:  And, of course, it has now been fixed.

50 responses to “Announcerless game revisited

  1. For those of you that can’t hear the commentators you aren’t missing dick. They suck. Almost wish Bryant Gumble was calling the game. Thats bad.

  2. That doesn’t go just for Dish, but cable, also. You’d think that they’ve done this stuff enough to know what cords go where.

  3. NFL Network didn’t provide me with announcer feed for most of the 1st qtr.
    I’ve heard from others. It’s widespread.
    What a joke.

  4. How does Millen get these damn jobs with his complete lack of credibility?! Not only that he repeats cliche garbage.
    Just who I want to break down games, a guy who’s proven one thing…he can’t make NFL decisions for a successful franchise.

  5. I remember that Jets/Dolphins game. Everybody was complaining about the announcers so they had the game without them. Worst. Game. EVER.

  6. All games should be ANNOUNCERLESS! The announcers today are to Hollywood. They should also get rid of the Sideline reporters. In the heat of battle I know if a reporter shoved a microphone in my face, I’d have a few choice words. Most of all the female sideline reporters, they have no business being there!!!! None female or male sideline jokes !

  7. I often have Dierdorf the worst in the game on mute.
    Rarely watch NFLNon Sunday because of Deionipshit Sanders.

  8. A joke? From my perspective, the announcers themselves are the joke. An announcerless game sounds like paradise.

  9. Millen and Papa are a complete joke…why not have Eisen, Mooch, and Deion call the game as well as doing pre/post game and halftime shows? I’m sure they would do an excellent job

  10. Floria, you’re a self proclaimed genious yet you haven’t figured out that if you don’t want to hear the announcers you simply turn the volume off.

  11. It was a failure in 1980, and it got no better tonight.
    On a side note, as I typed the first sentence, Jay Cutler, once again, threw an inexplicable pic.

  12. o k. I’m old. I remember the game without announcers. Even as a child, I thought it was a good thing.

  13. “Way back in December 1980, NBC aired a Saturday NFL game between the Jets and the Dolphins without announcers.”
    Was that really 29 years ago???? Damn, I’m gettin’ old!

  14. Can they do this for ESPN MNF? I’m sick of hearing Gruden talk about his heart fluttering everytime XYZ makes a tackle.

  15. I wish the announcers were optional audio. It’s nice to hear the game w/o the announcers for a while. I wish it could be that way more often.
    I can’t believe NFLN didn’t fix the sound on their productions since last year. Of all the channels that broadcast the NFL, the league’s own network should have the absolute best presentation and quality. Not so in the real world. The volume varies, the sound is tinny, and why in the hell would you ever pick these two douches to announce?

  16. This is why I love PFT. I was watching the game wondering what was going on with the commentary, and I knew Florio would have an explenation. Keep up the good work Mr. Florio.

  17. Not having the announcers, but still having the game sound, the crowd noise, and everything else was outstanding.
    It was easily the most pleasurable football watching experience (outside of seeing my team win) that I’ve had.
    I had never realized how distracting the announcers are, and how much I would enjoy a game where the action does the talking.
    I wish I had the option to mute the announcers but keep the other sound for every game.
    That was effing great.

  18. Two worst words in the NFL: Bryant and Gumble. Please never, ever, wish to bring him back to commentate.

  19. I was loving the silent game. I wish I had the option to mute the commentary but still hear the game sounds – it was nice.

  20. Oddly enough I remember that Dolphins game. Borrrrrrrrring. Like them or not, announcers are better than nothing.

  21. If you’re listening to the game through a surround sound system, you can cut out the announcers. The speech all plays through the center speaker, so just unplug it or mute it.
    You still get all the crowd noise and field sounds, but none of the announcers

  22. BadgerVMD:
    You are so right about Gumbel, I felt bad for Collinsworth having to deal with his snotty attitude. Cris snapped back one night, though after Bryant was being his usual holier-than-thou self. Cris said something about the ball getty slimy in wet conditions, Gumbel says (incredulousy) “Slimy?”, Collinsworth says “Yes, slimy, should I use smaller words?” I wanted to jump through the TV and high-five him!

  23. I wish Pat Summerall was calling the play-by-play instead of reading promos when they go to commercial. When it comes to the voice of football, there was Facenda and then Summerall.

  24. Is it just me or do these guys suck?? You should be lucky that you can’t hear them.
    How can anyone value Matt Millen’s opinion? Let’s look at his professional player evaluation.
    Didn’t the last team that he was in charge of set some type of record?
    What was the record of the Lions during his tenure there?

  25. “I wish the announcers were optional audio.”
    It’s called a “mute” button.
    stupid, stupid people. I swear.

  26. My 16 year old son and I were calling the game, with my 12 year old listening, while the sound was out. He thought it was a riot. He loved it. Me thinks this might become a fan favorite at least once a week in my household.
    Thanks NFL Network, for a new twist on family time!

  27. I remember that Phins game as well. Wow. That was a long time ago. Thanks Brighthouse for still not having the NFL Network. How many fricking years has it been??!!
    Summerall used to be a good announcer. He clearly lost it the last few years with Madden. He got very senile and start routinely messing up player names and the action. I heard him do a game either last year or the year before. It was tough and sad to hear. Him and Dick Stockton should not do games anymore.

  28. It’s called a “mute” button.
    stupid, stupid people. I swear.
    Who is stupid? Perhaps they want to hear the play, action, and crowd and just not the announcers… If you mute, you hear nothing at all…
    Announcer less would be like being there…

  29. Ban the person that said put Deion on the air.
    The only way I want to see Deion on the air is if he’s up for a good old fashioned stoning.
    Papa/Millen are far better than Bryant Gumble and anyone or any one and Deirdorf.

  30. @ Richm2256
    The jokes on you bub.
    The guy still wanted the game sounds and crowd noise, just not the announcers.

  31. jb347 :
    I am in New York right now as well. I HATE TIME WARNER!!
    Hard to believe that the cable provider for Manhattan (where the NFL’s headquarters is located) does not have NFL Network available for ANY price!
    Time Warner Sucks!!!!

  32. Hmm, I wonder if anyone has thought maybe this was done on purpose…
    “No Matt, we’re on, sure…no, they’re wrong, there’s audio, don’t worry.”

  33. Noticed the announcers disappear mid-sentence and thought it would be cool to have the real game audio experience.
    After 10 minutes, forgot who was calling the game and thought the game needed commentary. Then Matt Millen came back on and I realized I was wrong.

  34. This game was like a preseason game: 1) played on a weeknight but not a “primetime” atmosphere, 2) inexperienced announcers, 3) bad camera work and production, 4) lots of turnovers and poor play, but 5) low score.
    NFL Network has been doing these Thursday night games for several years now. But it still comes across as amateurish. They don’t come close to the quality of the broadcast networks or ESPN. It’s doesn’t fit the concept of primetime Thursday night games late in the season.

  35. it was nice without the announcers, I had a better time paying attention and not getting pissed off by their stupid opinions.

  36. Everything or nothing, both choices are lacking. I would prefer just the play by play. Skip the color common tater, don’t need it and never wanted it. The sideline reporters are redundant and add nothing what so ever.
    If they need something to fill the time between plays they can show shots of the cheerleaders. In HD.

  37. yeah every game should be like this. audio of the field only.
    I remember that announcerless game and it was a little premature but with todays graphics and supplemental sources of imformation it was a beuatiful thing!

  38. I had audio the whole time. Did anybody else notice that little stutter thing they did with the cameras switching between Cutler and the field when the Bears came out for the first time? I’m sure it was a flaw, but if not, it was straight garbage. I guess the NFL Network crew is only good when it comes to putting on a show in studio.

  39. “I had audio the whole time. Did anybody else notice that little stutter thing they did with the cameras switching between Cutler and the field when the Bears came out for the first time? I’m sure it was a flaw, but if not, it was straight garbage. I guess the NFL Network crew is only good when it comes to putting on a show in studio.”
    I saw this too and thought WTF! Its YOUR league and YOUR network and it looks like a buncha juniors running the show over there. Does anyone know if NFL Films is involved at all? I am sure they would not tolerate this incompetent boobery. Its a national game for Pete’s sake, even with the lame-o matchup.
    On the announcers…I would submit to you that the E or F tier announcers you get when your team plays a scrub (think Rams) are WAY better than Millen and Papa. With all their $$$ and Park Ave. offices, they go Walmart on all aspects of the broadcast. Its a step up from the high and whiny call of Bryant Gumbel, but its still painful.

  40. i remember in the 90s even watching saints exhibition games with no announcers, no COMMERCIALS, just a camera shot of the field during halftime and timeouts.

  41. Abe,
    Richm is just the joke that we have to deal with. The wannabe know it all that doesn’t know shit.

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