Cutler's fifth interception finishes Bears loss

The Bears amazingly survived Jay Cutler’s first four interceptions.  It was the fifth that killed them.

Down 10-6, Cutler drove his team 68 yards in just over two minutes through a storm of penalties to set up a first down on San Francisco’s 12-yard line with 13 seconds remaining.

Incomplete pass to Greg Olsen.

Interception intended for Olsen.

Realistic playoff hopes over. 

It could be easily argued that three of Cutler’s picks weren’t his fault.  But his first and last of the night were picked off in the end zone and came on brutal throws.  He’s now thrown 11 picks in three prime time games.  ( has put together a collection of the five picks Thursday.)

On the final play, Cutler appeared to have enough running room to try to run for a touchdown.  He chose to pass, and misfired by a few feet on a throw on the run.  Olsen wasn’t open anyway.

It was a fitting end to an ugly night of football.  It wasn’t just great defense — the Bears gained 350 yards and there were penalties and mental mistakes aplenty.

“We didn’t get beat. We lost,” Bears defensive tackle Tommie Harris said after the game

The 49ers should have put the game away earlier, but Alex Smith was held to 118 yards on 23 largely conservative attempts.  Frank Gore was the game’s best player, with 125 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown.

The win keeps San Francisco’s playoff hopes alive at 4-5, especially considering they finish the season with St. Louis and Detroit.  But they will likely need Arizona to slide and create more explosive plays from an offense that hardly destroyed the Chicago front.  These 49ers don’t look that different from Mike Nolan’s squads.

The Bears’ schizophrenic defense played better Thursday, but this team has plenty of flaws.  The offensive line and running game struggled badly, and quality quarterbacks will attack the Bears secondary.  Chicago faces Philadelphia, then travels to Minnesota. 

A 4-7 record looms. 

And just Jay Cutler’s luck, the Eagles game is on Sunday night.  With 11 interceptions in three evening games this season, let’s just call him the new “Prime Time.”

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  1. And just Jay Cutler’s luck — the Eagles game is on Sunday night. Just call him the new “Prime Time.”
    That’s all well and good, but the Eagles are like 1-8 on Sunday night under Reid and 0-7 on NBC.

  2. Don’t you mean, just call him the new “Grime Time”
    (cackling to myself loudly, throws spoon at window).
    what ever happened to Grimey?

  3. It is comical how Florio criticized the contract that the Giants gave Eli Manning for 15.6 million a year but says nothing negative about Cutler receiving a 15 million a year extension. He is going to miss the playoffs yet again and people will continue to make excuses for him. Listen he has a hell of an arm and is athletic but he is not an elite QB and might never be.

  4. As a lifetime Bears fan, this is the most exciting quarterback we’ve had in 20 years. How long have we been saying “if we only had a decent QB?” If the Bears had one decent deep threat, the entire offense would change up. Cutler will get it done when he has the team to support him.
    Go JAY the [there’s no such thing as an innocent bystander] GUNSLINGER!!!

  5. Both red zone picks all of the receivers were bunched in between the hash marks. Who the f*ck is calling these plays?
    Olsen to the corner would be nice, or a play on the sidelines where a Bear catches it or it goes out of bounds.
    Cutler missed Bennett on the last play and made a bad throw. When someone is struggling in a certain area the coaches need to adjust and help them – corner route, sideline route or another higher percentage play. None of this is being done.
    It looks like the Bears have the same playbook they used for Orton last year, 3-5 yd dumpoffs and run.
    They haven’t made many adjustments to compensate for their speedy receivers and their new strong armed QB. Let Know loose and let Cutler throw it up, if nothing else it might keep defenses honest.
    Cutler is making bad throws, but the coaching and play calling is not helping him out any either.

  6. And to think that when the Cutler deal was announced, people $hit all over themselves, saying how up until Cutler, Chicago hasn’t had a true star QB since God was in diapers ……
    that’s not looking like it’s working out so good, Bears fan.

  7. it’s chicago so of coarse it’s all cutler’s fault just like it was orton and let’s not forget rex grossman who was responsible not only for the bears but also global warming before could not be a problem with the coaching staff at all right?again just when you think they have it figured out on the 1 drive when they threw it to olsen 3 times,they immediatly kill the momentum with a run for little or no gain.who besides turner and the bears does this?please tell me another team that stops running a play that works for them?you can’t because every other team will keep calling a play that works until you stop it.that and making the qb fit your system instead of doing what he does best moving around the pocket and throwing on the run like he did in we can’t do that in chicago where get off the bus running.they need to get rid of the whole coaching staff and bring in someone who realizes offense is part of the game to!

  8. Cutler is the kind of player that needs to have talent around him. This just shows how great the talent pool is in Denver and how depleted it is in Chi-town.
    With that said, the Bears have to ability to be really good, they have the RB and TE to be really good, they need a legitimate #1 WR. Is Knox that player? It doesn’t look like it. If he wasn’t in jail Plaxico would be a good fit.

  9. As I said two days ago, I don’t know what the hell the NFL was thinking when they decided they wanted this game. What a snoozer. Cutler really kinda sucks.

  10. Do the Bears get to use that final timeout next week??? AWFUL clock management for the Bears, didn’t show nearly enough urgency. And not using that final timeout is on the Coach, period.

  11. The only thing worse than Cutler’s on field performance was his on camera performance after the game. This is one obnoxious slog of a football player and human being. I’d take a cyanide pill before I ever watched him QB a game for my team.
    The saddest part for Bears fans is the enormous price their team paid (see below) for a guy who has never “won” in college or the pros and may well never “win” during his years in Chicago.
    “The Chicago Bears acquired disgruntled Denver Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler in a trade on Thursday afternoon, giving up quarterback Kyle Orton and first-round picks in 2009 (18th overall) and 2010, along with a third-round pick (84th overall) in 2009 to do it.”
    “To complete the trade, the Broncos had to give back a fifth-round pick (140th overall) in 2009. That pick was acquired by the Broncos from the Seattle Seahawks in a trade for wide receiver Keary Colbert.”
    The trade so far is this…
    Bears get QB Cutler and WR Johnny Knox (2009, 140).
    Broncos get
    QB Orton,
    DE Robert Ayers (2009, 18) and
    (in effect) TE Richard Quinn (2009, 84 from Steelers – see below)
    Chicago’s 2010 1st Round pick which is likley to be no worse than the 16th Overall (presuming da Bears finish around 8-8).
    #64: Pittsburgh → Denver (D). Pittsburgh traded its second- and fourth-round selections (64th and 132nd overall, used to select Richard Quinn and Seth Olsen, respectively) to Denver for two third-round selections (79th and 84th overall, used to select Kraig Urbik and Mike Wallace, respectively).
    For my money, I’ll take Orton, Ayers, Quinn and da Bears 2010 1st Round pick for Cutler and Knox EVERY day of the week.

  12. Just think…
    2006; Rex Grossman had 23 TDs with 20 INTs on the season. Many people bashed him for his play.
    Cutler NOW has 14 TDs with 17 INTs and still has 7 games left. The only improvement here is he has more than 2,353 yards passing compared to Rex’s 2006 season total of3,193 yards, but he’s still far away from his last years passing yardage.
    Poor trade by a poorly run Franchise.

  13. Thank you Jay Cutler for blowing another one.
    The Bears’ defense coupled with the 49ers’ inept offense gave you an opportunity to shine, but no. The turnover-machine is revved and going strong.

  14. Oh, almost forgot… Jay Cutler… I thought I would never say this after he retired, but you are the new JEFF GEORGE!

  15. Dont worry Bears fan at least you have pick in the first round of the draft to help your o-line next year…..Oh thats right the broncos have it…OH!!!

  16. hey dewey asswound, did you catch the game at all?
    remember all that shit you were talking before the season started? every viking post there you were commenting with your constant homosexual overtones…
    haven’t seen you around in a while buddy…having a rough season?

  17. So lets see all the Denver fans who were crying over Cutler’s departure stand-up now. I, however, have no fear that someone will certainly come to his rescue and try to b.s. all this away.
    Cutler stinks! McDaniel’s knows quarterbacks and how to get the best out of their abilities.. Cutler was a lost cause. Suddenly, Chicago’s first round pick for Cutler isn’t looking so bad is it?

  18. I mean really who does he have to throw the ball to besides Devin Hester. They should just do like the Bears of old and run the ball. Give it to Forte he puts up solid numbers.

  19. Show a little respect for Jay Cutler people.
    He has a great arm, can throw any pass that needs to be thrown on the field, on any given Thursday or Sunday. He was the “Darling ” pick up for the BEARS, and “Thank God” they dumped Orton.
    Jay Cutler is the first legit QB the Bears have had since “God Knows When?”
    At least JAY CUTLER is not hanging on to the ball as long as Aaron Rodgers in the NFC North.
    5 Picks tonight… So what….
    6 picks in the RED Zone in the last 13 games. 6 picks in the red zone… Picks, shmicks, so what…. Who cares. Six of one…. Half a dozen of another.
    At least he is not holding on to the ball to long, like that loser…. in the NFC North… Aaron Rodgers.
    Right Bear Fans?

  20. CLASSIC Jay Cutler. Chicago, regretfully there’s your franchise QB, Denver thanks you.
    Next game he’ll throw for 500 yards and 6 touch downs. But…at the end of the season, you’ll be at 500 or slightly better and miss the playoffs. Welcome to our cutlernightmare.
    Now- does ANYONE out there still wonder why Josh McDaniels wanted to deal him?

  21. And let’s not forget, he really could have tried to run………BECAUSE THE BEARS STILL HAD ONE TIME OUT LEFT!!!

  22. Truly the most overrated player in all of football right now. He has “Jeff George” written all over him.

  23. mad555, they’ll show up after losing to the Cowboys last week. that’s how they do things, always have under Reid.
    imagine how relieved Cutler is gonna feel when Jake Delhomme goes out there this week and retakes the interception lead.

  24. Whoaaa what happened to all you brilliant football experts? The brilliant minds that know all about football, spewing your wisdom everyday on this post, mixed with expletives? What happened to your prophecies that the Bears were golden now that ‘da man’ Cutler was taking the reins? Can’t wait to hear your ‘excuses’. mixed with expletives! (chuckling)

  25. It was Denver who should have been forced to send their TWO #1s to Chicago not the other way around for the exchange of Orton for Cutler.

  26. It’s kind of impressive, I mean, I can’t think of many things I can do 5 times in 3 hours let alone with 60,ooo people watching me.
    The bears seem to have a knack for finding this talent.

  27. 10 points off five picks – I don’t think San Francisco needs to worry about making the playoffs.
    Watching Cutler sulk on the sidelines with his cap on cockeyed was terrific, like a Pop Warner player who is the QB because his dad is the coach. Bears were fleeced.

  28. well, now that we’re 9 games in its safe to say i was wrong about cutler. i thought he would be more effective than he was in denver. no excuses to be made, the guy is simply not getting it done. no other qb gets to blame his woes on the play calling. those picks last night werent the fault of the play calling either, it seems as though he throws the ball just hoping his receivers make the play for him. what do i know though, i was wrong before….see above.

  29. Pack83 says:
    November 13, 2009 12:55 AM
    Do the Bears get to use that final timeout next week??? AWFUL clock management for the Bears, didn’t show nearly enough urgency. And not using that final timeout is on the Coach, period.
    I can’t blame the coach for not using the timeout. That last timeout gve Ctler the ability to attempt to run for the TD or to throw a slant and still call it quick to set up for a final play.

  30. That game was a tard fight. That was the worst 60 minutes of football I’ve watched in years.
    I’d rather watch Oakland versus Kansas City than endure that again.

  31. ThanksTed says:
    November 13, 2009 12:24 AM
    I always thought that Cutler reminded me a lot of Favre circa 1992 – 1994: Gun Slinger, Can make throws most can’t, Fun to watch play, Never made a throw he didn’t think they could make, Penchant for throwing picks.
    Difference is Favre won more than he lost and Cutler doesn’t. A lot can be said for attitude. Favre, even when throwing picks, had the fun loving, hillbilly “we are going to win” attitude and his teammates were always behind him. He also got his game under control when he had competition from Brunell.
    Cutler on the other hand pouts like a spoiled frat boy who just had his girl friend leave him and blames everybody else in the frat house for it.
    Each week I see more Jeff George than Brett Favre in Cutler. The Bears have paid a dear price in picks and a long term contract. Cutler’s problems give the Bears a reason to push Lovie out the door and to bring in a QB mentor such as Holmgren or Gruden, or his old coach Mr Shanahan. Maybe the Bears should also bring Jeff George in for a little competition.
    At least he doesn’t fumble as much as Rex.
    The only person in the world that figured Favre would have the fewest int’s among NFC North QB’s at the half way mark must have figured Favre would have been knocked out or retired by game 2. Favre is the the only one without a multiple int game:
    Cutler 4 v GB
    Stafford 5 v Sea
    Rodgers 3 v Creamsicles
    Cutler 5 v. SF
    Can the ball boy that kept up with Knox catch?

  32. It’s a little hindsight, but on that completion down the middle with about 25-30 seconds left, they wasted about 10 seconds and clocked it with 17…why not use the time out there? Not only would it have saved 10 seconds, but they wouldn’t have had to waste a down. It was pathetic, you HAVE to find a use for that timeout.

  33. Orton has lead a team that was expected to win 4-6 games to a 6-2 record with wins over CIN, DAL, NE and SD, and still legit hopes of a division title or playoff berth. Will he ever be ble to throw deep effectively? No. Can he help a team win games? Yes.
    Cutler has lead a team that was expected to win a division or at least challenge for a playoff spot to a 4-5 record and virtual playoff elimination after nine weeks. Will he ever win at any level? Dunno. Will he break the single season interception record? With 17 in tow remaining games against PHI, MIN (2), GB and BAL, maybe. (NOTE: Blanda’s remarkable 42 picks in 1962 does however appear safe at this point.)


  35. CUTLER MUST OF USED THE SHORT BUS IN HIGHSCHOOL,his football sense is limited ,hes the sterotype strong ,physically gifted,makes plays with his arm and legs ,and not with his brain

  36. Cutler is doing the Broncos a big favor with his play. Denver will get the bear’s 1st round pick in the draft, and if Cutler keep throwing picks it should be a good one!

  37. Cutler is finally figuring out he didn’t bring the Denver O-line or Brandon Marshall with him to Chicago. I’m sure he’d take all the whining back to be 6-2 and in the playoff mix right now!
    Cutler is a decent qb – it’s da Bears that are horrible!

  38. let me see….
    Chicago has
    no run game
    a converted kick returner for a #1 receiver
    a rookie, and a career 2nd round backup for the other two recievers
    an offensive line that is comperable to baby swiss over in Green Bay.
    A careless QB with talent but no control/discipline.
    Is there a coach on Chicago that can discipline Cutler? I know he can’t do it on his own.
    He threw 52 passes. a guy can’t do it on his own. especially not Cutler with that horseshit offense around him.
    He is forcing the ball to Greg Olsen cuz he is the only real threat/weapon he has.
    I feel bad for Chicago fans and I feel bad for Cutler even though a good chunk of it is his own fault. It definately isn’t all his fault. For anyone that fealt Cutler would be better in Chicago, that is the opposite I figured. no Brandon Marshall, no offensive Line. I knew he wouldnt’ be as good throwing to that bunch of clowns in Chi-town, but I didn’t know he would be this bad either.
    (it all makes me happy being that I am a Vikes fan, but really, stop giving Jay all the negative credit)

  39. Cutler goes to Chicago and sucks it up. Orton sucked then left Chicago and is serviceable. Maybe it’s that Chicago is where good QBs go to die….

  40. Actually, the biggest winners last night were Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton. I’m sure they both got a huge laugh out of this one!
    Chicago still isn’t finished paying yet – we’ve still got their 1st round pick next year.


  42. Man, watching that game was more painful than watching C-Span. WRs that can’t run routes, O-linemen that can’t block, a RB that’s only effective on screen/swing passes, a brain dead QB, and a tired beat down defense. Bears fans can try and feel better about the offense, but the yardage came on 3-4 screens and the last drive when SF was playing a soft cover-2 zone. Doesn’t appear to be much hope for the Bears.
    And whatever happened to that DeweyAxelrod guy who was spouting off so much earlier in the season? Probably won’t post again till the Pack or Vikes lose a game.

  43. Got to hand it to Denver fans – in the off season they were quitting more than a Dan Snyder run team and were very vocal they would/could never support Josh Daniels – the Cutler fiasco being Exhibit A.
    Now it’s as though nothing ever happened in the off-season when most people thought that anyone who has an agent whose name rhymes with “pus” is going to get burned.
    Only Tom Brady can win with bad WR’s and Cutler clearly isn’t T.B.
    Denver fans aren’t the most astute (even though many do know their football) and Chicago was hoping their QB problems were solved. No respect for Cutler whose agent told him how bad it was in Denver and no respect for Denver fans who have forgotten how fickle their support really is.

  44. “Cutler is a decent qb – it’s da Bears that are horrible!”
    Da-Bears didn’t throw five passes to the opposing DBs last night. CUTLER did.
    When are you Cutler fans going to look at him and realize your favorite quarterback sucks? Besides, when he was traded to Chicago, Bears fans didn’t celebrate the arrival of a “decent” quarterback, they celebrated the second coming of Joe Friggin’ Montana, and that’s what the Bears paid a price to get, not five f-ing INTs. Shit, they could have paid half the price for that and gotten some scrub QB who could do that.

  45. The best players on the field last night were both from San Francisco, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis. Even with the anemic San Francisco passing game and conservative play calling, Gore was still able to hang 125 yards on the Chicago defense.
    As bad as the Niners look they could easily be 6-3 right now and right in the playoff hunt. They did not deserve to win the Vikings game, but that miracle pass at the end of the game could easily not have happened and that Titans loss last week was ridiculous. Those two potential wins would have made them 6-3 right now and in the hunt for the West Title.
    The Niners are not dead yet, but have no margin for error.
    The Bears, on the other hand…….are done!

  46. Lost in all the Cutler bashing is how BAD the 49’s looked. I don’t think you want to fall into the playoffs with this team Mike!

  47. the bears have enough talent to win 9 games ,the bears don’t need him to be all world just dont make dumb mistakes which he does, on a regular basis

  48. First of all GO COWBOYS.
    Now down to business. This game made me more than thankful for Tony Romo and my squad. This may have been the ugliest most boring game to watch not to mention the HORRID NFL CHANNEL BROADCAST. They dont have a graphic for timeouts for each team. The flag indication comes way late if at all and the commentating was bad enough for me to watch it on mute.
    Bears-Jay Cutler is the complete opposite of what you look for at the QB position besides his arm. His body language and demeanor are terrible. Did u see the smerck on his face after the first pick? He really acts like he would rather be somewhere else. He makes poor decisions on the run and when the pocket is breaking down (the opposite of Big Ben). And worst of all he acts like a douche after the int’s instead of owning up like a man. Whats not his fault is that their running game is non existent, their scheme for Hester is equivalent to NON EXISTENT and they dont make good adjustments in the game.
    Lovie, I like you but your job is gone (See: Kyle Orton, Cedric Benson, and a depleted defense)

  49. Now to the 49ers-
    I’m not letting you off the hook (especially since it seems to be an overwhelming amount of 49ers fans in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas).
    If you could ever feel bad after a loss, it should be this one. You should never feel good when a guy has thrown 4 picks and hes still driving to win the game. If they scored there thats just flat out disrespect. First and foremost it has become clear that neither Hill or Smith is the long term answer at QB. Alex Smith didnt even throw a ball past 15 yards and when he did it was a terrible ball to Crabtree straight to the defender. Lovie doesnt even trust Alex and that became clear in the 4th when the opted for 8 straight runs to seal the game (even a pitch play on 3rd down to a converted RB/College QB). Singletary needs to open it up man. Get the ball to your playmakers and stop with the 3 straight runs until were down and then we will throw it philosophy.
    With that being said, a win is a win, but I think we can quit with the playoff talk.
    Plus I think its a SCREWED UP SYSTEM, even in a down year for the NFC EAST 4-5 and you can forget playoff talk, but in other divisions 8-8 is a sure fire bet? Can you write an article on this Florio please? That still boggles my mind and everybody walks around like its just ok. I dont care if we watch 4 teams from the same division duke it out for a ring enough is enough letting people in and rewarding mediocrity just because the whole division is terrible. Its not good for the game and Goodell should do something about this.

  50. This proves you can take a PRO-BOWL quarterback, put him in a Bears uniform and he turns into a bum. This kid doesnt even look like he wants to be there during the game. Like he’d rather be out at the night clubs with Olsen and his wife. And by the way Lovie, who throws 5 picks in a game and no one says a word to him. At least walk up to him and ASK HIM WHAT HE SAW WHEN HE THREW THE BALL INTO THE NOSEGUARDS HANDS! Even in pee-wees a 7 year old would get the coach in his face if threw 5 picks…thats coaching!
    Sick bears fan

  51. rollneid21 says:
    Cutler is the kind of player that needs to have talent around him. This just shows how great the talent pool is in Denver and how depleted it is in Chi-town.
    With that said, the Bears have to ability to be really good, they have the RB and TE to be really good, they need a legitimate #1 WR. Is Knox that player? It doesn’t look like it. If he wasn’t in jail Plaxico would be a good fit.
    What QB ISN’T the kind of player that needs talent around him? Unless you’re Tom Brady in 2006, which Cutler is clearly not, you work with what you have. He was making throws into 4 red jerseys. 1 – maybe 2 – of those INT’s were not his fault. The others were just TERRIBLE.

  52. bears should be thanking god the niners have jimmy raye as OC. Man that guy sucks! Calls the stupidest plays at the worst possible times. He loves that up the middle run on 3rd and 20+. Hey let’s not go for a 1st down. let’s just get better punt position. and punt instead of kick the 49 yd field goal with 2:53 remaining. Well niners need to thank god cutler is the bears qb! With a competent coaching staff that game should have been at the least 31-6. I’m quickly losing faith in sing since he fully supports jimmy raye’s decisions

  53. The Bears need a WR. Devin Hester is not a #1 WR. He is a Santana Moss type WR who is inconsistent. Cutler needs someone like Boldin to make him successful. There’s a reason why Cutler only seems to throw to Olsen all game. Olsen is a big target, just like Marshall was in Denver.

  54. I thought it really had shown that the Bears didn’t know how to draft well when they gave up all those picks for Cutler so its not like they are going to miss them, I just thought they may have known how to trade for somebody, they probably would have got Matt Lienart for Half price.

  55. Bears have a QB that is not afraid to throw interception and Packers have a quarterback that is afraid to throw interception. If the line doesn’t block and/or the receivers don’t get open, your going to lose.

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