Jamal Lewis: Mangini worked the Browns too hard

Cleveland Browns running back Jamal Lewis has made no secret that he’s upset about the way this season — his last in the NFL — is going.

But today he made some of his most pointed comments yet about the Browns, saying coach Eric Mangini pushed the team so hard in training camp that they had no gas left in the tank for the season.

The way we work in two-a-days in training camp and the way we work every day on the field for two and a half, three hours, you want a ‘W’ on Sunday when you work like that,” Lewis said Thursday morning in the Brown’s locker room, per the News-Herald. “There’s talent all over this locker room, young and old, but the talent has to be ready on Sunday and to be fresh for Sunday and be efficient on Sunday.

“You can work as hard as you want. You can work all day seven days a week all the way up until Sunday in practice. At the same time, if you’re going to work like that, maybe on Sunday you’re not going to get what you want out of your players.”

The comments come a day after Lewis said he considers himself more a Raven than a Brown, and that he’s retiring because he’s “tired of it.”

Today Lewis elaborated on what he is tired of. Still, when he was asked directly whether Mangini needs to make greater adjustments in his approach to the team, he declined to pile on, saying, “Next question.”

42 responses to “Jamal Lewis: Mangini worked the Browns too hard

  1. I suppose he’d like to go back to Camp Crennel, where players were allowed to run around barefoot.
    Talent all over the lockerroom? I’m glad the guy is retiring, clearly he has been hit in the head one too many times.
    What a joke. Hey Jamal, do us all a favor and retire now.

  2. If he was referring to anyone but Mangini, I’d say suck it up. But with Mangini’s credibility as a head coach COMPLETELY down the toilet, I’m more apt to agree with Jamal on this one.

  3. none of the players bitched about Romeo.. Maybe we should of kept him I got two words to say about an old man complaining about his job.. the first is BIG.. the 2nd is WHOOP..

  4. Everybody on the Giants hated Coughlin too until they had that one lucky stretch and won a Super Bowl by the skin of their teeth.
    When the Giants don’t make the playoffs this year they will probably remember what an ass Coughlin is.

  5. Tomlin did something similar when he first arrived in Pittsburgh–pushed the team really hard. And the result was that they lost in the first round of playoffs and since then he’s learned to let some of the vets, like Ward, rest a little more during the week.

  6. While most NFL fans want old school work the player to the point of death type training camps almost all exercise gurus will tell you that its counter productive. Especially in today’s NFL where training is a 12 month job and training camp is no longer needed for conditioning. One can accomplish more by doing less. Which is something that is very hard for obessive workalholic head coaches to accept.
    Most NFL teams have moved on from the more pain is gain approach. Mangini’s training camp approach fits his personality and coaching style where he attempts to coach by fear and threats and to force his players to respect him rather than earn their respect. This coaching style is also a dinosaur and simply does not work in today’s NFL.
    It only took two weeks of training camp in 2006 for Mangini to lose his team. Look at the complete lack of effort and enthusiasm his jets played with in 2006-2008 and one can see his approach simply does not work. Ditto the 2009 Browns. Except for a few weeks of motivation after Belichick attacked Mangini in the media during the 2006 bye week Mangini’s players have hated him with a passion and refused to play hard for him.
    Jamal Lewis is right. But what is most shocking is not the number of players that express hatred of Mangini but the complete lack of players who will say anything nice or even remotely positive about Mangini. He simply is the worst coach the NFL has seen since Rich Kotite and Lou Holtz. Amazing that all 3 coached the Jets. If Walt Michaels was not such a good coach his alcohol induced paranoia might put him on this exclusive list to.

  7. Jamal “The Raven” Lewis needs to find a nice little quiet place on the bench and just shut up. If he was as “tired” as he says he is, he should have retired after last season. Jamal should open his own “whinery” @ the end of the season.

  8. Jamal Lewis needs to shut his mouth. For all the talk around Cleveland of him being a “leader” and “true professional,” all he’s done the last 2 years is point fingers. The reality is that he’s part of the proble, both with the teams attitude and production. And now he seems like he may be trying to get himself cut, probably hoping he can leech onto a quality team and ride their coat tails to the playoffs. And knowing Mangini, it will probably work.

  9. I feel the jury’s still out on Mangini. You can’t expect him to come in and immediately make chicken salad. Give him anuda year and then you can begin to evaluate him. Most are killing him based on what he did in NY. It’s too early to expect anything in Cleveland.
    Jamal,however, may be right.

  10. If Lewis worked half as hard running the ball as he did selling crack, he would have 1,000 yards already. Time to cut him and give Harrison the ball.

  11. wow………you would think with all the money…all the trainers….all the tools available……the last thing you would hear is …
    “they worked us too hard”….get over it you baby……..after several days of rest, you should be completely recovered from a hard training session……what a CROCK…..he pushed us too hard 4 months ago..beacause of that we are the worst team ever?????? Please….take more steriods and do your JOB>…unreal…
    EXCUSES are like ARZwholes…we all have one

  12. Wow. All this hate for Jamal, when he is just saying what all the other players are afraid to. Mangini is a punk, and probably will get punched by one of the players before the season is over.
    Sorry Cleveland didn’t work out like you hoped it would, Jamal. I’m as disappointed as you are.

  13. What the hell, might as well get his monies worth on the way out. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t take shots the rest of the year. I hope so.

  14. Zinn says:
    November 12, 2009 12:58 PM
    Jamal Lewis is right. But what is most shocking is not the number of players that express hatred of Mangini but the complete lack of players who will say anything nice or even remotely positive about Mangini.
    Shocking number of players who have expressed hatred of Mangini? How many is a “shocking” number? Two? Three? Care to name names? Are you gonna take Lewis’ comments that he thinks the Browns were worked too hard and equate that to “hate”? If someone else said something like “he was hard to get along with”, are you goig to turn that into “hate” to suit your purposes on a messgae board. Please feel free to provide links or proof to where any player used the word “hate” when talking about Mangini.
    And as far as the “complete lack” of players who have said anything remotely positive about Mangini, the funny thing is I’ve read or heard positive (and, of course, “positive” doesn’t mean “glowing”) quotes from pretty much every player he brought over from the Jets. That would be about 8.
    Well, there’s 8… That would be a little more than “a complete lack.”
    I’m not defending Mangini. I’m pointing out that you can’t just write whatever the hell you want and try to pass it off as fact without someone noticing. Sorry.

  15. i am sure this comment by JL made florio’s day who seem to be invisible throughout the day ..
    meanwhile JL its not yur fault ,u r spoiled as others by Crennel’s regime ,now its mangini ‘way no more free lunches …….

  16. doesnt he know theres easier ways to get released. just say something about gays on twitter. this guys wants out, to have one last kick at the playoffs.

  17. At the HALFWAY point of the season, the Saints DEFENSE has more touchdown than the Clowns “offense”.
    It must really suck to be a browns fan. You root for a 10-year expansion team, you can’t beat the Steelers, your team can’t score, and every TV/radio analyst makes fun of how terrible the browns are and how painful they are to watch.
    Oh, I forgot, your owner is an idiot, all 4 coaches since coming back were terrible, your draft picks generally suck (except Joe Thomas), and yet you keep buying the new QB’s jersey. It’s funny to see all the Couch, Holcomb, Frye, and Quinn jerseys at Cleveland Stadium. Hey D-bags, wait until one of them actually does something before jumping on the bandwagon.

  18. Citizen Strange says: November 12, 2009 12:53 PM
    Everybody on the Giants hated Coughlin too until they had that one lucky stretch and won a Super Bowl by the skin of their teeth.
    When the Giants don’t make the playoffs this year they will probably remember what an ass Coughlin is.
    Winning 4 straight road games in the playoffs is lucky now? Also, you clearly didn’t watch the Super Bowl. We physically MANHANDLED the Pats* for 60 minutes. Go watch the game again.

  19. well said trickbunny. Everyone likes to pile on with half truths.
    As for C.BASS, this smacks of the typical sports fan nowadays. Lay in the weeds until a team has success and only then pounds their chest like they’ve been with them all along the way. Cleveland fans are born dedicated, we don’t pick a front runner. We love football and the team representing our home and want success, but if we don’t get success… guess what?… we don’t jump ship!!!
    I guess you can’t understand that. So go watch whatever frontrunner team you follow today, and when they falter you can forget all about that team.
    Just because we have crappy owners and coaches, we’re not going to stop being Browns fans. But you can’t understand loyalty, I’m sure.

  20. What a poor baby. Can you imagine a boss wanting his players to work?? How dare he?
    Is there any wonder Jamal Lewis never amounted to anything? I wonder if Walter Payton ever cried about working hard.

  21. Tomlin did something similar when he first arrived in Pittsburgh–pushed the team really hard. And the result was that they lost in the first round of playoffs and since then he’s learned to let some of the vets, like Ward, rest a little more during the week.
    Good coaches learn from their mistakes…bad ones (or ex-ones) do not.

  22. Shocking number of players who have expressed hatred of Mangini? How many is a “shocking”
    number? Two? Three?
    If you have paid any attention at all to mangini’s career you would recall players starting with Coles expressing their dislike from him from the first week of his tenure. The list is a long one. We can go with lColes, Dave Ball who gave a nice long interview in 2007 or 2008 as to how much better life was not playing for Mangini an d how bad Mangini was disliked by his players. We can also name David Harris, Kerry Rhodes. Dozens of players on the present jets have stated this year how much nicer it is to come to work and how much better the atmosphere is this year without Mangini.
    Yes of course there are Jets that will go to the Browns and play for Mangini. But all those players are players on the verge of not having a job. They might like Mangini or they may realize that he is their best opportunity for remaining employed. We would all like him to if he paid us a million dollars a year for a job we could not get elsewhere.
    What is shocking is not only the number of players that have attacked Mangini since his first week of training camp in 2006 but the complete lack of any player standing up to defend him. I understand some people simply are not football fans and do not pay attention but even the most casual fan would be hard pressed not to be aware of all the p,layers who have expressed dislike for Mangini and Mangini’s complete lack of respect towards his players.

  23. How much work is too much wwork for these overpaid prima-donnas?
    They “work” Wednesdays thru Sundays.. a 5 day week like many of us. And the physical “work” is 2-3 hours a day? Gimme a break. These players are supposed to be pros. Time they act like it!

  24. @ dybzinski – I couldn’t have said it better brother!!!!
    @ c.bass – the easy thing to do is jump ship, but it’s my squad! You ride with’em, you die with’em.
    Things happen in cycles, we were the original dynasty of pro football and pittsburgh was the laughing stock, now pittsburgh is the rein supreme of the super bowl era.
    The pendulum of greatness is getting ready to swing back in our direction and I am just waiting patiently.
    But Lewis has a superbowl ring, therefor – he has the right to talk smack about whomever he wants, especially the head coach of a 1-7 team, that he plays for!

  25. dybzinski:
    When did I say you shouldn’t root for the browns? I said it must suck. I’ve been a Steeler fan my entire life so your assumption that I move from front-runner to front-runner is way off. Fortunately for me, the Steelers always have a competitive team so I can’t even come close to imagining what you browns fans go through every year. Worst Steeler season I can remember was something like 6-10 (which is higher than the avgerage wins the browns have had since coming back).

  26. Hey The Coop,
    I know that you don’t want to listen to the employees, why should you? The leadership is doing a better job than Crennel, just look at th ewins. Idiot.

  27. Being a raven fan i have a lot of respect for jamal and what he did for the ravens. If it wasnt for him we dont win our superbowl. He carried a subpar Offense on his back. When he does retire it will be as a raven and wont be long before he ends up in our ring of honor.

  28. Not for nothing but Chris Baker said the same thing this yr. about Mangini in NY last yr. The guy just downright sucks at coaching.

  29. Duan,
    Things happen in cycles? 20-year cycles? Keep telling yourself that. You must be one of those 850AM callers that predict 9-10 wins for the browns every preseason.
    I might have agreed with you 10 years ago but after 10 years of great draft positions, the browns have nothing.

  30. Chuck Noll was 1-13 in his first year. I guess the Squeelers should of canned him half way through the year too. He didn’t make the playoffs until his 4th year. Mangini is working with a lot of the crap left behind from Camp Crennel. Lazy, over paid babies that just want to show up on gameday and collect their paycheck.

  31. What a bunch of uninformed asshats around here.
    “Is there any wonder Jamal Lewis never amounted to anything?”
    So he averages OVER a thousand yards per season, has a superbowl ring and he’s NEVER amounted to anything?
    10,500 yards in 8.5 seasons…
    One 2,000 yard season,
    His worst season, he still put up 900+ yards…
    Yeah, what a slouch.

  32. Florio’s T-bagger:
    Are you really comparing Magini to Chuck Noll? Was Chuck Noll fired by the NY Jets for sucking?

  33. CBass – cycles of winning and the swinging of the football pendulum. OK, do you remember the Steelers and the puke they spewed on the field? I’m old enough to remember Steelers’ wives standing on 5th and Forbes Avenues trying to give game tickets away just to get a few people in the stands. And after Noll (who like Cowher learned to play and understand football in Cleveland as a Brown) won his superbowls, didn’t he go into a year after year funk and finally retire because “the game passed him by” as the Pittsburgh media reported? It is all cyclical. Get off your attitude and drink something other than IC Lite.

  34. If Jamal wants to actually help his team, he needs to show his veteran skills and example on a daily basis to encourage younger teammates to grow as NFLers and to refrain from throwing anyone else, especially his coach, under the bus. He also needs to adopt the development of the Brown’s OL as his pet project if he ever wants to see another 1,000 yards/year.
    It is so sad that Browns fans have had to put up with the expansion team blues for so long. They must rue the day that Art Modell left Cleveland and took their legendary franchise to Baltimore.
    As a Steeler fan, I’m with you 100%. That move demonstrated everything that is wrong about the relocation process of major sports franchises over the years. It has always been about $$$ and new stadiums that the ultra-rich owners demand from local governments in order to keep teams in place which initiates the process. Modell was only filling the void produced in Baltimore when Robert Irsay moved the Colts to Indianapolis in 1983. What do they say about worms turning?
    Back to the present, it is up to veterans like Lewis to put their personal desires or opinions on the back burner unless they produce a positive effect on their team. Jamal’s comments seemed to be a very positive calling his mates doing just that.
    So here’s hoping the Browns rally around Quinn to go on a four game win streak until reality sets in against my Steelers. In the process, you win two against Cincy & Baltimore that help this convenient Browns/Steelers mutual admiration society.
    Until we meet on 12/10!!

  35. What was Jamal’s excuse for last year’s losing when they had a big soft coach with soft practices?????

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