Other Browns players agree with Jamal Lewis

Browns running back Jamal Lewis said earlier today that coach Eric Mangini has worked the team too hard.

Some of you wondered whether Lewis was a lone voice in the wilderness, or whether he’s saying what the rest of his teammates are thinking.

Per a league source, it’s the latter.

At one point this year, prior to the overtime loss to the Bengals, Mangini lightened up a bit.  Since then, however, he has reverted to his prior ways, and the players generally don’t like it.

It remains to be seen whether any of the other Browns will chime in, too.

42 responses to “Other Browns players agree with Jamal Lewis

  1. heard over the browns PA system: “will whoever took coach mangini’s strawberries please bring them back?”

  2. Every time I’ve made up my mind about the guy, you print stories that change my mind again. Maybe the players are babies, maybe he’s a tyrant. We don’t know for sure, actually. He’s got alot of enemies around the league, but he has alot of really close friends…ex players…around the league too. Who knows what the real story is on Mango.

  3. It remains to be seen if the clowns will score another TD this season.
    Yawn. Maybe this team moves to LA or London.

  4. I’ve always admired World B. Free when he was with the 76ers and his “practice” would consist of laying at mid court looking up at the rafters and smoking cigarettes.

  5. The Browns are a bunch of puzzies….
    Here is the remedy for the browns..
    1 needle of steriods,
    2 felonies
    8 viles of staph infection
    4 – Pole Smokers
    and 100000 excuses as to why you are the worst team to ever play in the NFL,
    SEND them packing to the UFL, arent they short one team????

  6. I’m sorry how are the browns the worst team to play in the NFL? You’re an idiot. Plain and simple. Your stupid, ridiculous attempt at humor in the above post just shows how little knowledge you have about football. Sure the browns are a mess. and yes, they lose all the time. but they are hardly the worst team to EVER play in the NFL. Until know anything about this sport, you should keep your dumb ass off the posts. you pink puzzy.

  7. The Browns situation is sad. Decent talent, but crappy head coach. I can’t believe another owner would give me a chance after the crap he pulled in NY.
    Please can him after the season, and banish him to the UFL or perhaps NFL London. This guy is a joke.

  8. It’s obvious that if Mangini had any control of this team, it’s gone now. He should have took advantage of the bye week and said goodbye to Jamal Lewis after he announced his retirement. Letting him stay on this team for the remainder of this year accomplishes nothing. He’s not going to take any chances on the field and he’s taking away snaps from other guys who may actually want to play in the NFL.
    Now he wants to lead the inmates in a takeover of the aslyum. Where were these other “concerned” players at before Lewis decided to speak out?
    It’s all about excuses – of course these guys want to claim they lose games because they were worked too hard during the week. If that isn’t the case, then maybe they aren’t as talented as they would like to believe.

  9. Inmates running the jailhouse. Nice. Just fire mangina already. Rob Ryan can coach this team to 1-7 to finish the season.

  10. Broans fans, Mangenius actually did you a favor this season. With another coach, the Browns would have won 4-7 games this season. Why would you want that? If you go 1-15, 2-14 there is a legit shot at a good quarterback of the future.

  11. Move the Browns to LA? OK, good idea, except for the legal matter of a lease. Go ask a grown up about the ramifications of a lease.

  12. but what if he’s telling the truth? Romeo sucks, Mangini sucks. they need a real coach and to get rid of their two quarterbacks with messed up heads.

  13. Its easier to let up on a team than it is to start going harder. Mangini might have this right… beat them up.. see who is committed to following him, cut the rest of the guys, go easier next year.
    Browns fans need to calm down… you havent had a winning team since the mid 1800’s, and you have a left tackle to kill for. Be patient, Mangini may be a douche, but he knows his X’s and O’s.

  14. No Mangina fan here, but are we, or Browns fans in general, supposed to hear/read these comments w/ a straight face?
    Seriously, if the foot was let off the accelerator, and practices/camp were not as intense, we’re to believe Cleveland football would be better off?
    What a disaster. I’m an Ohio native living in the DC area now. Feel bad for the Browns faithful, and I’m a ‘Skins fan.

  15. Your absolutely right. A team as bad as the Cleveland Browns should kick back and relax a little bit. Keep working hard and doing what you get paid to do,just might screw around and win you a freaking game..

  16. Hey Jamal, I’ve watched every game this year, and trust me BRO it doesn’t look like you guys have been practicing that much.

  17. I lost respect for Lewis. Why would a guy still playing for the Browns who by the way play the Ravens Monday say he will always be a Raven?
    Please save the BS for after you retire.
    Also, not that I disagree w/Lewis concerning Mangini, but this overworked in training camp BS is a crock too. Remember this is coming from a guy who players go to Georgia to work out with in the off season, and return saying how tough his workouts are. Just imagine if our Armed forces complain that they can’t perform because basic training just wore them out. Oh yeah the last time I checked they were not being paid millions of dollars. This cry baby attitude needs to stop just go play the game and be thankful that your playing football and not unemployed. Get your priorities in order.

  18. What a bunch of whiners. Win a game and you might get some time off. Or better yet, wait until the playoffs and you will have all the time off you need.

  19. “Per a league source”
    You know Florio is right enough (but not always- right Mr. Bradshaw) that he can get away with this, but it often looks like he has someone on the team with a axe to grind who is too cowardly to actually speak up.
    It pretty much indicates the source is low level at best.

  20. So he eases up on the guy before the Bengals game…they played into overtime and lost….he kept the easier schedule, and they beat buffalo, so he continued on with it, then they looked like crap against Pittsburgh, green bay, and chicago…so he cracks the whip….i dont see any issue with this….keep the games close and you get a softer schedule….play like a high school team and the coach is going to come down hard….sounds pretty cut and dry to me…..stop crying.

  21. This guy is the worst coach ever. If he just absolutly has to have the power trip he so obviously needs I’m sure there are many high school teams that nees a coach. Although in these days he is likly to catch a beatdown if he acts the way to high school kids.

  22. Who knows what the real story is on Mango.
    Hey, GoBrowns19, lemme help you out with that (and this is coming from a card-carrying Browns Backer):
    Mangini blose.

  23. Maybe Jamal’s words with be worth two cents if he didn’t suck for the past couple years.
    I have a feeling this all translates to “I’ve really lost a step and I’d like to be able to blame it on anything or anyone besides myself.”
    By the way, PFT, about half of the Browns (i.e. former Jets that Mangini brought in) have said *positive* things in the press about Mangini. When are you gonna print that?
    Oh yeah, that’s right- never. It wouldn’t fit in with the oh-so-obvious agenda you have to trash Mangini 8 times a day.
    Gotta love selective, yellow “journalism”.

  24. “It remains to be seen whether any of the other Browns will chime in, too.”
    Come on PFT. You know we’ll hear those chimes tomorrow when you just make up another story and credit it to “a league source.”

  25. Remember back in 2006 when the Giants were losing games and Jeremy Shockey said that Tom Coughlin was working them too hard and Tiki Barber chimed in and said he was gonna retire at the end of the year? Well the Giants ended up winning the Super Bowl the following year.
    I’m not saying that’s what the Browns will do, I’m just saying that players need to shut up. What’s the old saying? “You don’t pay me to play on Sunday, you pay me to practice during the week?” Well go earn your money.

  26. PS- as much as I’ve been criticizing PFT lately (just trying to fit in around here), I do give you guys credit for having the ‘nads to print all the hate mail.

  27. art vandelay-rau is a well known ravens and orioles fan so its surprising you wouldn’t agree that jamal lewis is better than jim brown

  28. Be serious, courson …. if DemocratsAreStupid thinks The Great Jim Brown was overrated, what makes you think the moron has ever heard of Sam Huff?
    By the way, people always refer to him as “The Great” Jim Brown. Ever hear anyone refer to “The Great” Ladanian Tomlinson?

  29. this is going to get really ugly , the owner may be forced to get rid of the present “coach”.

  30. Mangini is judged by his won/loss record PERIOD.
    You can be a horses a$$ if you have the talent to produce a winning team.
    And then …… there is Mangini

  31. Not to worry. Mangini’s in complete control of the team. This is all part of his master plan.
    Sometimes you just need to take 47 steps back before you can take a step forward.
    The Browns are in good hands.

  32. I wonder how many of these spoiled cry babies could ever do an honest day’s work. Two hours of practice and they b*tch about it? I would love to make even league min for two hours per day.
    I served over 30 yrs in the Army, give me some of that signing bonus money and you can break my legs or give me a concussion.
    Let some of these prima donnas do some of the jobs we do…and for the lousy pay we get. When is the last time there was a limo waiting to pick you up? When is the last time there was someone to carry your luggage through the airport? When was the last time your employer got you out of a DUI or a murder rap?
    Get real football people to run this organization, get a real football coach, and bring back the scab players…at least they played with some heart!!!

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