PFTV looks at Larry Johnson's next step

This year, former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson has made a lot more noise via the events resulting in his exile from Kansas City than for his performances on the field.

But, surely, he’d like to change that soon, via his next team.

So where is this headed?  PFTV explores.

6 responses to “PFTV looks at Larry Johnson's next step

  1. Larry Johnson is washed up. He had two monster years and now he’s done. He used to run with a fearless, smash-mouth, deliver-the-pain style. One cut and go, and boy did he go.
    He sight see a little more success behind a better O-line, but for the most part he is merely a shell of his former self, so don’t count on him making a huge impact for another team.
    Unless, that is, he’s been dogging it on purpose in Kansas City. I don’t think that’s the case, however, because he always seemed so concerned with his own greatness and having to make up for the late start he got on his career. But if it is I’m gonna be pissed..

  2. Larry Johnsons next step
    Hit the Nightclubs for a few hours…Get a little Tipsy…Then hit the streets…Do a little Gay Bashing….Then come home…Smack the Gal around a little bit…Wake up call his agent…Ask if anyone has called about running the ball next sunday…
    BEST FIT: San Francisco…………It would be a Gay bashing hayday out there….tons to pick from….
    Retire Larry,
    your done

  3. Not necessarily this season, but with Tomlinson fading away rapidly and with Sproles not an every down back, I can definitely see him playing for the Chargers.
    A lot has been made about the amount of carries he had during his two great years, but he hasn’t exactly been overused the past three seasons for various reasons. There’s tread on the tires, he’s just one of those guys who needs to feel he’s “being respected” and that will get his head right. Moronic, but true.
    Not that he’s got strong relationships with anyone, but you never how things shake out. There will be lots of new coaches in a lot of places next year and picking him up may seem like a better alternative than burning a draft pick on a running back. You gonna tell me Cleveland couldn’t use him?

  4. All of you speculating on where he could go to contribute really seem to be ignoring the fundamental question that “bbq’ stated well. Is he is he NOT “washed up”?
    I think it’s pretty clear that he really did “hit the wall” and coaches who watch him know that. No pro-bowl running back was ever released by a team simply for political correctness. Don’t believe it.
    I wager the man will NEVER start for a team again. He might PLAY, but not START.
    There is “tread” left on the tire. That’s not the problem. The issue is that the engine blew a cylinder and it just does not go as fast anymore.

  5. Hey, Why did I have to read in Sports Illustrated about the on-line petition calling for Scott Pioli to release Johnson before he could break Priest Holmes rushing record? Said petition was signed by 32,000 fans. Thats 32,000 !!
    Hey Johnson time to go take the fork truck license test at Home Depot. You’re done.

  6. A professional player should not be acting as what Lj did. He deserves it anyway. He is definitely no longer worthy for his salary. Apparently, the Chiefs agreed to the troublesome running back from roster. That’s why the Larry Johnson petition worked.

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