Raiders' Chris Johnson: We can win eight in a row

A 2-6 record over the first eight games hasn’t given the Oakland Raiders much reason for optimism this season.

But one Raiders player is feeling really optimistic.

Oakland cornerback Chris Johnson says that after perusing the Raiders’ second-half schedule, he thinks it’s entirely possible that they’ll win their next eight games and finish the season in playoff contention.

“If you really want to look at it, you can go 8-0 and you might end up 10-6,” Johnson said Wednesday, per the Oakland Tribune. “There’s a possible way you can actually do it.”

Technically, Johnson is right: It is possible that the Raiders could go 8-0. It’s also possible that JaMarcus Russell will get an endorsement deal with Weight Watchers, Tom Cable will be named Man of the Year by the National Organization for Women and Al Davis will stop making personnel decisions as if he’s trying to put together a record-setting 4×100-meter relay team.

But as for what’s realistic to expect, the Raiders will be favored in, at most, three games the rest of the season: They’re slight favorites for Sunday’s game against the Chiefs, and they might be favored Week 14 against the Redskins and Week 16 against the Browns.

Eight wins in the second half of the season? Sure, it’s possible. But even half that many would be a surprise.

29 responses to “Raiders' Chris Johnson: We can win eight in a row

  1. Yes, also Terry Shiavo will be on Dancing with the Stars and Chris Benoit will be a spokesman for Abused Children.

  2. I dont know what kind of drugs Al Davis is giving his players but he could probably make a fortune if he sold it to Browns, Bucs and Rams players

  3. The first Chris Johnson to predict his bad team would run the table and make the playoffs was more likely to be right.

  4. Getting really sick of these stories. For the 10,000th time: What else are these guys supposed to say?
    “Holy crap, we’re an awful team. Thank God for the Chiefs and Browns and Rams, else we’d be the absolute bottom of the barrel.”
    While that might be true, Johnson can’t say that. Only a veteran guy like Greg Ellis could get away with something like that (e.g. his “we’re the laughingstock of the league” comment a couple weeks ago)
    And reading it closely, Johnson’s just saying what’s possible, not what’s probable. You’re putting words in his mouth. Yes, 10-6 is still a theoretical possibility for the Raiders. Not going to happen, but, again, he’s not offering a statement of odds or likelihood.
    There’s a ton of stupid crap football players say to make fun of. But these non-stories have got to stop.

  5. What a funny guy. The Chiefs will beat them this Sunday. The Raiders are a joke. They will finish 4th in the division at 2-14. The Chiefs 5-11. The Chargers will win the division as Donkey nation again can’t finish a season. Funny how silent the donkey fans are with two straight losses. Orton? McDaniels? Did anyone really think they were for real? No.

  6. BenRapistberger says:
    The first Chris Johnson to predict his bad team would run the table and make the playoffs was more likely to be right.

  7. I’m not sure if that’s touching or touched in the head. How could a player working in such chaos find the heart to make that statement? Either he’s the most optimistic soul in the NFL or he’s already sipping the kool-aid. Bless his heart, I hope another team rescues him soon.

  8. He didn’t claim the team was going to run the table, he just pointed out that it can be done. Nowhere did he say it was going to happen. There’s no reason a player shouldn’t think confident and keep an optimistic look towards the rest of the season.
    It’s funny how people take…
    “If you really want to look at it, you can go 8-0 and you might end up 10-6,” Johnson said Wednesday, per the Oakland Tribune. “There’s a possible way you can actually do it.”
    …and claim that the quote says…
    “We’re going to run the table and go 10-6!”

  9. Obviously he’s correct they could go 8-0 for the balance of the season.
    However, …..oh my gosh, I just looked out my window and saw a flock of pigs flying by.
    Is that an omen? Maybe the Raiders will go 8-0 the rest of the season.

  10. My god…. do half of you really think he just came out and said his team would win 8 in a row? Reports bait a particular set of answers out of players, and then present those answers to some of you idiots to get a rise out of you.

  11. This is the second Raiders player who has come out with this type of an attitude. In following Richard Seymour’s “we will make the playoffs” mantra.
    Maybe there is some confidence being instilled in the Raiders team from somewhere. Make no mistake, this team has a lot of talented players. Especially on the defensive side of the ball.
    If the offense can create some sustained drives during the second half of this season…I wouldn’t be surprised to see this team go 5-3 or even 6-2. Kansas City, Washington and Cleveland are no doubt 3 winnable games.

  12. This is the guy that’s being replaced when the Raiders pick first next April. There’s no room for LSD in professional football.

  13. well he probably looked around the pratice field , and for the first time saw a bunch a guys playing that have been hurt all year. That is reason enough to get optimistic, beside being fortunate enough to play the NFC east, which we should go 3-1 against. (I know you east coast PFT loves that)

  14. We (Raider fans) would gladly take 4-4 at this point Chris. I know you can’t say it, but you would have fans saying “Super Bowl talk” for next season if you in fact do go 4-4. Heck, I was optimistic that 8-8 was a goal after winning the last two. Someone could have spoken the truth like Florio with the 4-4 talk, but NOOOOO. It’s once again “over talk” and “under deliver” for our Silver and Black (& Blue) team.

  15. We have to score TD’s…..I still dont know why Javon is not playing, he has to be able to catch better than Murphy and DHB

  16. # mooremi9 says: November 12, 2009 10:11 AM
    Lock of the week KC +2 over Oakland. Put your kids college fund on it.
    Do you have a PayPal account, mooremi9?
    You name the amount and I’m fine with it.

  17. LOL
    Random drug test in the future..
    It is entirely necessary to have a positive attitude in the NFL…..but this is as laughable as Agassi smoking crack!

  18. i have to disagree with those who are saying thiings like “what is he supposed to say”, or “he’s just answering the question the reporters asked”. there are correct answers to the questions the reporters asked, and the one he gave is not it. he could have merely played the cliche game of one game at a time, instead he threw his foot in his mouth and said they can win 8 in a row.
    when you were i school did you blame your wrong answers on the questions the teacher asked?

  19. you guys are idiots. He’s saying it can be done not that it will be….yeah let’s hate on a guy who wants to win, you guys are the real losers

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