New coordinator hasn't improved Lovie's defense

Since losing to the Colts in the Super Bowl three years ago, the Bears have defined mediocrity.  They have won 20 games, lost another 20, and tried out three starting quarterbacks before landing Jay Cutler. 

The rotating signal callers have distracted attention from Chicago’s biggest problem: Lovie Smith’s defense isn’t very good.

The unit was below average in 2007 and 2008. With practically the same personnel back this season, Smith’s big gamble this offseason was to appoint himself defensive coordinator.  He was counting on coaching rather than players to fix things.

And now Chicago’s defense looks worse than ever.

The Bears gave up 45 points to the Bengals in Week Seven, then 41 to the Cardinals in Week Nine.  NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi spoke this week that the Bears have been struggling just to get lined up correctly of late.  That’s coaching. 

On Thursday night, look for Alex Smith and the 49ers to attack a Bears secondary that has been vulnerable because the defensive line hasn’t pressured teams.

This is a crucial game for Lovie and his troops.  If the Bears can’t win, they will be 4-5 with Philadelphia and a trip to Minnesota up next on the schedule.  A second game against Minnesota and a trip to Baltimore also loom.

While the heat is on offensive coordinator Ron Turner, it’s fair to ask what’s Chicago’s biggest flaw.  They have a defensive-minded head coach running a defense that has been below average for three years running.  There is very little young talent to get excited about.

Yes, the Bears ownership won’t want to eat the end of Smith’s contract.  But they might not have any choice if Smith’s defense keeps giving up 40 points anytime they face a decent quarterback.

9 responses to “New coordinator hasn't improved Lovie's defense

  1. The Bears fired Lloyd Lee, LB coach, today. There will be a few more getting bullets before Lovie does. Ron Turner is at the head of that list. He will be a sacrificial lamb at season’s end.

  2. Wasn’t Lloyd Lee fired in January? And Bob Babich if LB coach anyways. You must have been drinking in order to get ready for the game, which I understand fully.

  3. while turner needs to go will it really make a difference who is calling the plays if smith is still the coach?until he realizes offense is part of the game they will suck.getting a field to go ahead does not mean just run the ball the rest of the game and hope the defense stops the other team from scoring.turner is just incompentent when it comes to calling plays period!the only coach in the league who will not run a play that works more than once a game. that pass got twenty yards?nice now let’s run it up the middle for no gain this play. olsen scored on td on that play?ok now go back to the bench or block until we are behind at the end of the game.against the cardinals they might have hung in there if he had not called that stupid reverse to hester!hadn’t they just marched down the field on the first drive with cutler passing to everybody?again the worst play caller in the league.but since it is chicago it must all be the qb’s fault.hard to be great when you are running for your life on every play.aside from last year when they drafted a o-lineman in the first rd. they always pick d in the draft so whoose fault is it if they don’t pan out?until lovie figures out everybody has figured out his sheme and makes some adjusments they will continue to suck!he is to stubborn to make any adj. during the game.having fitzgerald covered 1on1 while he was lighting them up and not making any changes proves he just doesn’t get it!if they have to eat his contract then do it! the bears certainly can afford it!

  4. Too many penalties in crucial moments and sloppy play all around against the Niners.
    That is coaching too.

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