Another "opportunity drill" injury in Cleveland

As if some (most) players on the Browns weren’t already concerned about coach Eric Mangini working them too hard, another account has emerged of a young player suffering serious injury during a post-practice “opportunity drill.”

First reported by Dan Graziano of and confirmed by Pat McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal, defensive end Keith Grennan ruptured a patellar tendon in extra work aimed at giving young players a chance to impress coaches.

It’s unclear whether the players are supposed to impress coaches with skill, toughness, or willingness to risk serious injury.  If the latter is a factor, then Grennan should get a job right now.

If, you know, he didn’t have that ruptured patellar tendon.

Earlier this year, running back James Davis suffered a shoulder injury during a similar “opportunity drill,” during which Davis wasn’t wearing pads — and the person who hit him was.  The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.

Though Mangini has previously spun these drills as a chance for young players to earn their way into playing time, football players would stay out on the field for 18 hours if that was what they needed to do to improve their standing on the team and/or to enhance their careers over the long haul.  There’s a point at which coaches should not be permitted to exploit the players’ nature.

“You’re forcing them out there after they’ve already practiced and
they’re tired and you’re putting them at risk,” one league source told McManamon.  “That’s why Jamal Lewis said what he said.  Kids are out there for three
hours . . . something’s going to break.”

On Thursday, Grennan’s knee did break.  As a result, Mangini’s career is one step closer to shattering.

52 responses to “Another "opportunity drill" injury in Cleveland

  1. This is why the Browns are facing blackouts in the coming weeks. Would you want to watch this disaster in person?

  2. Time to move on Florio. It’s starting to look like you have something personal against Mangini. Find something else to write about.

  3. How is Mangini allowed to still be coaching? He has no regard for the safety of his players or a general over all well being of them. He over works them so they are too tired to perform and even those who do perfrom cant because he is a terrible coach. He must have dirt on someone in the league or something because there is no other reason why he should even have a head coaching job. Vox could do a better job.

  4. “running back James Davis suffered a shoulder injury during a similar “opportunity drill,” during which Davis wasn’t wearing pads — and the person who hit him wasn’t”.
    I thought Davis wasn’t , but the person who hit him was wearing pads. Perhaps you need to finish that first cup of coffee before posting?

  5. The key words in this story are “The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.”
    OMG, people get hurt in football practice or conditioning. Who could have known?
    I’m sure someone was standing over these players with whips and clubs, forcing them to take part in these bizarre drills. Heavens!
    Look for Mangini to take the blame if this happens to other players on other teams. He will also take blame if the soda in the practice complex fridge goes flat.
    Oh noes!

  6. “Earlier this year, running back James Davis suffered a shoulder injury during a similar “opportunity drill,” during which Davis wasn’t wearing pads — and the person who hit him wasn’t. The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.”
    Yeah it was cleared up that both players were not wearing pads…yet you never chose to acknowledge this. We get it…Mangini pissed in your coffee and you are trying to ruin his career. Stop posting about the worthless Browns stories that no one cares about.

  7. [b]The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.[/b]
    Your constant disapproval of the Browns is just getting sicking and pathetic.
    Was there actually any news in this worthless article? The League Investigated the incident with James Davis and found [b]NO WRONG DOING[/b]!
    Quit trying to make something out of nothing months after it has happened! Just another reason why I think this site loses credibility.

  8. For Christ’s sake write something about the Raiders for a change of pace. What do you want from us? Hes a prick. Back in March when I asked if it was too soon to fire his ass people thought I was crazy, but there were alot of us who saw this coming. I suppose not all publicity is good publicity so……..thanks for that, I guess. This shit isn’t sad anymore its just pathetic.

  9. Mangini should be shot. This is the second young man who is injured thanks to this douche.
    I just don’t understand how he got this job…oh wait…it’s Cleveland. Carry on.

  10. Um… it’s getting a little old with the constant “Man-cunt is a douche, needs to be fired” post. We know. The city of Cleveland couldn’t agree with you more. Here’s one we can re-hatch:
    “James Harrison beats women and parlays that into a $60 million contract”

  11. Florio you are such a tool.. Seriously, you attempts to bash the city of Cleveland and Eric Mangini are getting more and more pathetic.. Players get hurt on all NFL teams, ALL, yet we never see these posts (spins) you put up regarding other teams injuries. The worst part is the morons who agree with your garbage and take it for being actual news. Oh, and you have alot of “sources” as you stated.. Hmmm local news papers, great sources, you are so connected.

  12. Florio your a joke….
    Its absolutely transparent that you (for some unmentioned reason) have a heart on for Mangini.
    Can you please disclose why?
    Everyone says the same thing about Mangini “he seems arrogant”, “I heard hes arrogant”. However, when a “real” journalist actually puts in the effort to go find out first hand (I.E Clark Judge CBS sports) hes says this:
    “Not only did I meet with Mangini, I spent an afternoon with him. And what I discovered is that virtually everything I read, heard and believed about the guy does not correspond with the man I met.” Its a very interesting article, I would post the link, but I doubt the new corporate big brother would allow.
    So, unless your “league sources” are the people your talking about, I suggest stop making yourself look like an idiot.

  13. Being the scapegoat for all that’s gone wrong this year isn’t just what Mangina deserves, its probably the last positive contribution he’ll make in Cleveland.

  14. Florio is pissed because he heard Mangini is a better drummer than Florio Jr.
    NO ONE gets away with being a better drummer than Florio Jr.!!!
    Mangini must pay.

  15. Every team does this type of thing…. Florio only reports on the Browns though. Unbiased reporting is something you do not find here.

  16. Mangini is clearly the most arrogant, ungrateful SOB ever to walk this earth. He has never learned from anything. He got his shot from Belichick, and to show his appreciation he takes a job with the Jets, tries to take half of Belichick’s staff and many of his players, takes his play books and scouting reports, and then turns him in for taping signals………
    He gets to Cleveland, some how, and half way through the season he shits on his buddy Kokinis, his assistant (the female that followed him from NE to NY to Cle) gets fired, his players are revolting, Davis gets injured in a post practice practice, and he gets cleared by the league. Then he gets another player injured in a post practice practice……
    What a douche bag……

  17. A football player got injured during practice?! Oh no! What a shocking turn of events! How could this happen? Call for a congressional inquiry! The public and players must be told that full contact sports result in injuries!

  18. What’s with the browns bashing on this web site?! Seriously their 1-7 yet have headlines daily where their getting sucker punched by this florio guy! I have a headline for you today–how about cutler’s 5 picks in dismal and unwatchable game last night!

  19. The Cleveland “Browns” is a pretty apt nickname, but can’t we go all the way and change their name to “Steamers”? – which, of course, would refer to their steamrolling of player safety.

  20. “running back James Davis suffered a shoulder injury during a similar “opportunity drill,” during which Davis wasn’t wearing pads — and the person who hit him wasn’t”.
    and the person who hit him WAS.

  21. This just in:
    Head Coach Eric Mangini today fined defensive end Keith Grennan $1701 for damaging team properrty – himself. Said Mangini “these players have to learn that they can’t be irresponsible in hurting themselves when we ask them to take part in extra drills when they’re already worn out.”
    Seriously, to those who are throwing stones at Florio for reproting so much about Eric Mangini, why don’t you stop for a minute and consider what is going on here.
    Are other coaches out there drawing attention to themselves by fining players $1700 over a bottle of water, or publicly throwing a friend and GM under the bus, or all the myriad other inane things Mangini has done? No. You may be tired of reading about Mangini, but he keeps doing things no other coach in the league does. So why blame the messenger (Florio) who reports on the absurditities coming out of Cleveleand, instead of the idiot coach who draws so much attention to himself? The man is a media whore!
    Florio runs an NFL oriented website which discusses “latest news & rumors”, yet when he reports on news and/or rumours, some of you people trash him relentlessly for it. Geez Louise.

  22. Comcast wanted me to pay extra for NFLN for games like this??? Someone smartened up a little and Comcast put it on the Digital tier. NFLN isn’t worth it on its own for games like these. Monday night I will be watching on FIOS. Thanks for the memories Comcast.
    I am into low scoring games with great defenses but this was a low scoring game with completely incompetent offenses.
    What was the “we need Crabtree at all cost crowd” thinking. Average at best.
    All I could think when watching last night was that the top tier teams in the NFL would destroy these teams. The NFL definitely has disparity between the top and bottom teams but based on this game there is a big disparity between the top and middle teams.

  23. @ Ice
    @ sripan
    Florio is just reporting the story. All of you idiots who comment on EVERY SINGLE article how “Florio is the scum of the earth” and “this is a non-story” and “you have an ax to grind against my team” … stop going to this site and reading all the articles then! Its so annoying to have to read through all the dumb comments you guys write … there’s a simple solution, if you hate Florio that much… don’t go to his site anymore!
    Now to actually comment on the article – Do you think all the other teams in the league do stuff like this, and we just don’t hear it because people actually like the coach or the organization isn’t in complete disarray?

  24. Why is this even a story? People get hurt all the time, remember this it TACKLE football. Maybe the Cleveland players should stop practicing all together. They have certainly earned it with their sparkling 1-7 record. I would work them until they dropped. Those that dont want to work to improve I would cut and replace them with players that do.

  25. It’s time for Mangini to go…. why bother waiting for the end of the season and only adding to the risk that more players will be hurt?

  26. At least I can rest easy knowing that Mangini won’t be the next coach of the Raiders after Cable is fired the day following the season finale against the Ravens. There’s no way Davis could ever work with this insane, megalomaniacal control freak……that’s Al’s territory!

  27. “Earlier this year, running back James Davis suffered a shoulder injury during a similar “opportunity drill,” during which Davis wasn’t wearing pads — and the person who hit him wasn’t. The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.”
    That’s not true. Mangini and the Browns should sue for libel. Drills where one player is not wearing pads and another is are not allowed. The Browns were cleared meaning, to anyone with a clue, that the players were either both wearing pads or neither player was wearing pads.
    Florio’s obviously spending too much time with makeup on and not enough time actually paying attention to what’s going on in the NFL.

  28. yeah, florio, it is time to shut up about the browns and mangini. listen, i hate him(pats fan), but he is running his team. i would bet my next paycheck that he is doing the same things that he did his 1st year in new york when everyone was calling him a genius. like i said, i hate him, but he is trying to toughen a team filled with pussies. If jamal wants to retire, you really think mangini cares about a 31 year old running back that has a lot of wear and tear? he doesnt. he only cares about the guys who want to get better and win. you think the pats have easy practices? they had double sessions this year, nobody said a word. florio, find someone else to harp on, this is getting boring…

  29. Maybe Lerner can fine Mangina for the remaining $$$ on the contract. What made this owner think that hiring Mangina after the train wreck in NY, a good idea. Lerner honed in on him. Fatal attraction?
    I think the NFL should consider drug testing for the owners.

  30. Here’s a perfect example of how Mangini is being treated like a whipping boy/scapegoat for any little thing someone doesn’t like that takes place within 100 miles of the city of Cleveland:
    “Are other coaches out there drawing attention to themselves by fining players $1700 over a bottle of water?”
    Funny how people keep asking THAT question, but nobody asks THIS question: “Why is an NFL player, who makes hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to play a kids game, STEALING a bottle of water?”
    The player’s character isn’t suffering even though he’s a cheapskate piece of shit who can’t pay $3 for a bottle of water out of his millions, but OH, it’s the COACHES fault for sending a serious and harsh message that that kind of crap will not be tolerated.
    See what I’m saying? Everyone and their mother wants to whine about Mangini fining a player for being a THIEF.
    “Waaaahhh, the punishment was excessive!”
    Maybe so, but one thing’s for sure: The player will NOT be taking anything without paying for it again.
    Mission accomplished.

  31. It doesn’t make sense for any Cleveland fan to rip Florio for ripping Mangini unless you actually want Mangini coaching the Browns again next year.
    Even if you don’t agree with Florio on this one, he’s doing you a favor by helping to ensure that Mangini is a one-and-done in Cleveland.
    Or are there Cleveland fans who believe that Mangini is the answer and that’s why they’re defending him here?

  32. All this stuff happening to Mangina couldn’t be happening to a more deserving douchebag….I feel wicked sorry for the fans of Cleveland….

  33. My suspicion is that this is Mangini’s method for trying to develop football players.
    Whether it is the wrong approach or not is only for geniuses like Florio to decide. Oh wait, Florio thinks that Mangini is only trying to hurt his players in order so Florio has more to write about.
    Mangini is probably over the top concerning his methods. Jamal the Raven is probably right to some degree. Modern training methods recognize the need for recovery. Its time for him to back off. We can buy this “Character, committment, loyalty” thing only so far. One thing is certain, he appears to be the only coach since the Browns came back who is focusing on coaching the players up.
    His intentions and his results seem to be in serious conflict — At this time.
    Thank goodness the Jets have Rex Ryan! He’s a mans, man. He treats his players the right way. Their record is so much better than last year at this time.

  34. They can always quit the NFL if it’s too hard and get a job in a coal mine, a field, a factory or in construction.
    The poor children.

  35. Never mind the poor record. Its that some of the best football fans in America, Cleveland Brown fans, have to endure without HOPE. A franchise saving qb on the horizon? Nope, unless Quinn reverses his direction. Petty, ridiculous over-management that makes the Browns the laughing stock of the league, next to Oakland, yup. Players ready to quit? Yup. The last place on earth a free agent would want to go? Yup. If Tuna’s not available, take his GM, Ireland, and put him in charge of all football operations.

  36. Damn Im glad my Bengals teams are turning around this story just gives me nightmares….Keep ya head up Browns fans…..

  37. “Mission accomplished.”
    Sure, if your mission was creating a huge chasm between players and coaches.
    Mangini has done many other stupid things this season than that fine, but that one issue illustrate’s his being completely out of touch. You fine a player $1700 for taking a bottle of water??A bottle of f-ing water? How do things like that build any kind of relationship between a team and a coach?
    Keep defending this turd, but the only mission he has accomplished is to build a 1-7 laughingstock of a team.
    By the way, the last guy to use the phrase “Mission Accomplished” lived to regret it. (See: Bush, GW, aircraft carrier)

  38. Go Hooter Go says: [b]The Browns were cleared by the league, which meant that the team could keep doing it.[/b]
    “” The Browns . . . “”
    Did that work?

  39. God forbid players put in extra work…your hatered of Magini is duly noted…again and again and again and again and again and again and again….
    perhaps remaming the site to will help

  40. Hey trickbunny, are you going to appear on the Mangini family christmas card? I understand the ongoing critizism looks bad because people are blaming this guy for everything, but you are constantly pro Mangini. What has this guy ever accomplished to deserve a free pass. Nothing, he comes from the Belicheck tree, he isn’t the man himself, This team has no talent, badly mishandled the last draft, and Mangini personally botched the quatreback situation. Now they are in danger of alienating the fans. So again I ask, Why the free pass? and by the way I am a browns fan.

  41. I’m not a Mangina fan but I think after Good Ole Uncle Romeo, any kind of practice would have these millionaire prima donnas in a meltdown.
    Aren’t these guys supposed to be athletes in the prime of physical conditioning? Aren’t they paid more in a couple of years than most of us will make in a life time? Get the f*ck over it, or move on and let someone else in your place!
    How many of these spoiled little babies would last a doing an honest day’s work, taking sh*t all day from some stupid dork related to the owner, eating a bologna sandwich for lunch, and coming home to a series of “Over-due” notices?
    What ever happened to all those scab players? I’d bet they would play for half the dough, and play with a lot more intensity! (They sure couldn’t play any worse)
    GD cry babies!!!

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