Cutler's nonchalance should cause Chicagoans concern

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler long has been criticized for a demeanor that more often than not suggests that he isn’t sufficiently invested emotionally in the results of his work product.

Last night, he seemed to take it to a new level.

Sure, he seemed to whine a little bit after one of his interceptions (the fourth, I think) looked possibly to have been the product of pass interference.  But we’ll never be able to shed the image of Cutler after one of his blunders removing his helmet and scratching his head with a look on his face projecting roughly the same level of concern that Jerry Seinfeld routinely expressed upon uttering, “That’s a shame.”

There’s a fine line between cool and complacent.  Cutler seemed to have been on the wrong side of it last night.

Even after the game, he didn’t seem to care.  Speaking with Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Cutler “nearly laughed” when he said the words “five interceptions.”

“Fire away,” Cutler told Silver before boarding the team bus.  “Feel free to do your job and give me the public ripping I have coming.”

Cool, or complacent?

We’re not saying that Cutler should rant and/or rave or piss and/or moan like some of the other more demonstrative quarterbacks we’ve all seen over the years.  But football is an emotional game, and the quarterback needs to at times seem like he gives a crap.

Cutler rarely if ever has done that.

115 responses to “Cutler's nonchalance should cause Chicagoans concern

  1. I’m not a fan of Jay Cutler, but I think his outward behavior is just a defense mechanism and doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

  2. In memory of the “Sexy Rexy” theme, I propose the moniker “Slutty Cutty” because he’s willing to “giving it [the ball] up” to anyone who wants it.

  3. The Bears can’t run the ball. They turn to Cutler and ask him to win the game for the team. He tries to go win the game. Sometimes he succeeds, and sometimes he doesn’t.
    I actually feel sort of bad for Jay Cutler. Sure he hasn’t developed as a leader, but no quarterback can do well without a good offensive line.

  4. At least he said he had the ripping coming.
    Derek Anderson said: “At least I didn’t throw six.” after he had a 5 pick game.
    common characteristics between these two QB’s. Big arms….small brain.

  5. Is it safe to say Cutler is a “shut-down quarterback?” Nice move as always Chi-Town, at least you got a bunch of draft picks in the trade.

  6. no matter what Jay says he is gonna get ripped. what your doing is ripping him for his biologically dumb looking face and thats not right. Have you looked in the mirror Florio? Mr. Eyes Too Close

  7. To “cool or complacent” should be added some other choices:
    spoiled and coddled and entitled to the point of believing he is the greatest
    thing that ever walked the fact of the Earth, for starters.

  8. What you are seeing his outward appearance. You have no idea what he is feeling inside. I believe he is torn up inside. Besides, you don’t want a QB or any player for that matter dwelling on failures or successes. For example, Limas Sweed of the Steelers who has tremendous potential but due to his low confidence level as a result of multiple drops, he may never blossom.

  9. I wonder if the Bears can just request to forego having first round picks. They use them and get a bust… they trade them and get a best. Better off not even having one.

  10. Enjoy it Chicago.
    When we drafted him I thought this dude could be something close to the GOAT, Elway, SBMVP in his last start, and I scoffed at those who uttered the name Jeff George…
    Enjoy it Chicago, guy is a major douche.

  11. Shades of Rex, he used to come off the field smiling…smiling, that little puke. Cutler however has the skill, he just hasn’t got the men, O.line, WR’s and running game are not playing well to say the least. So, Cutler feels like it’s on him to make the plays…OH, don’t forget Stomach Turner !

  12. Takes after Lovie, at least Cutler showed more emotion than Lovie did. That head scratch was priceless.
    The plays they give him look like they were designed for Orton, little dump off passes and screen plays.
    He has a big arm and is accurate down field, when his receivers dont fall or are mowed down.
    Get the impression he knows Turner will not be there next year, as most people have come to realize and he is just trying to finish out the year. Bears hardly ran anyone more than 10 yards down the field on pass plays, receivers do their hook routes and sit there.
    Cutler is making mistakes, but at times he looks highly frustrated at the limited options he has.

  13. What a Cry Baby he is. Boo Hoo. Here is a good stat about Cutler. He never had a winning season in High School, College, and doesn’t appear to be getting one in the Pro’s. Just STFU Cutler and play like a Pro Bowler. Such huge talent with an even bigger head.

  14. How is he supposed to act after throwing 5 picks smart guy?
    The problem is with the turnovers not the attitude about the turnovers or the look on his face.

  15. Make up your mind Florio. Would you rather he be stoic or whining? Because obviously when he expresses emotion it comes across as whining–and then he gets slammed by the media.
    He sucked last night. No question. but you’re sending more mixed signals here than a 15-year old girl.

  16. What a waste of a trade. Angelo’s finest act. Vikings and Packers fans even agree, and are truly thankful.

  17. Please read what I wrote on the game summary. His demeanor may be the worst in the league. Give me a guy who wants to work hard and win. I dont care how weak his arm is. Cutler defines the words weasel and douche.

  18. My friends all laughed at me for saing that Orton would have a better year than Cutler. I also said that I think Cutler might not even be the better of the two, he was simply surrounded by talent and good coaching. Looks like, for once, I may have been right.
    You know what. Stafford and Sanchez both had 5 INT games. But, first, they are rookies and will have those types of games sometimes. It’s expected from a rookie, not from a “franchise veteran” the likes of Cutler. Second, they actually appear to care about it and look frustrated with their performance, even sounding mad at themselves also when asked about it in interviews.
    Bears gave up a lot for Cutler. Bad decision!!!

  19. I’d like to know what Peter King has to say about his Super Bowl pick and his claim that Cutler is/was the best QB in the Division.
    Heck, I’d probably take Stafford over him these days – at least Matt has the potential to get better.

  20. Those of us who have actually played on some level would understand this. But a wimpy pasty faced blogger w/o ANY football experience would just be guessing.

  21. he reminds me of Aaron Brooks. Laughing and chumming it up with the opposing team members after another 3 int stinkfest.
    Cutler will never be a Manning, Brees or Brady.


  23. Can’t blame Cutler for having a DB as a #1 receiver. In Denver he had Marshal (clear #1 receiver) and a high 2nd round drafted WR (Royal), not to mention Stokley, a proven veteran slot receiver. In Chicago, his #1 is a DB/KR turned WR (Hester), his #2 is a RB (Forte) and the two other receivers are 1st & 2nd year no-names. Olsen is his best receiver, but that doesn’t help because the TE has to stay in to block with their mediocre O-line.
    He’ll be good in Chicago eventually, but they need to get some real receiving talent around him.

  24. Relax Mike, its just Jay’s defense mechanism. I grew up with the man, and know its killing him inside.
    Alright, maybe not. But what I DID do was pick that doughy, drunken diabetic over Matt Schaub in the 6th Round of my fantasy draft! That may make me dumber than Cutler himself, but at least I didn’t throw 5 picks last night…

  25. Yeah, this coming from Mikey Florio, hack of all hacks, part of this new age football fraternity of dipsticks who know nothing about football, like his buddy Peter King (they THINK they know, but they don’t).
    If Cutler “showed more emotion” at the podium, like you put it, you hacks would slam him for not keeping his cool. “See how easily he gets flustered? If a couple of questions from reporters get him all riled up, how is he going to handle a pass rush? Surely, this is not how a professional, the face of the franchise, must act.” and bla bla bla
    Fact is, I saw Cutler scrambling for his life all night, throw a pass where his WR fell down, it gets picked, Cutler gets blasted by a defender-turned-blocker, he gets right back up, and hauls ass to make the tackle on the interceptor. He then goes to the sideline and sucks it up and keeps it to himself, rather than bitching at his WR for falling down or his OLine for being so horrible or his O-Coordinator Turner for running rinky dink Pop Warner schemes.
    Trust me, he cares. His scratching his head or maybe hanging his head for a few moments before having to step back on the field are the least of my concerns.

  26. I’m sure Cutler is taking the advice of an ex-lawyer to heart. While the public can speculate about a QB’s passion, his team will know the truth. That porous line has allowed some terrible sacks on Cutler and he keeps getting right back up (to throw INTs but that’s besides the point).
    Didn’t Cowherd say you have many connections- how about talking to the many Bears players that follow PFT and get an inside scoop- you know, real journalism.

  27. Cutler is like a spoiled rich kid that doesn’t know the meaning or importance of hard work and desire to be the best. He’s the type that has gotten by on talent alone thru high school and college and when he came to the NFL was handed the keys to the football version of a Ferrari as a graduation present: the Denver offense. Now that he’s in a used pickup truck and actually has to get a job and pay for the gas, he acts as though he’d rather walk than do what it takes to drive. This lack of drive is what holds him back. He won’t be a winner until he finds that drive and desire.

  28. This is because Cutler is the type of person that could never see those interceptions as his fault. He is also the type of person where that’s all he really cares about, was it his fault.
    I almost wish the Broncos were still doing really good cause it was interesting to see what was going on when Cutler was sliding and Orton was taking off, but it seems reality has set in for the Donkeys too.
    It seems Cutler is a few missed meetings and a locker room meltdown short of Leafish.

  29. You are surprised?
    Now that his contract is wrapped up for the long term and he is all-taken-care-of, you can expect him to get worse and care less.

  30. Looks like the joke is on you Bear fans! Cutler is awful…but he sure does have a strong arm. What a joke!

  31. Why is Eli Manning cool when Cutler and Russel are complacent?
    Win percentage seems to be the only factor that decides whether non-demonstrative demeanor is calm or nonchalant.

  32. Whatever that intangible “it factor” is that makes great quarterbacks is obviously a trait Cutler does not possess. The “it” factor can make up for a weak arm (Pennington), but a strong arm can’t make up for zero leadership qualities (George/Cutler). I can’t recall ever seeing another professional athlete whose body language and facial expressions screamed “pathetic loser” the way Cutler does. His head is facing down and his shoulders are hunched over so often, it looks like he’s looking for a contact lens in the grass after every play. Quasimoto had better posture.
    Also, I think Cutler gives some insight into Shanahan (who loved him), the Bears (who gave up a ton to get him) and McDaniels who got rid of him in about eight seconds after rolling into Denver.

  33. Thank you Jay Cutler for making me a little less pissed off that my rookie QB threw 5 picks last week. When a more veteran QB does it, it makes it look that much better.

  34. Who cares what his demeanor is after the game, he looked to me like it was pissing him off during the game. Maybe the Bears should build a line, get a wr who isn’t a defensive cross over(then send them out on real patterns). Why there at it they could go after someone to replace the overrated LB who always gets hurt because he doesn’t have a set.

  35. I couldn’t agree with you more Mike. After the first 3 interceptions all he did was walk over to the bench and sit with his head down. No emotion at all. Most other successful QBs would be grabbing the formation printouts, strategizing with their teammates/coaches, or throwing stuff around. …but there was little Jay, just a glazed look on his face, not seeming to care in the least. What a little bitch. I’m not even a Bears fan and I’m embarrassed by him.

  36. Cuddles is a horrible QB. And Charger fan or even most Bronco fans would have told the Bears not to get high on their new “Franchise” QB. I like the Bears and feel bad for them. They had no idea what they were getting. Cutler only looked like a good QB in Denver because the amazing O-line and receiving corp made him look good.

  37. He is not a winner. Look at his W-L column. He is a great talent, but just doesn’t know how to get that W.
    Look at Vince Young, probably the most overrated dimwitted clown in the league but he finds a way to get that W.
    And a W is all that matters in this League.

  38. That is the dumbest post i have ever read. The first idiot that responds with “Yeah Florio you are totally right Cutler doesn’t show enough emotion.” should be punched in the face
    All you morons could say about Cutler is that he is a big mouth cry baby and that he needs to shut up. Now that he doesn’t yell and complain he is a quitter. How about all of you just shut up and wait untill cutler gets an offense around him. I would trade 3 first rounders to have him instead of kyle orton because he would win two super bowls at least.

  39. And believe it or not, Cutlers’ sideline demeanor is much improved since his days at Denver.
    He must have hired a publicist to teach him how to put a mask on his sideline behavior.
    In Denver, Cutler routinely sat alone on the bench.
    If one of his offensive team mates walked up and sat next to him when he was in his pouting mode (frequently, I might add), he would get up angrily and storm off to where no one was around.
    His true nature is coming to the fore.
    His lack of leadership was why McDaniels could consider a trade.

  40. Is Cutler cool? Bish, please. Motherf—–‘s so cool, Eskimos wear a parka when they do go down to visit him in Death Valley during Julys.

  41. Why should Cutler care? He gets paid millions to throw a football. 5 picks is not going to stop this guy from banging chicks or being rich. Good for him, he realizes football is just a dumb game and it has no impact on real life.

  42. But the Bears were a lock for the Super Bowl this year. They got their (Pro Bowl) QB. They were already giving their SB speeches and pouring the gatorade on Lovie Smith back in May. Does this mean the Bears aren’t the SB champs this year?

  43. If he was winning he would be the God of Coolness.. Bears are losing so he is coming off as not caring… The media can’t have it both ways….

  44. Another case of editorial liscence. I read the piece before I read this and didn’t get that he was nonchalant about it.
    I’m not defending the guy at all. He’s having an awful season but you left out two very important obervations by Silver:
    “(Cutler)..Stood tall amid less-than-ideal circumstances and took his punishment.”
    “Yet after watching Thursday’s game, and having observed the Bears all season, I have a hard time putting it all on the quarterback. And when I walked around the Bears’ locker room asking players about the opening remarks in Cutler’s postgame press conference – “I have to apologize to the defense” – they not only shrugged them off, they went out of their way to shoot them down.”
    So he needs to show that “he gives a crap” according to how you would define giving a crap which you don’t define.
    The dude willingly threw himself to the wolves and that is not good enough?
    Nice job Florio. Get back to finding out when Gruden is going to take over for Lane Kiffin in Nashville.

  45. No matter what he does, (even pulling up his socks)he gets ripped for it. This bullshit is so high school girlish, it’s beyond ridiculous. He was smiling, he was frowning, he was sitting, he was standing, he was talking to teammates, he wasn’t talking to teammates, blah, blah, f****** blah.

  46. You love twisting things Florio.
    Cutler clearly was frustrated about the outing, and sometimes after having the worst game of your life, you’re going to be a little stupefied. From what I heard, Cutler stood up and took the “public ripping” instead of blaming his teammates and everyone else–like 95% of professional athletes do after a bad loss.
    The line sucks, the play calling is even worse, our receivers fall down at the slightest hint of contact. He could have bitched about any of those things. Definitely at least two of those interceptions are on Cutler, but when your O-line can’t even open up the slightest hint of a hole for your running game, your QB is going to have to take chances. I’m not defending those redzone picks, which should NEVER occur, but Cutler is feeling the heat to make things happen.
    The Bears suck. It hurts to admit that as a fan, but it’s clear at this point. Until Cutler becomes the GM, the head coach, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and there’s five Cutlers on the O-Line and 11 Cutlers lining up on defense, give the guy a break.
    You know that had he said anything negative, you would have ripped him even worse. That was a lose-lose situation for the guy.

  47. As a Bronco fan, I’m glad this is somebody elses problem now. Arrogance, I believe, is to blame. I’m beginning to wonder if this guy is ever going to realize his full potential. While he’s got one hell of an arm, he thinks that arm can do things that aren’t possible, like throwing through a defender to reach his wrs.

  48. Should anyone be surprised?? He didn’t even show emotion when he got selected 11th over-all in the draft. He looked as if he got drafted to go to war rather than the NFL. Football IS an emotional game. If you don’t have any of that, then get out.

  49. His tone in postgames is “I don’t give an eff”…and this shows that he’s a 12 year old girl:
    As the press corps was waiting in the tunnel outside the 49ers’ locker room, George Devine Jr. of Fox Sports Radio was speaking with another reporter. He observed that Cutler had five interceptions and could’ve had two more because he “lollipopped” a couple of other passes.
    Well, as luck would have it, Cutler was squeezing past Devine on his way to a post-game interview. Cutler heard the remark and suggested Devine do something that – to my knowledge – is anatomically impossible.

  50. As an unbiased fan of another team I thought before the season that with the addition of Cutler the Bears were possibly a playoff team.
    Watching him last night and other games this season, he reminds me of Jeff George. Great arm, questionable demeanor. Cutler has never won at any level from what I hear(this site)

  51. Cutler looked pretty ticked off when I was watching the game. Does it make sense to get all worked up, or is it better to analyze what you’ve done wrong and try to repair the problems?

  52. As I asked months ago when Florio posted his QB rankings……..exactly why is Jay Cutler deemed to be better than Tony Romo?

  53. The guy can’t exactly start throwing his teammates under the bus. Most of us in Chicago have been kind of glamored over to believe that all we need is a decent QB in this city and everything will be fine. Now we’re realizing the importance of an O-Line and more than one competent receiver.

  54. Why would he care? He’s got a long-term fat contract with the non-Broncos. Beyond that, he doesn’t care. It’s painfully obvious.

  55. I don’t know, Florio — it seems that when the very best quarterbacks are put under the microscope, a common trait is that they’re not caught up in the roller coaster of emotion that goes with the game. I’m not a Bears or Cutler fan, but I’m almost in awe of how unflappable he is. No doubt, he throws some stupid balls, but he has the balls to come right back at you. Would you rather he turn into Trent Edwards after that Cleveland debacle on MNF last year? I’ve never seen a quarterback look so scared and tentative after those early miscues as he did that night…and he’s never been the same. With Cutler, you know he has it in him to come back with a 300 yard, 3 TD, 1 INT game.

  56. I gotta disagree. Would people feel better if he cried about it? People deal with their emotions differently.
    This is probably the same group of people who get mad at McNabb for smiling while he’s playing.

  57. Cutler is a better version of Jamar-sucks Russell.
    Playing it cool doesn’t really work. Good QB are very passionate and demanding. Look at P.Manning, he’s always intense. Brady is the only one who knows how to play it cool. Maybe, Eli is like that to some degree. But when Brady needs to light a fire under his team’s ass, he will let you know it and that fiery passion shows up.
    Too bad for the Bears. I really liked the move but that online really stinks and those receivers are all 2nd stringers or 3rd on the good teams. Too bad. Like in the movie A Bronx Tale: Wasted Talent.

  58. And believe it or not, Cutlers’ sideline demeanor is much improved since his days at Denver.
    He must have hired a publicist to teach him how to put a mask on his sideline behavior.
    In Denver, Cutler routinely sat alone on the bench.
    If one of his offensive team mates walked up and sat next to him when he was in his pouting mode (frequently, I might add), he would get up angrily and storm off to where no one was around.
    His true nature is coming to the fore.
    His lack of leadership was why McDaniels could consider a trade.

  59. You know the problem is Florio, he has become the new ESPN, rankings and bullshit commentating and being so very wrong about many things. I dont even like Cutler, but get a grip florio, who really cares. You are the biggest douche and slowly everyday I check your site less and less. As all it has become is a gossip blog.

  60. In related news, Bobbie Nelson and Jimmie Smith are delighted because maybe the Bears are worse than the Packers.

  61. dr.g says:
    November 13, 2009 12:10 PM
    As I asked months ago when Florio posted his QB rankings……..exactly why is Jay Cutler deemed to be better than Tony Romo?
    Does Cutler have the weapons at his disposal that Romo does?
    Honestly, this whole angle about Cutler’s attitude is much ado about nothing. I do think he’s a bit of a headcase. But analyzing his demeanor after throwing 5 INTs? Really? Is that what matters now? It’s not how many INTs you throw, it’s how upset you get about it?
    If he had been inconsolable and weeping would that be better?
    And this is coming from a Packer fan.

  62. If you think Cutler doesn’t care then check out what Matt Maiocco said on Twitter last night about Cutler after the game.
    Also, on that last int, didn’t you see him screaming right when he let the ball go? Cutler has no O-line, and no WR’s, he’s not the problem.
    I really feel sorry for the guy, he leaves Denver and all of a sudden they have a defense for the first time in years. Cutler is a far better QB that Orton, and anybody who doesn’t believe that does not operate in a world based on reality.

  63. At least Mangini did one thing right not going after this guy. In our system, with our team, he’d be worse!

  64. When Cutler was traded to the Bears the Chicago media and ESPN went above and beyond to discredit Denver and to let Chicago know that they now have a franchise qb. His teams in Denver were 500 but that is because he could not score more then the Denver defense gave up and now he is below 500 and now it is because the defense is bad, which is it? When does it fall on this franchise qb? Remember he stated he throws harder then Elway, hip hip hooray.

  65. Cutler has a good arm…He just needs the eyes and attitude to go with it. He was a cry-baby in Denver…and I am glad he is no longer with the Broncos…Good luck to the Bears…Good luck to Cutler…

  66. @ Turd Furguson: Cutler did have an offense around him when he played in Denver…and he proved he couldn’t win there so why in the world do you think things would be different now!?!
    When will Bear fans realize they’ve been duped and that Cutler just isn’t a winning QB!?! Cutler’s mistakes are going to make for a long, miserable winter in Chicago.

  67. He threw 5 INT’s. Quit rationalizing them.
    The throw to Cribbs should never have been made. Sure, he fell… but the DB was right on top of him and broke at the same time. Poor decision. Cutler believes he can squeeze every ball into any small opening.
    He threw to a Tight End who was covered. Guess what? It’s not interference if both players are competing for the ball. The DB wasn’t trying to hit Olsen. He was right were the ball was thrown and got there first. Poor decision.
    Jay Cutler is who many of us thought he was. Young. Big arm. Big head. Big wallett. Knows it all. Not coachable.

  68. Horrible Article…
    Does it make sense for him to freak out and throw his helmet, and rant and rave….
    I think he always has a look of dissatisfaction on his face. As the other gentlemen stated. It was clearly a defense mechanism,as he knows the scrutiny he is going to endure.
    He is a pro bowl QB, on a horrible team with Horrible Offensive Line(running game case in point), and HORRIBLE receivers.
    Put him on the Vikings and his numbers would be off the charts..
    I am not a Cutler fan by nature, but he is doing everythning to make play on a shittey team!!!!

  69. Sourdough says:
    November 13, 2009 12:54 PM
    @ Turd Furguson: Cutler did have an offense around him when he played in Denver…and he proved he couldn’t win there so why in the world do you think things would be different now!?!
    Broncos defense 2009:
    #3 by yards
    #3 by points allowed
    Broncos defense 2008:
    #29 by yards
    #30 by points allowed
    Broncos defense 2007:
    #19 by yards
    #28 by points allowed
    But that probably has nothing to do with it, right? Or the fact that he’s throwing to a converted kick returner and some rookies?
    I’m no Jay Cutler apologist, but the circumstances are vastly different between Denver’s 2008 defense and Denver’s 2009 defense. And it’s also a very different situation between the 2008 Broncos offense and the 2009 Bears offense.
    You can’t just look at the wins and losses and think you’re comparing apples to oranges. What you’ve done is more like comparing apples to beige.

  70. AAHHHH ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nice slinging Orton for Cutler, despite his big finish last season and now obvious maturation. Sure Orton isn’t a home run hitter, franchise staple (yet) but Cutler is really the one looking like a flash in the pan. A case where no Brandon Marshall and no Eddie Royal issues have to be considered. Bad decisions and poor receivers’ decisions combined for the 5 INTs.

  71. I see a lot of denial in here. It’s understandable as your team sold the farm for him and he was labeled as some sort of a messiah, but you can’t say that many MANY people who were in the know (i.e. Broncos fans) didn’t warn you of his shortcomings. I looked past these too when he was a Bronco, but now I see him for what he really is – and it isn’t a winner. His aloofness, nonchalance, whinery and general lack of the leadership “it” factor will not magically appear with the arrival of a top-notch coach, better lineman and receivers. He had ALL of that in Denver and he was exactly the same way. Know what I’m sayin’?

  72. Shut up about Cutler’s demeanor after games. This guy is getting his ass kicked week in and week out and he has a guy in his face milliseconds after the snap. We should all be glad he’s not bitching to the media.
    I’m a Bears fan. I don’t care about his disposition.
    How about you focus more on why it is Cutler and the Bears are struggling?
    Here’s a clue. It’s not his attitude.

  73. FireJerryJones says: November 13, 2009 12:55 PM
    The throw to Cribbs should never have been made. Sure, he fell… but the DB was right on top of him and broke at the same time. Poor decision. Cutler believes he can squeeze every ball into any small opening.
    1.) Who the hell are you talking about…Cribbs? Maybe you mean Hester?
    2.) That was not a bad throw. Had Hester (or…Cribbs) stayed on his feet that would have been a 15-yard completion and a first down.
    3.) That was clearly PI on Knox on one of the INTs.
    4.) A Bears WR was picked by the umpire on another.
    Not to seem like a complete apologist, the other two were certainly on him. And the Bears knew what they were getting with Cutler’s “gunslinger mentality” and welcomed it with open arms. Denver is a much, much better team than the Bears in almost all respects. That being said, anyone who thinks Orton is a better quarterback than Cutler needs to put down the pipe…or stop pretending they know anything about football. You all do remember the game Orton had last weekend, right?

  74. Thanks adam-chris schefterson
    Most of the comments before yours were so stupid I sorta wanted to put a gun in my mouth rather than read anymore… Even if your not a Broncos fan your smarter than a lot of them.
    Oh and some idiot said those kyle orton passes don’t look so bad now which leads me to think you would rather have orton than cutler… i’ve seen used toilet paper that i thought was smarter than you.

  75. CHI’s problems start with their mediocre OL. They have no running game so teams know they have to pass. At ATL and SF they won the TOP and could move the ball and could have won both games with minimal ball control.
    Cutler is just a retard on the road. Obviously he learns nothing week in and out throwing ints. Defianately overrated and not sure Vanderbilt prepared him mentally for the NFL. CHI will have to review this position in the offseason as he isn’t the answer.

  76. As a Vike fan who is no Cutler fan, I had no problem with his demeanor. Seems to me the more even keel a QB is during the game, including on the sidelines, the better he performs. If Cutler were jumping around and yelling like a jackass after he screwed up, people would be criticizing him for being too emotional. He may not be as good as advertised, and may be a prima donna and a prick, but I wouldn’t trash him for being complacent.

  77. I don’t think Cutler actually said “Feel free to do your job and give me the public ripping I have coming.” Here is the Full paragraph from Silver:
    “Fire away,” was the last thing he said to me before heading out to board the team bus and take the long flight back to Chicago, meaning, “Feel free to do your job and give me the public ripping I have coming.”
    So one of you is not being clear.

  78. But we’ll never be able to shed the image of Cutler after one of his blunders removing his helmet and scratching his head with a look on his face
    Yeah, none of us will be able to shed that image zzzzz…who even remembers it??
    seinfeld wants you to get off his dick.

  79. After watching him sulk on the end of the bench in Denver for the last few years, all I can say is Chicago is welcome to him. Orton isn’t as talented at Cutler, but at least he seems to care about how the team is doing.
    also… Adios, Lovie! (Your job was on the line in SF) Let the coaching carousel begin.

  80. purplepuzzyeatrz,
    Why are you giving Cutler a pass when other franchise QB’s are criticized for the same thing? Listen Cutler has never made the playoffs and has a hell of an arm and throw for alot of yards but he lacks the winners mentality like Brady, the Mannings, Roethlisberger, Rivers, McNabb and others have. Having a nonchalant attitude toward his and his teams performance this season is not acceptable. The Bears gave up alot to get this guy and just gave him alot of money.

  81. You are right, filthymcnasty, we ARE laughing our asses off in denver! 6-2 ain’t bad!
    Enjoy him Chicago!

  82. bezee23 says: November 13, 2009 10:56 AM
    I’m sorry, how can you bang on Cutler and then praise Tony Romo? I mean, Romo’s the better QB more or less – but after your last game of the 2008 season, after getting blown out 44-6 and Romo not throwing a single touchdown… he has the temerity to get up in the press conference and say “If this is the worst thing that happens to me in my life, than I guess I’m okay”. REALLY? That’s one of the douchiest things I’ve ever heard out of a quarterbacks mouth.

  83. He does not like to play football.
    Kids would come up to him and say they want to play football, he would tell them not to, and that it isn’t fun.
    No Joke.
    Guy is a douche.
    If you don’t like what you are doing, don’t do it.
    $ $ $ $ $

  84. If anyone really thought Cutler was going to put up 4,500 yards passing this year, you should just ask Florio to delete your account..
    I stated after the trade that I thought Orton’s 2009 passing yardage would be close to Cutler’s 2009 passing yardage. Orton has better receivers and (by default) better offensive coaching. So you expect Orton’s numbers to go up and Cutler’s to go down.
    Until they get some imagination on offense and/or receivers, they won’t get that much out of Cutler.

  85. What the hell do you expect him to act like? He was probably in disbelief that HE, the great QB Cutler, made that many mistakes. He was probably still in shock…who cares how he reacted. Was he supposed to cry? to tell the reporter to STHU? I guess if he did those things, you’d be making fun of him too. Just be glad that KARMA rules…

  86. One more thing:
    Despite all the negative publicity he gets, everyone agrees that Cutler has a cannon arm. Which leads me to the next question:
    Did the Bears throw the ball more than 20 yards a single time last night? Seriously, I’m curious.

  87. Who was the last great QB in Chicago anyway? Chicago can find a way to make any QB look like a jackass. Jim M. was damn lucky to have the team around him that he did. They got rid of C. Benson for jiminies sake! If you feel that the running game is more important then passing, Why get rid of this guy? Blame your injuries if you’d like, but previous history shows that this organization has their priorities a little skewed. You don’t put a player that could either have a huge upside or is in that upside into a position without a supporting cast. He’s Cutler, not Moses.

  88. Brady throws 50+ passes in a game and people question if the Pats can keep winning with him doing that.
    Cutler throws 50+ regularly cause Ron Turner is an idiot and Forte only gets 12 carries. So much for your run first team this year Lovie. The fact they keep Olsen into block and have their 2nd and 3rd string TE’s running poor routes show how idiotic Turner is.
    Cutler is young and has shown promise, the 2 red zone picks were the only ones that were truly his fault. ESPN did a breakdown – 1 receiver fell, another the DB went through the backup tight end to get the ball – which resulted in a PI call when it was done earlier in the game, and the third the ref got in the way – receiver running poor route straight into ref.

  89. Red zone picks were the only ones that were his fault huh? That’s when it matters the most and proves what everyone is saying about him. When it matters the most to everyone else it doesn’t seem to matter to Cutler.

  90. @Perv & GBIS …
    Give it a try today and see if it works. Should be able to pop on for a minute tonight. If not, Happy Thanksgiving!

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