Javon Walker wants out of Oakland

Receiver Javon Walker doesn’t want to play for the Raiders any longer.

Hell, we’d forgotten that he still does.

Per Steve Corkran of the Oakland Tribune, Walker thinks he can still be a productive player. 

He can’t do it from the sidelines, however.

“[I]t’s not that
I can’t play,” Walker said earlier this week.  “I can play.  From everyone who sees me at practice, I
still got it going on

Walker hasn’t played because the Raiders have opted to go younger at receiver.  And coach Tom Cable seems to want to keep Walker around.

“If you get an injury here, an
injury there, then he’s the next guy,” Cable said of Walker.  “That has kind of
been his role in this whole thing.”

Last month, Walker said he’d accept a trade.  He generally has been disregarded this year, perhaps because of that mystery operation in an undisclosed location.

Walker’s desire to be dumped occurs after Walker accepted in late February a significantly reduced contract in order to stay with the team.  If he’d merely said “no,” his present wish would have been granted months ago.

But even if his wish is granted now, we’re not sure anyone else will want him.  He has had only two solid showings in eight NFL seasons, and he simply hasn’t been the same since the night of Darrent Williams’ murder.

49 responses to “Javon Walker wants out of Oakland

  1. Its amazing how much this guy has dropped off since running his mouth out of Green Bay. He had such star potential.
    The biggest mistake this idiot ever made was getting greedy after ONE great season. And not to mention he had one of the greatest QB’s of all time throwing to him. Sucks to go from Favre to Cutler to J-Russell.
    Good luck Javon. If you can’t make it on the Raiders, where else do you think you can go to make a difference?

  2. He can’t. Its the black hole. Nothing escapes, except Moss.
    Seriously, Oaktown Faiders is where you go when you want your career to die, but get payed higher than market value for it.

  3. The Javon Walker situation is emblematic of everything wrong with Al Davis and why we Raider fans want to tear our hair out.
    First, there was the absurdly bloated contract he was signed to that is all too representative of the stupid ass personnel moves Al makes as GM.
    Then comes this. Walker’s finally healthy and maybe ready to contribute….and gets benched for no adequately explained reason. On one hand, I get the Raiders wanting to get Murphy and DHB maximum playing time….they are, after all, the future. (In theory anyway). But when you have a quarterback struggling with accuracy like Russell is, you DESPERATELY need a veteran guy who knows how to run good routes and maybe actually catch some passes that are thrown a little behind him.
    But let’s grant Al and Cable their point for the sake of argument: start Murphy and DHB. There’s still NO REASON that Walker shouldn’t be the third WR. Instead, we get never-was-and-never-will-be Todd Watkins foisted upon us.
    Finally, I’ve read in more than one place that a large part of Walker’s fall into depth chart oblivion was due to Al being upset at him for getting knee surgery without telling the Raiders first. Think about this: You have a franchise in trouble for over half a decade now pinning its hopes to a struggling “franchise” QB and you deliberately sit a guy who could maybe help him out because you’re pissy. I don’t even know what else to say.

  4. he should play for the las vegas ufl team. i mean everyone always has positive experiences when they go to vegas right?
    like a 5 year old ready for bed….all washed up.

  5. He has yet to be a serious player since the ’04 season , when he started whining about a new contract. His restructuring earlier this meant that his ’09 ($2Mill) and ’10 ($2.6Mill) base salaries were guaranteed… shut-up and let the Raiders pay you for nothing. A real NFL team wouldn’t give you vet’s minimum for your current performance.

  6. decent story florio. i had forgotten about him as well. but come on, your remark at the end that “he simply hasn’t been the same since the night of Darrent Williams’ murder” is gratuitous and has no place here. besides, you really don’t even explain what you mean by that offhanded statement (do you mean emotionally, professionally).

  7. He should have stayed in Denver and if would have produced, he could have weaseled his way out of Denver and landed in Chicago with Cutler.
    I can see though why he wanted out of GB and Oakland.

  8. Well I want my wife to do the things she did when we were dating! But that’s not happening, so zip it Jevon!!!!

  9. Brett tried to tell Walker to cool his jets when he demanded things in GB…..to show a second season he was worth all the money…. but noooooooo he had to demand a trade. You made your own bed Walker…..sucks to be you.

  10. cshawnb…Williams litterally died in Walker’s arms, that is going to stick with you forever and he hasn’t been the same since. Emotionally I doubt he’ll ever be the same and professionally he hasn’t come close to being the player he was before the incident. There really is no further explanation needed and really you can understand why the guy wouldn’t be the same.

  11. I love it how Queens fans like to rub it in on GB. What are you homo’s going to do when your Bull-crap team leaves town. I’ll tell you what, You ‘ll have to watch GB games. Because they will be regional broadcast. Take that tommy bernard!

  12. Vikes-N-Favre says:
    November 13, 2009 9:41 AM
    I can see though why he wanted out of GB and Oakland.
    You can see why he wanted out of GB and Favre??? That makes no sense.
    Then again, being a fan of the Vikings makes no sense.

  13. Florio, you can make 2 templates to use over and over again.
    “______ wants out of Oakland” and
    “Javon Walker wants out of _____”. Just fill in the blanks with a new name every so often and your site will write itself.
    No surprise Walker wants out of Oakland. Even Al Davis wants out of Oakland.

  14. I know, how about the Raiders trade him to New England for a 4th round pick, then Walker can go on to have 1000+ yard seasons again, and the Raidres can get a rookie who will never do anything.
    Walker may not be the beat WR in the league, but he is a hell of a lot better than DHB and Murphy. Russell needs a vetran to throw to, not a bunch of rookies.

  15. “Seriously, Oaktown Faiders is where you go when you want your career to die, but get payed higher than market value for it. ” , per DcNinerFan.
    Sounds to me like you’re describing the Redskins.

  16. This is how big of an idiot Javon Walker is. He waits ’til not to request a trade. The trade deadline came and went, now he has to wait til the offseason starts next year.

  17. Javon Walker is a shining example of why players who want big money after one good season should be ignored/avoided.
    While I don’t think it’s entirely his fault because of injuries and the death of his best friend, he clearly isn’t the same guy he was when Favre was throwing to him.
    I also think the Oakland Raiders days are numbered as an NFL franchise. Pretty soon, players are not going to take that big money to go play where things are crazy. I’m fairly certain that players around the league are sharing their experiences of playing there.
    There are two places I’d never play if I were an NFL player, Oakland and Cleveland. Oakland because it’s where careers go to die and Cleveland because a staph infection might end my career (see LeCharles Bentley).

  18. # Vikes-N-Favre says: November 13, 2009 9:41 AM
    He should have stayed in Denver and if would have produced, he could have weaseled his way out of Denver and landed in Chicago with Cutler.
    I can see though why he wanted out of GB and Oakland.
    Yeah, no kidding. With that Favre guy throwing him the ball and then throwing him under the bus as a teammate who could blame him for wanting out of GB. Green Bay is a first class operation from the top down. The Vikings are well, the Minn…er I mean LA Vikings.

  19. Didn’t some average joe beat his face in after going to a club in Vegas? Obviously the williams murder didnt bother him too much, he still goes out, parties, gets into fights (and loses)
    Blaming the darrent williams murder as an excuse. He had one good season and parlayed it into a huge contract, hes been a cancer on every field he has stepped foot on..
    Williams is turning in his grave right now after that comment.

  20. I don’t think you can underestimate the impact of Darrent Williams. He bled out in Walker’s lap. That’s gotta be a tough nut to crack.

  21. Why exactly can you see why he wanted out of GB?
    Because they are one of the elite franchises in NFL?
    Because they were winning?
    Because he was catching passes from a hall of famer?
    Because you are a myopic fair weather Viking fan?
    I bet he is just drooling to join your franchise!

  22. Javon burns bridges. He burned them with the Pack and he burned them with Favre. So at least we know for sure that there are two teams out there that won’t be interested, whether or not he’s “still got it going on “.

  23. Packers will sign him after he is released. After all, signing Ahman Green was determined to be necessary – considering the OL is so bad and the defensive coordinator hire made no sense considering the personnel the team has.
    What a joke the Packers have become.

  24. Maybe that “undisclosed opration at an undisclosed location” was a sex change operation, and now he has his eyes set on the Lingerie League?

  25. The Javon Walker situation is the most difficult one of all of the Raiders. Cable is just using this guy like charmin. Play him or let him go. He rerally can’t be any worse then the two rookies. If he signs with the chiefs so be it.
    @mooremi9 ….when you quit renting your studio apartment, maybe you can afford to pay $475k for a house in the ghetto.

  26. See I disagree with the 2nd post. I dont think he had start potential. I think the Packers got it right by not giving this guy top 5 receiver money and Walker wanted. I think he was just another receiver that was a product of Favre. He ran fairly bad routes to be honest.
    I actually feel bad for the guy. He did have a few productive years but not enough to get paid. Then he got traded to the Broncos who at the time didnt have a very productive quarterback. Then he gets released and signs a monster contract with Oakland which he would have been stupid not to from a financial stand point. Who would be happy in Oakland? Its where you go to end your career.
    I really dont know how Richard Seymour has kept his quiet this whole time. Im not saying Seymour is that kind of guy but I can only imagine how frustrated it must be to take the field every Sunday knowing you have by far the worst quarterback in the NFL and possibly one of the worst quarterbacks to ever start a full season in NFL history.
    Back to Javon Walker, I always wanted to see him in Indy. I think he would be a solid 3 or 4 guy there. He is a guy that always had the hands and I really hope he gets the opportunity to be a dependable veteran somewhere.

  27. The statement about Javon not being the same since the night of the Darrent Williams shooting absolutely belongs here. Javon keeps the blood stained clothes from that night in his closet to this day.
    The guy hasnt been the same professionally, emotionally, physically, or mentally since that night. Im not sure anyone would be.
    ……….maybe Ray Lewis would be. Now theres something that doesnt belong here.

  28. # DcNinerFan says: November 13, 2009 9:21 AM
    He can’t. Its the black hole. Nothing escapes, except Moss.
    Seriously, Oaktown Faiders is where you go when you want your career to die, but get payed higher than market value for it.
    Things have been SO much better in Frisco, lol.

  29. @Vikes-N-Fagboy;
    You’re a complete idiot. Im caling your mother and telling her to take away your computer, and allowance. You should not be allowed to speak as I have never read a single educated statement that you have ever made.
    Javon Walker’s career year was in GB, he just got greedy and wanted a fat paycheck. He could have been a stud had he just kept his mind on football.
    I think you should save yourself some embarrassment and just stop posting on here, idiot.

  30. WHat a tool…..DIdnt he die long ago??????
    Or was that him faking a robbery so he could get insurance money for his Crack COcaine???

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