PFTV looks at Holmgren in Cleveland

As rumors swirl that the Browns are actively interviewing candidates to come in and salvage a sunken ship, the name still at the top of the list is former Packers and Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren.

So will Holmgren do it?

PFTV explores.

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  1. Florio….Cowherd just called and said you are 100% wrong, no matter what you are talking about and you look like Casey Kasem.

  2. I guess that is why he built a house in Santa Cruz, so he can commute to Cleveland. That commute alone is worth an extra 5 to 10 million on the deal.

  3. Peyton Manning will overcome his injury riddled D and beat the pats by 10. If brady didnt have such a good D, Kicker, and tuck rule he would be another phillip rivers. Good luck

  4. Florio, What makes you think the Browns are looking for somebody just for the 2009 season? Nobody has said it would be “short-term.”
    The Browns might offer Holmgren a 5 year contract to run the organization. I agree with you on your final point, whomever you think it will be, it likely will not be.

  5. I’ve got a better place for Holmgren…….Chicago. The Bears need to seriously start looking. The team is just terrible and Lovie’s welcome has been worn out. I know he didn’t throw 5 interceptions, but the time has come. They are now free falling. The Walrus would look good in navy blue and orange.

  6. I like the idea. He can’t f*@k things up any worse. I like Holmgren as GM w/him bringin’ in Gruden as HC. They have a pre-existing relationship. Both have the same game philosophy and let’s face it, turning this franchise around is a two man job. Lerner can afford it.

  7. I don’t believe that Lerner is going to hire a guy who also wants to coach, which I think will rule out Holmgren (as well as guys like Cowher, etc.).
    Oh, and Brocato, just a tip….. don’t look down at your notes bro. One word — Rogaine.

  8. Talk about a total rebuild, if I was Holmgren I wouldn’t want anything to do with that Team. It seems to me that their owner really doesn’t care if they win.

  9. Why not, I am not even a Browns Fan but I am sure he could straighten this mess out. Couldn’t do any worse now could he…

  10. I wish there was more to this? We know the season is down the tubes, but I would love to know if any real names have been in discussions with Lerner?
    We don’t even know if Holmgren wants the job?
    I am so ready for an announcement of some kind of significance. I feel like a parent that went on vacation but left the house to my 17yr old son, there’s no telling what kind of havoc that little joker can cause to the house, while I am away.
    Come on Florio, give me some meat and potato’s regarding the search for a VP or GM

  11. I hate to think about it until it’s a true rumor…right now it’s just speculation. Holmgren would at least get us to a point where every games’ not over at halftime. That’s getting tiresome.

  12. Cleveland has become a marxist/leninist socialistic welfare state.
    Seattle is a marxist/leninist clueless hippie state.
    He can make the adjustment.

  13. Peyton Manning will overcome his injury riddled D and beat the pats by 10. If brady didnt have such a good D, Kicker, and tuck rule he would be another phillip rivers. Good luck
    —What about the other two Superbowl rings Brady has? And BTW, Philip Rivers is a good Quarterback. First year watching football?Welcome, its a great sport and you will love it. The only thing is you need to start watching the games and over seasons, eventually you may have some idea what you are talking about.

  14. What is the obesession with CLevland on this site….every other article has to do with clevland….I swear there is something to this?????????
    Just do us a favor and eliminate the Browns from your Mind…..They are horrible and its embarassing to you to comment about them so often….

  15. Rumor has it Holmgren was seen in Green Bay on his cell phone, when the rumor monger snuck a quick peek at the screen if had a J Gruden on it……

  16. I thought Holmgren was going to travel with his wife overseas and do charity work, or something.
    She’s been doing it for years.

  17. St. Michael is the only one who truly nailed this; Florio, the openings in Cleveland are NOT for two months. Lerner is looking to hire someone to run the franchise, hire a G.M. and probably a new Head Coach (please Lord!) and overhaul the entire Front Office (if need be….and me thinks it need be). You don’t hire someone for two months to do this. You give someone a multi-year contract to do this. Duh!

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