Two Seahawks fined for hits on same play

Two different members of the Seattle Seahawks have reportedly been fined $5,000 apiece for illegal hits on the same play against the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

Seahawks defensive back Roy Lewis said Thursday that he was fined for hitting Lions kickoff returner Derrick Williams out of bounds after a kickoff in Sunday’s Seahawks victory, a hit that drew a 15-yard penalty. And Lewis says his teammate, linebacker Lance Laury, was also fined $5,000 by the NFL for a late hit on the same play.

Lewis and Laury are both low-paid players (by NFL standards), so the $5,000 fine means more to them than it would mean to a player like the Redskins’ $40 million man, who said this week of his own $7,500 fine this week, “It’s all right. We make money here, so I can pay it.”

Lewis said he’s appealing his $5,000 fine.