Undeterred by bribe fine, Chad says he's "just starting"

On Sunday, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco made a superficially innocuous gesture during a win over the Ravens.  With the referee looking at replays of a catch that Chad thought he had made on the sidelines, Ochocinco tried to give a one-dollar bill to another member of the officiating crew in a joking effort to influence the outcome.

He also used the term “bribe” when describing the move after the game.

Though many brushed off his actions as Chad simply being Chad, the league disagreed.  According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the league has asked Ochocinco for that one-dollar bill — and $19,999 more just like it.

Chad is taking it all in stride.  Said Ochocinco on his Twitter page, “Child wait till you see what I do in Pittsburgh, remember I set aside [a] fine fund before the season started, I’m just starting!” 

He also has tried to get the President to help out the cause, and Chad has responded to the suggetion that he was scooped by ESPN by pointing out that he knew about the fine since Tuesday.

So, really, the most amazing aspect of the situation is that Chad somehow managed not to say anything about the fine for three whole days.

As to the fine itself, we can understand the league’s position.  Certain things should not be the subject of humor — especially at a time when many NFL fans are quick to point to corruption when their favorite teams lose.  To the Steelers.

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  1. “I’m like insurance. Insurance always come thru for ya”
    -Chad Ochocinco
    If nothing else, I will always admire this guy for doing everything he can to keep fun in the game. Im a FAN.
    Oh yeah, go COWBOYS.

  2. Ochocinco-should try bribing Ike Taylor. Cuz everytime they play Ike shuts him down. Maybe if the mustard has a return address on it Ike should mail Chad a Blanket…

  3. We all can only hope that Ryan Clark puts this overrated dud to sleep, just like he did to Willis McGayhee and Wes Welker.

  4. Wow Florio….nice crack on the Steelers….ha ha.
    I love Chad, he has a lot of spirit and personality and he brings a lot of fun and excitement.

  5. Come on ! The league is taking this fine crap WAY too far. 1st of all, when did any penalty you commit carry a fine. Before long, they’ll fine offsides penalties and false starts. A penalty if THE penalty and shouldn’t carry a fine UNLESS it’s particularly intentional and that intent is meant to hurt someone. I’d look for this to be addressed in the next CBA.

  6. As a Steelers fan, I think this fine is a crock of s&$@. Seriously, Goodell and company need to lighten the hell up sometimes. I’m not going to lose any sleep about him being $20k lighter, but isn’t the game supposed to be FUN at the end of the day?? Give me a break. This is just too heavy-handed IMHO.

  7. You cant just fine assholes like Chad . Suspensions and game checks would end the shannigans . Lets see how Chad feels when he starts missing games . Wouldnt that be funny ? I think so .

  8. And also, look for TO to soon do something similar so he can be fined and his name can be on the news again, too. Take it to the bank, friends.

  9. Is someone who has to do something all the time to draw attention to himself and make him stand out, really a team player?

  10. As if the Steelers have not justified the criticism of corruption. Caught cheating the salary cap, check. Team doctor busted for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of HGH, check. Literally allowed years to resolve an issue regarding gambling interests. Check. Presidential campaign support in exchange for ambassadorship position, check.

  11. This guy really lost something in 07 and 08… he just wasn’t funny and I couldn’t stand him anymore. But this year, Chad is back, and I’m loving every second of it.

  12. the nfl needs to remember not to use any footage of ocho’s antics when trying to sell their hi-light packages if they fine him.
    how hypocritical can they be?
    i’m thinking of last year or 2 years ago when welker was doing a snow angel, gets fined then nfl network promotes the league by including it in their previews and hi-lights

  13. More of the “No Fun League”. Let’s face it, it probably would take more than $1.00 to bribe an official. If Chad was serious he would at least have offered a $100 gift card to his website store!
    On the other hand, it’s a shame that a $20,000 fine doesn’t seem to faze him.

  14. Chad Ochocinco is a great reason to watch the NFL when the league has made so many rules taking some of the entertainment out of the actual game itself. They need to relax, and further more tell us where the fine money goes.

  15. ====”Certain things should not be the subject of humor”====
    Here’s something humorous for you: The way the media portrays that corporate ye$-man robot Roger Goodell as some kind of effective comissioner.
    He’s an unimaginative corporate lackey who’s ruining the league with these Thursday night NFL-Network-exclusive games (I know they were in place before he got there), making teams play in London, talking about adding 2 more regular season games, selling exclusive NFL rights to anyone under the sun (EA Sports, Oscar Mayer, KFC – “the official wing sponsor of the NFL”, etc).
    He also gets credited as some kind of “tough guy, new sheriff in town” because he picked on a couple of nobodies like Pacman Jones and Tank Johnson, and then towed the mainstream company line by cracking on Rush Limbaugh. Ooohh, yeah, he’s a real tough guy.
    Meanwhile, his boy Bob Kraft & Bill Belichick turn over videotapes to him and HE DESTROYS THEM!! citing that “there was nothing really on those tapes, so we decided to destroy them”.
    Uh huh. Goodell is a complete joke. Pete Rozelle must be spinning in his grave.
    Chad Johnson (who I think is a bit of an ass, don’t get me wrong) making a little joke about bribing an official is the least of the NFL’s worries.

  16. Child please….
    While I like most everything the NFL does, it is stuff like this that drives me crazy!! Why would thye fine Ocho $20K? That is ridiculous! If you want to fine him, fine him $1K.
    The guy truly is just having fun…give him a break!

  17. I love me some 85. Keep it up Chad, you’re the most entertaining person in America.
    On a side note, could that have been a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty? Certainly I don’t think it should have been, but it seems like something that could have produced a flag.

  18. $20K for a joke? Hey, I know Chad makes millions, but this is still ridiculous. The league seems to have distain for anyone with an original thought.
    Chad’s a breath of fresh air… too bad the league wants so badly to stifle him.

  19. I love this guy. He is very funny and always a breath of freash air. You always hear the same crap from robot-like players its nice when one of them has a personality.

  20. We all know the Steelers do it all the time. They just aren’t dumb enough to let the camera’s catch it. Likely they take care of this little “business” before the game.

  21. Much of what Chad does is “trying to enjoy himself by being what he thinks he is funny”. It offends some thousands of football purists, but many of us just see it as harmless.
    That said this stunt was not…ehh. He should have used Monopoly money. I thought that as soon as I was told of this and saw the picture of this on Sunday on BGOL. Monopoly money would have showed that he wasn’t “serious” about really bribing or even attempting to. Monopoly money would have been funny because it isn’t real and everybody knows it isn’t real. Handing someone a real bill and saying you weren’t serious is like handing someone a fake Rolex and saying you weren’t serious.
    Chad needs to think out his bits a little more to think of the possible reation. Football is a kids game that he as an adult is able to do for money. Trying to have fun and enjoy himself is a little like making work so much like work. I can understand that. However, handig an official a REAL bill, even a one dollar bill can be construed as attempting to cheat, whether they are trying to or not.

  22. Wow, 5,000 less than what Ray was fined for leading late with his head on a ball that was WAY over Chad’s head. What was the cat from Carolina fined for demolishing the punt returner a few weeks ago? Not much more if memory serves me correctly. Seems fair. Here’s to the the least understanding and most inconsistent league rules ever…. Next to the NCAA (which I fully understand isn’t a league per say)

  23. Here’s one case where a suspension for an off-field incident is warranted. This guy is the epitome of a “Me, me, me!” player. I now believe that he would rather lose receiving press for one of antics than win with a solid, but not spectacular performance.
    Too bad, Bengals. You seem to be building a good team. Should have let this clown go when he was wanting out a couple of years ago.
    I feel dirty even commenting about him.

  24. These fines by the billionaire owners will be a huge reason there will be a strike AND when the people who these greedballs have forced to pay seat license fees to watch scab football players replace them it will blow up in those moneygrabbing NFL owners faces!
    And it will look good on them!
    How those refs are operating now it sure looks like they really are in someone’s pocket. And it is getting more obvious in whose!

  25. “many NFL fans are quick to point to corruption when their favorite teams lose. To the Steelers.”
    As for Stinko, the Steelers are not amused. Get ready for your beatdown, chum.

  26. A ONE dollar fine and a letter would have been sufficient. Once again, the league takes a matter most fans were amused by and makes it something bigger than it is. I guess the commissioner kills mosquitos with a sledge hammer.

  27. I thought it was funny. Besides… Would ONE freakin’ dollar sway the vote at all.
    No Fun League is accurate here

  28. I thought that even though this is a game, that it was also his JOB that he went to every week. When anyone else doesn’t consistantly follow the rules at their JOB, they get fired. I think the fine is the right thing to do, since we know that he isn’t about to get fired.
    You hear about our government being penny wise but dollar stupid all the time, but I believe this is a case of him Not being penny wise And being dollar stupid!

  29. The NFL should keep tripling the fines each time he does something “funny,” eventually he will exhaust his fine fund and in the meantime the fans who like the stuff he pulls off will continue to be able to be entertained by it. His jokes smack of pro rasslin’ to me, I watch football for football, not to see circus clowns with made up names.

  30. Ollie says:
    November 13, 2009 11:19 AM
    Is someone who has to do something all the time to draw attention to himself and make him stand out, really a team player?
    Why don’t you ask the Drama Queen Ben….

  31. VoxVeritas says:
    November 13, 2009 11:20 AM
    As if the Steelers have not justified the criticism of corruption. Caught cheating the salary cap, check. Team doctor busted for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of HGH, check. Literally allowed years to resolve an issue regarding gambling interests. Check. Presidential campaign support in exchange for ambassadorship position, check.
    Translation: “Waah, the Steelers destroyed my old ‘only team with 5 rings’ brag, so I really, really, really, REALLY hate them! Sulk! Pout!”

  32. You can make a joke, but not about bribery, gambling, racism, gay people, women, terrorism, SEC officials, or Barack Obama. Is that so hard to understand?

  33. Chad Johnson likes to give away money.
    Hey Ocho Dumbasso. I’ll tweet you my address so you can just send me some and save us from your stupidity.

  34. The truth is the guy cares more about football then any hack writer will ever know… talk about him being a showman, a diva, and bad for the sport… Neglect the fact of what he does for Cincy, the fans, and his teammates… He might like attention but he’s never done anything negative to hurt his image… He’s fun for the game and for anyone who says he’s not a top reciever should realize that Chad would be looked at very differently if a fat Steelers defensive line man hadn’t fallen on Carson Palmer’s leg in the playoffs rendering the Bengals in limbo for the next couple of seasons… First off they win that game… Secondly he continues his steady production as a top wide reciever the next two following seasons with a top tier quaterback throwing him the ball… I am no homer or fanboi and I don’t particularly like the Bengals… But don’t discredit a good guy

  35. Chad was mildly amusing 5 years ago….now….its just stupid. Just play football Chad and leave the clowning to our government.

  36. Bunch of whiney hoes on here. I don’t get what everyone’s deal is. We watch football for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. And he’s entertaining. If I wasn’t a Bengals fan I’d watch the games just to see what he does. Yeah he wreaked havoc for our locker room last year but he has changed. And it’s a coincedence that the real Diva, TJ Housh, is gone and now the team is a TEAM again. TJ was the drama queen in the locker room. Chad is entertaining.

  37. I thought that Chad’s dollar stunt was funny. However, he at this point knows how the league is.
    As far as the league goes. These fines are a joke. 20 large to Chad is nothing. Suspensions should be the way to go. Then the coaches would crack down harder on these guys.
    All this being said, the league needs to lighten up. Child please.
    Oh by the way Florio which one of those losing cities are you from that pratices hate on the Steelers?
    Steelers will exact their pound of flesh from the Bengals on Sunday.

  38. Check these whiney asses out! All these Steeler haters think that Pittsburgh is full of cheaters and corruption. You haters are just jealous we have 6 rings! Please before you start dissing and throwing out these bogus rants about corruption and cheating, take a look at the Pats, atleast we won all of our rings without cheating! ‘Cue the other 31 teams!’ People dont realize that most NFL teams are corrupt and get away with bending the rules once in awhile. Everyone messes around with the Salary Cap, **cough cough** Bucs ** cough**. The Obama thing, ehhh who cares, everyone in the NFL is in bed with Obama, not just Rooney

  39. While he may have been fined I can guarantee Mr. Goodell got a good chuckle out of it. I hope Chad has that piggy bank stocked up because thats some funny stuff. Keep it up man.

  40. That’s it!
    I’ve had enough!
    Lets sweep rampant steriod use (allegations) (by their own former players) against the steelroids under the carpet for another 40 years.
    Ahh, I feel better.

  41. After what the NBA went through with the ref fixing games, there’s good reason for a league to protect it’s brand. Joking about bribing an official is like making a joke about rape at a convent or yelling “fire” in a hospital for the blind.

  42. >
    No, no, theres no evidence of corruption when it comes to the Pittsburg Steelers. Just ask the living members of the 71-79 teams. If you can find any.
    Wonder what Jim Haslett would say? Oh, he already has come clean on the matter. Sounds like something ESPN better sweep under the carpet. Put it under the one with the Big Ben story.
    Barry Bonds Check
    Roger Clemens Check
    71-79 Steelers Taboo

  43. Chad is a riot! He’s a happy guy living a happy life. = )
    I saw a story not too long ago about how the fines the NoFunLeague imposes are almost NEVER collected on. What would they do with the money if they did collect it?
    Love ya Chad… but you will go down on Sunday against my beloved Steelers.
    Go STEELERS!!!!!!

  44. chad only bought 1200 tickets to avoid a black-out and donate money matching his fines to charity as a “look at me” gesture. What a jerk.
    this is so much worse than holmes smokin weed, harrison’s giant forehead and domestic abuse issue, and big ben’s driving with an expired license and allegedly sexually assaulting someone.
    suspend the ocho!

  45. Yeah right! Your Steelers Rooney just saw the late jockey CHANGES not the late changes in the jockey’s thinking!

    Just like Art Rooney, The Mara Family ownership of the New York Giants would not have existed if it were not for Tim Mara’s entry into the Horse Racing industry.
    After dropping out of school when he was thirteen, Tim Mara became a runner for Thomas “Chicago” O’Brien, a major New York gambler. Mara delivered newspapers and worked in a book bindery by day; by night he made pickups and deliveries for O’Brien. Mara later opened up his own book bindery company, which fronted for his own bookmaking operation.
    Soon, Mara worked his way up to his own enclosed space at Belmont Park and became a member of the local racing association. He handled as much as $30,000 in wagers in a single day, a large sum back in the 1920’s.
    Joe Carr, the NFL’s President, wanted a showcase franchise in New York and offered it to fight promoter Billy Gibson. Gibson declined but introduced Carr to his friend Tim Mara.
    At the time Mara bought the Giants, he had never even seen a football game. But the promoters of the NFL knew that bookmakers were a type extremely “susceptible” to new forms of investment. They offered Mr. Mara the franchise and he accepted. The then 39 year old Horse racing Bookmaker Tim Mara paid $500 for the New York Giants in August 1925.
    Mr. Mara also continued his bookmaking activities at the racetrack.
    But his good friend Art Rooney would not bet with Mara. One Saturday, Mr. Rooney went to the old Empire City race track in Yonkers in 1936 and asked his good buddy Tim Mara to pick a winner for him. Mara gave him a 14-1 shot in the 1st race which Rooney reportedly bet $500 on and got back more than $7,000. His run of luck continued,and according to the NY Times obituary on Rooney, by day’s end he had taken in more than $100,000. The next day, he went up to Saratoga, and on Monday, parlayed his $100,000 into more than $300,000. Exactly how much he made, as described in detail in Valerie’s Blog, depends on who you ask, but rest assured it was a lot (and this is depression era dollars we are talking about !).
    Rooney once told sports columnist Red Smith,
    “I had Tim Mara’s figures but sometimes I’d see something the charts didn’t see, like a change of jockeys or post position, and I’d use my own judgement.”
    When Mr. Rooney came home that day in 1936, he told his wife, Kathleen, who was pregnant,
    ”We don’t have to worry about money again.”
    In Mara’s honor, the Rooneys named their next child Tim. Chris Mara, a grandson of Timothy J. Mara, is married to one of Mr. Rooney’s grandchildren, Kathleen.

  46. To all you idiots who say the Steelers have 6 Super Bowl Rings, you must have lost your memory, they only have 5. Super Bowl XL was won by Bill Leavy and the NFL officials. It’s a common misconception so I guess it’s OK most of you didn’t know.

  47. Chad is a moron, but then again so are many other NFL’ers. The $1 gig? The ref should have ejected him and let the team decide his fate (probably more $$, or a token to a charity, who cares.). (Moss’s $25,000 waterbottle incident was blatant and he deserved that, remember?). The NFL bigwigs got better things to do than that. Maybe that $1 turned $10K is the NFL’s answer for clamping down on these overpaid ‘men will be boys’ on occasion.
    Either way, professional sports has become fictional. One of the problems is allowing early entry into the big leagues. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, etc. KIDS! I’m all for requiring finishing school at the collegiate level before they move up. If they aren’t smart enough to finish, tough! Hell with the hardship crap! If they go to a Jr College and finish it, ok, let them go, but hardly an athlete would go that direction because of the notoriety of going ‘big college’. We just have a bunch of illiterates out there, making mega bucks and going nowhere when they can’t play anymore!
    Fans should boycott games until everything gets back in line. TV, Leagues, Owners. An average person can’t afford to attend events, yet are expected to tax themselves to build a new stadium/arena so the owners have more money to pay so many of this misfits. They make more money in a year than 90% of workers make in a lifetime. TV ratings? Who cares; it will come out in the wash! I quit going to pro games, since they are so commercialized. I can watch them on TV, and click it off in a heartbeat, and go do some fun things with my money.

    Apparently you need to dust up on your history! Mike Pereira appeared on the NFL Network show, the Wednesday after the SB on Total Access, stating that all the calls were correct with the exception of the penalty called against Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck for an illegal low block in the fourth quarter. Obviously, the game was over anyhow when that block took place. You must be a disgruntled Seahawks fan! Count them loser, its 6 not 5! Do you believe everything you hear? Mike Pereira admitted one call went the Steelers way, not the entire game. Mike Holmgren and the Seahawks were just upset that they lost the SB. They needed someone to blame, so they blamed it on the refs. Please! If they played a better game and were prepared for the Steelers D, they would have won. But just like he always is and will always be, Matt Hasselbeck is OVERRATED!

  49. slutnuts says:
    bob s, is that your kid’s biography assignment? what did the teacher give him?

    no thats rooney’s history and the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. do you want bookmakers bidwell and maras as well?
    why were ALL kansas city chiefs odds not posted by the vegas casinos going up to the year they won super bowl 3? and pete rozelle had to go to vegas to beg the sportsbooks to put chiefs lines up because “PEOPLE WERE STARTED TO THINK NFL GAMES WERE FIXED”. and they did put the odds up.
    and the honest president nixon on tv said “chiefs qb len dawson is honest”!
    why do you think do you think that $1 bill parody is worth $20,000!

  50. Fine ’em all! This is easy, just play the game and cut out the stunts and celebrations. I want to see football, not these overpaid primadonnas act out. Give me Walter Payton or Barry Sanders any day, play hard, score a TD, hand the ball to the ref.

  51. Sixburg,
    All your superbowls but the last one are tainted. You can rant and rave. You can talk scoreboard or whatever.
    You won your first four with a team that was rageing on roids to the point that it killed guys. You cheated.
    Anyone who saw the Seahawks super bowl game, other than you, saw the biggest embarrasment in NFL history. Period. It was the NFL’s worst moment.
    Respect has to be earned. Your not going to get it by trying to shout down the facts.
    Your wins are tainted. They are a joke.

  52. Bob S, that was a great post! Thanks for putting it on here.
    I have always wondered why the steelers always seem to get those cheeeeeeezy calls. In last year’s Superbowl, it seemed like any time the Cards got some momentum, a cheezy holding penalty would stifle them. Like the officials were just gonna keep using that wildcard (“a holding penalty could probably be called on every single play”) until the Cards had to punt.
    The Cards got pinched for holding twice on the same drive, on 2 different occasions…in the friggin’ SuperBowl. They STILL coulda won if their DB #20, had a vertical leap of more than 3″, though.
    In the Superbowl against the Seachickens, the steeler DE jumps offside. No flag. He is clearly going to sack Hasselback. Hassel throws an interception because of the pressure. A flag comes at the end of the play. “Offside defense”, right?
    WRONG. Hassel gets pinched for “Illegal Block Below the Waste” as he tries to tackle the interceptor, adding 15 yards to the spot.
    THE VERY NEXT PLAY, Roethlis pitches to Randall el, then proceeds to make an illegal block below the waste on the Seachik DE. No flag. Flea flicker goes for a TD. Game over. Steelers steal. Rooney gets appointed as Ambassador to Ireland by the President.

  53. @ olskool
    how are they tainted?! everyone back then, in the NFL used steroids! It was a common thing back then. Cowboys, Raiders, Dolphins, Colts, Vkings, you name them and they’ve done it, its a known fact and those players on those team have admitted it. So basiclly, we were not the only ‘cheaters’ back then. People only make a big deal about it cuz we won 4 superbowls when Pittsburgh was on roids. So how about you write the NFL a letter telling them to change the record book from every single NFL team that played in those days that got away with Steroids.

  54. olskool you are a true moron i want you to shoot yourself in the face ok ? I cant believe the stupidity that runs on this website .

  55. Daaaaamn, I was going to say everything The Notorious V.I.C. said… he nailed it!
    Goodell is a corporate hack and is destroying the soul of the NFL.
    Go, Ocho, keeping playing. You seem to be the only guy in the league who sees that life is more than financial statements, marketing, and balance sheets.

  56. I love how the Steelers get beat by the Bengals early thi year and its casue they dont have Polamalu…..now, 85 makes headlines and Ryan Clark is your guy. After chasing Ocho around the first half, the guy might have to sit out the second half due to his sickle cell (not laughing, serious illness). I predict you will turn back into Troy Lovers come second half when Ocho has 70 yerds, a TD, and a pending fine coming in the first half Sunday. Even if you win Sunday, the AFC Champion goes through Cincinnati and 2005-06 won’t happen again!

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